Black Coffee Stands for Pure Enjoyment

Black Coffee Stands for Pure Enjoyment

A recommendation against all prejudices from yellow teeth to black painters

Those who drink their coffee black enjoy it against many prejudices. This variant supposedly makes yellow teeth and a hallmark of black painters, according to the critics. The list of prejudices culminates in the sentence: Only psychopaths drink their coffee black. That is all nonsense.

Flavors are particularly noticeable

Black coffee is created in the same way as any other type with various additives: It comes from the coffee machine, the French press jug, is infused by hand or prepared according to the very personal variant. Drunk without additives, it enables the various aromas of caffeine to be enjoyed with several senses in a particularly intense way: tasting and smelling of the anticipation when looking into the black cup. This is exactly why it is advisable to buy a high-quality variety. The inexpensive blend, the industrial coffee from the supermarket, is largely ruled out for lovers of black coffee. It should be arabica-Beans, preferably the particularly valuable ones from highland cultivation. They can be found at coffee roasters that, in contrast to inexpensive goods, prefer gentle roasting, i.e. a maximum of 20 minutes at less than 260 degrees Celsius.

The black coffee is then added to the cup, as it is preferred by baristas and coffee cupings. It is unthinkable that milk or other additives would alienate the taste when tasting. This is another advantage of this pure pleasure: the black coffee is easy to prepare, all utensils fit in a backpack for the hiking holiday. You don’t need more than arabica beans,hand mill , field cooker, French press and fresh water from the stream along the way. In times of increasing lactose intolerance, black coffee is also tolerable for everyone: there is no milk at all.

Black enjoyment in great variety

Black coffee can be enjoyed in just as many variations as it can be prepared with various additives. The classic among the black varieties is the espresso. Roasted a little longer and darker and finely ground, it is small, black and strong. Only briefly, but hot and under high pressure, the water here comes into contact with the powder. The black espresso with the natural crema as a crown is a good way to end a lunch or dinner – and the basis for many other preparations. They also have their charm without further additives. Another example is the ristretto, also called corto (short), in which only half the amount of water flows through the same amount of powder as in the normal variant. This creates a thick and particularly tasty espresso. The lungo is the opposite of that: an espresso brewed with twice the amount of water. It is the variant for breakfast or for the morning. The Caffé Americano is an espresso that is extended with hot water after brewing. If you want a “double”, you can order the Doppio : a normal espresso that is double the size.

Many variants from the machine

On the basis of light roasts, there are also many options for enjoying black coffee. The Black Eye, also called Bulls Eye, provides an extra helping of caffeine. For this purpose, two espressos come in a black filter coffee. Café Crème is known worldwide . For each cup, freshly ground and brewed under pressure, this creates the cream on top of the cup. There are many names for this variant, for example Café Schümli in Switzerland. At the Café double, a strong, black coffee comes on the table, which is especially popular in France with small cups.

A distinction must be made between the café noir, which is also preferred by the French: although it is also drunk from small cups, this is a classic filter coffee. Greek coffee is also black and strong. It is created by boiling two to three times. With mocha, coffee powder is brewed with sugar in the pot. The Austrians, however, understand mocha to be a strong coffee with twice the amount of powder for the same amount of water as filter coffee.

Conclusion: black, but diverse

Coffee, which is enjoyed in black without additives, is particularly intense for connoisseurs: nothing interferes with pure caffeine enjoyment.