Avolatte – Avocado Meets Coffee

Avolatte – Avocado Meets Coffee

Quirky experiments from down under

It’s on everyone’s lips right now and yet everyone is confused at first glance. What is Avolatte? In short: nothing more than a latte macchiato served in a hollowed-out avocado bowl. But who comes up with such an idea and what is the point behind it? A trip to Down Under brings clarity and shows how a not very serious slapstick spreads wide and causes a sensation worldwide.

The trendy café Truman

A funny idea that was quickly captured for posterity recently went viral in Melbourne, Australia. The barista at the trendy café Truman posted a video in which he prepared an excellent latte macchiato. As far as nothing special, one should think. But he neither used a cup nor a glass for serving, nor did he use the criticized paper cups. The spooned peel of an avocado inspired him and in short became an ecological disposable peel.
He was responding to criticism of the coffee hipster culture. A real estate tycoon well-known in Australia made negative comments about the money-wasting consumers of the coffee scene and the avocado trend. The barista promptly combined both points of criticism – the Avolatte was born.
A quick-witted pastiche that not everyone understood on the World Wide Web and thus triggered almost every reaction from praise to incomprehension to shit storms. Even the inventor and barista Jaydin Nathan no longer understood the world when the first customer soon ordered an avolatte. But, it was not an isolated case and so today the people of Melbourne sip avocado infused latte macchiato. Even in Turkey, the first café put the imaginative creation on its menu.

Successful taste

In addition to the fun idea that many simply want to be part of, the Avolatte is a win-win for the palate. The filled, hot espresso releases aromas from the remaining pulp and gives the milky creations a slightly nutty aroma.

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If you want, you can prepare the trend yourself at home. Simply hollow out an avocado and pour on the fresh espresso, swirl briefly and then fill up with warm milk foam – done. Alternatively, with vanilla ice cream or a scoop of avocado ice cream, the new avolatte ice coffee becomes a pleasure in summer.

Australia is arming

The flood of reviews has now left its mark on Sydney. The “Locals Corner” café generalizes the avolatte and creates the vegetable cino. This is nothing more than a cappuccino or latte macchiato, which is served with a wide variety of vegetables or fruits. Carrot-cino and apple-cino result in fascinating images and new taste experiences. However, everyone should try and judge for themselves whether this also applies to the combination of kohlrabi and coffee, for example.

Not everyone understands the Australian humor and many even criticize the new creation considerably. It is a waste of resources and the avocado’s ecological footprint is far too bad. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to throw away the pulp of the avocado, but nobody talks about it either. And for an Australian, where the avocado can grow directly in the garden due to the climate, the criticism of the long transport routes is also irrelevant.
The Avolatte will certainly not make it to the local cafes in the northern hemisphere, but the idea is recommended for at home and, as a special surprise for festivities, is certainly an experience.

But be careful when serving: the unstable bowl has caused quite a few mishaps.

Location Indonesia

By the way, if you do a little more research on the topic of Avolatte, you will find that the idea is not as new as expected. There is a traditional coffee in Indonesia, which is also served with avocado – albeit in a slightly different shape. The “Es” or “Jus Alpukat” is served in a glass and has a slightly greenish face. This comes from the avocado, because unlike the trend from Down Under, Indonesians are not satisfied with a light aroma of the peel. You want to taste the full power of the avocado and so the pulp is finely pureed. For each avocado you need an espresso, two cups of milk and maple syrup, honey or the local Pandan syrup. And something else is different. The Indonesian avolatte is mixed exclusively from cold ingredients, because “Jus Alpukat” literally means: iced avocado.

As a healthy, wholesome breakfast with that extra caffeine kick, the “Jus Alpukat” is definitely an exotic alternative in the European summer too.

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Conclusion: A trend grows out of humor

  • The Avolatte comes from the bustling coffee culture down under
  • The idea of ​​serving coffee in an avocado bowl was just a gag at first
  • Today the Avolatte has become a widely discussed trend
  • Pairing avocado with coffee is nothing new in Indonesia