10 Fun Facts about Coffee

10 Fun Facts about Coffee

Coffee – a potpourri of myths, stories and truths

A day without coffee? For most would be unthinkable. It is not for nothing that this stimulant is called “the black gold” around which myths, legends and curiosities revolve. And that long before its spread in Europe. If it was seen as a remedy in Arab countries, it was not only in the Ottoman Empire that a ban on coffee came about, which could lead to the death penalty if not complied with. If you go looking for unusual facts about coffee today, every coffee drinker will be amazed or even smile. We have put together some fun facts about coffee. 

Kopi Luwak – an animal coffee refinement

Gourmets praise its taste in the highest tones: a bit earthy and boggy, but very mild and with a slight chocolate undertone. It is an experience, both in terms of aroma and price : Kopi Luwak – the most expensive coffee in the world. It is the Indonesian civet cat that provides this unique flavor. The nocturnal creeping cat feeds on ripe and jam-packed coffee cherries in the coffee plantations. However, the civet can only digest the red pulp. The refinement of the coffee cherry then takes place during internal fermentation by enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract. This creates a fine coffee with an extraordinary taste note.

How are coffee and webcam related?

If several employees of a research group in Cambridge have to share a coffee machine, it can happen that the coffee pot is often empty. This is all the more annoying when you have to go a long way to get to the empty coffee pot. For the computer scientist Quentin Stafford-Fraser, this was reason enough in 1991 to take remedial action for his colleagues.
At that time, his research group was working on multimedia in computer networks. So they took a video camera, pointed it at the coffee maker, and connected the camera to a computer. The specially developed software made it possible for the full or empty coffee pot to be visible on the computer desktops of all colleagues. Nobody was standing in front of the empty coffee pot unintentionally. Only later, when internet browsers also displayed images, making the coffee pot visible on a website. The whole world could now watch the coffee pot emptying and filling again. The webcam was born .

Will coffee be an alternative fuel?

A British team of inventors from the BBC program “Bang goes the Theory” wanted to know. You were looking for an answer to the question: Can a car also run on coffee?

They converted an old Scirocco into a Car Puccino. He received an alternative motor that was to be powered by pellets made from coffee powder. To do this, they installed a coal stove in the rear of the vehicle, which heated the pellets to 700 degrees. The resulting gas consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide was supposed to drive the engine. Indeed, the inventors drove their Car Puccino from London to Manchester. After all, the top speed was 80 km / h . In total, it took the team 17 hours to cover 300 kilometers, which is a bit long. That was probably due to the fact that the coffee tank and the coffee filters did not have the necessary capacity constantly had to be replaced. After the trip, it was found that the coffee consumption was a bit high, it exceeded the gasoline consumption by 50 times. Ergo, coffee will probably only be drunk and not burned for the next few years.

Coffee makes history

Coffee and its legendary coffee houses have had a significant impact on Europe’s history. In the 17th and 18th centuries, from Constantinople to London, coffee became the fuel of intellectual society. The coffee houses shone as trading and real estate exchanges, they were communication centers and served as political meeting places. In London, the coffee houses often served as writing rooms of the newspaper editors. They were named “Penny Universities”, because a penny not only provided coffee, but also stimulating entertainment.

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Coffee as a death penalty

Coffee only made its breakthrough in Sweden in the 19th century. In 1746 a royal ordinance against the abuse of coffee beverages was even issued. There were high taxes on coffee until there was a total ban on coffee. It all culminated in King Karl Gustav III seeing coffee as a threat to public health. In an experiment, he wanted to prove that daily coffee consumption leads to death.

The death sentence of two offenders were commuted to life imprisonment. The condition was that one of the two had to drink three pots of coffee a day. The other offender had to drink the same amount of tea. The experiment took place under the supervision of two doctors. However, the king could no longer experience the result of the experiment. He was murdered in 1792 and the two doctors died too. The coffee-drinking offender was the last to die , he also survived the tea-drinker.

Conclusion: fun facts about coffee

Morning coffee is indispensable for many. Now you can tell funny facts about the hot drink while drinking coffee.