Bezzera Magica Espresso Machine Review: Espresso Enjoyment At Its Best?

Bezzera Magica Espresso Machine Review: Espresso Enjoyment At Its Best?

The Bezzera Magica is a two-circuit portafilter machine with professional components such as the E61 brew group. We tested the machine and asked ourselves whether it would meet the demands of ambitious home baristas. Is the Bezzera worth the money? We explain to you in our Bezzera Magica test. What awaits you here:

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Who is the Bezzera Magica suitable for?

The Bezzera Magica is a great everyday machine for espresso and cappuccino fans who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their beloved drink in their own four walls. Without a doubt, you have to deal with the machine and the entire espresso theory to achieve an excellent result in the cup. After all, the Bezzera Magica is not a fully automatic machine, but a manual portafilter machine. And of course, you should have the necessary change and be aware that in addition to buying the machine you will also have to pay various additional costs for the acquisition of an espresso grinder, tamper, tamping station, knocking container, etc.


  • Stylish and noble design
  •  Super espresso and milk foam quality
  •  Dual circuit (espresso and milk foam can be prepared at the same time)
  •  Relatively high-temperature stability
  •  E61 brew group
  •  Cup rack
  •  Two nice pressure gauges
  •  Enormous steam power


  • Slightly longer heating time of approx. 25 minutes
  •  Not exactly space-saving
  •  High purchase price

You can buy Bezzera Magica in the Coffee Circle online shop. 

Espresso with the Bezzera Magica

We can hardly hide our enthusiasm: Espresso with the Bezzera Magica in combination with the Quamar M80E espresso grinder tastes simply heavenly. Once the grinding degree, dose, and brewing time have been set correctly, the machine will produce full espresso with the right espresso beans with great crema, without beating and grumbling.

It is proven once again how important it is to focus on quality in central components such as the brew group. The E61 simply delivers the following: The espresso is dense, chocolaty, and rounded, which is certainly due to the exemplary pre-infusion of the brewing group. 

Pre-infusion with the Bezzera Magica and E61 brew group

Due to the ingenious structure in the brewing head of the Bezzera Magica, a small amount of water is left on the coffee grounds with little pressure before the actual pressure build-up. In professional circles, this process is known as pre-infusion. The pre-infusion causes the coffee grounds to be moistened and saturated, which means that it swells “gently” and solidifies before the actual pressure build-up begins at 9 bar. The decisive advantage of pre-infusion is that flavorings in the coffee grounds are better extracted.

Froth milk with Bezzera Magica

The steam power of this machine is enormous – the large 2 l kettle makes it possible. So frothing milk with the Bezzera Magica is anything but comfortable. But don’t worry: the power is easy to control even for beginners. You will be able to produce the silky latte-art foam even without a previous master class.

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Steam is drawn off by turning the rocker arm. If you turn the lever upwards, it remains locked and steam comes out of the lance continuously. If you turn the lever down, it will not be locked and you can let steam out of the lance in bursts – ideal to briefly blow out the condensed water before foaming or after foaming the milk.

The arrangement of the steam lance is well thought out and can be immersed in the ideal position in the milk jug thanks to the ball joint.

Machine type: dual circuit

The Bezzera Magica is a two-circuit espresso machine. It has two water circuits at different temperatures: A water circuit for the production of steam for frothing milk or for hot tea water. And a second water circuit for the brewing water that is required for espresso extraction. With the help of these two water circuits, you can prepare espresso and froth milk at the same time. Awesome, isn’t it?

Single circuit or dual circuit? Find out here what the differences are between single-circle and double- circle.

Briefly about the structure: In the Bezzera Magica a large copper kettle with a kettle volume of 2 l is installed, in which water is heated to approx. 110 ° Celsius. This corresponds to a pressure of 1.5 bar. You can read the current pressure in the kettle on the kettle manometer.

This water from the copper kettle is used to draw off hot water and to produce steam to froth the milk. A small water chamber, a kind of pipe, is embedded in this boiler: this is the so-called heat exchanger.

When drawing off espresso, cold water is pumped from the Bezzera Magica’s water tank through the heat exchanger, which is located in the much hotter steam boiler. The water is heated to the correct brewing temperature. The heat exchanger is designed in such a way that the water remains in the heat exchanger at the best possible flow rate until it has reached the appropriate brewing temperature of approx. 93 ° Celsius.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (W | H | D)32 | 44 | 45 cm
Weight24 kg
Machine typeSingle boiler, dual circuit
Brew groupE61 brew group
Brew group Ø58 mm
Housing materialstainless steel
Boiler materialcopper
boiler2-liter volume
Water tank4 liters volume
Heating time25 – 30 min
Pump manometerYes
Boiler pressure gaugeYes
power1350 watts
Pump typeVibration pump

Conclusion on the Bezzera Magica

The bottom line is that the Bezzera Magica keeps what the name “Magica” already suggests: It makes magical espresso. Shot by shot, the Bezzera Magica produces phenomenal results in the cup that will make even the most meticulous man click his tongue. Working with the E61 brew group is simply fun- especially when preparing very fruity, more acidic espressos. The steam power when frothing milk is enormous. This makes fine-pored lathering a walk. Anyone who does not become a latte artist with the Bezzera Magica has no equipment excuse left.

The only drawback is the somewhat long heat-up time of just under half an hour. Fortunately, there are time switches nowadays – so that the beautiful Macchina has reached the optimal operating temperature punctually at 7:00 a.m. and delivers the finest espresso for the perfect start to the day.

Well, and the high purchase price of over € 1,200 could be painful for some coffee lovers. But overall: thumbs up. Top machine!

You can buy Bezzera Magica at Amazon.