We are John Ordishy and Linata Alam and we are passionate coffee lovers for many years.

For us, the day starts with a good cup of coffee. You have probably already heard this sentence or even pronounced it yourself.

For us, a good cup of coffee is not just a means to an end to get a caffeine kick. There’s a lot more to it than that. But what’s behind a “good” cup of coffee? In order to get to the bottom of this question in detail, we launched Tangy Coffee .

With us, you will find the  secret formula for really good coffee. Now get an overview of our most important advice articles, which will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of coffee preparation .

John Ordishy
John Ordishy
linata alam
Linata Alam

We used to drink normal filter coffee at home , which we prepared with a commercially available filter coffee machine. For this, we used unfiltered tap water and ready-ground beans from the usual coffee brands of large roasters. Neither of us found it really tasty, but we drank it with a lot of milk out of habit.

Then, we thought that a little Dolce Vita in our own kitchen could do no harm and we got an espresso pot (also called a mocha pot, caffettiera, espresso maker or bialetti ), a small coffee grinder and a stick milk frother. From then on, we only bought whole beans.

At first we didn’t know each other well, so we got all the beans from the big coffee roasters in the supermarket. That was a real improvement in terms of taste. But the coffee still didn’t taste as good at home as the coffee from a barista we got served in specialty cafes .

Our Successful Journey

So the process began creeping and slowly to develop into what we can enjoy today. We tried different beans from smaller roasters more and more often, but quickly realized that a simple espresso pot could not be just to the good quality of the beans .

So we increased our equipment and bought our first espresso machine with portafilter. We also invested in an electric espresso grinder and an electric milk frother .

From then on, the real passion for good coffee began. We dealt very intensively with the subject of coffee and wanted to know where the coffee comes from, how it is processed, how we best prepare it and how we treat the product with respect. Since the information on the Internet was often very poor, we acquired our knowledge of coffee books, exchanges with other coffee lovers, barista courses and simply trying things out. You are welcome to our website TangyCoffee

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