Buy a Coffee Machine, but Which One?

Buy a Coffee Machine, but Which One?

It almost borders on a truism that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But which type of coffee machine suits your personality or your individual taste? We will introduce you to the most prominent types of preparation and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages to provide you with orientation if you want to buy a new coffee machine!

A few small initial considerations when buying the coffee machine

You want to buy a coffee machine, but which one you will be “happiest” with obviously depends on various factors. For one thing, there is the price. The solution depends crucially on the value you attach to a good coffee. Is a coffee machine for 40.00 dollars enough for you, or do you tend to prefer a portafilter machine from Italy, which can quickly exceed a four-digit price? Are two or three cups a day enough for you?

Would you like to be able to prepare latte macchiato , espresso and cappuccino in addition to the “classic” coffee? On the other hand, are you able to make “your” coffee at leisure, or do you have to do everything quickly in everyday life? Please always keep in mind that, besides the quality of the water, the most important thing is the quality of the beans. If these are only of mediocre quality, then even the best device will not succeed in turning coffee enjoyment into a high-end experience!

The capsule machines

In terms of “taste”, you can look forward to quite good results here, although you are bound to a specific manufacturer, as the machines only work with one type of capsule. Such machines brew at the push of a button, in individual portions. In the opinion of experts, each cup of coffee is up to 45 cents more expensive than if you opt for other coffee machines. The preparation is quick and easy with capsule machines. In addition, they usually contain very high quality coffee. Since such devices work with high pressure, you can also use them to prepare espresso including real crema.

From an ecological point of view, however, such capsule machines do not do well because they generate a lot of waste and the capsules made of plastic or aluminum have a heavy impact on the environment. The voluntary eco-label in the form of the Blue Angel is currently not found on a coffee machine.

When deciding to buy a capsule machine, you should therefore pay attention to low power consumption in stand-by mode and an off switch that completely disconnects the device from the mains. It is also advisable if you pay attention to the fact that a plastic housing is free of substances that are dangerous for the environment and harmful to health.

The pad machines

With its taste somewhere between filter coffee and espresso, the coffee is brewed here from cellulose pads with low pressure. You can usually prepare two cups at the same time with a pod machine. Similar to the capsule machines, these devices also score with their simple handling and are easy to clean. The price per cup is a little cheaper than coffee made with a capsule. You can read more about coffee pods here .

Portafilter machines for coffee that has been prepared with love and care

If you should be toying with the idea of buying a portafilter coffee machine , brew “the black gold” cup by cup – and do it by hand. However, it is precisely this handicraft that the user tastes. A good espresso, brewed with the right degree of grinding, is a great pleasure that none of the systems that are certainly less complicated for the user can achieve. Anyone who has ever enjoyed an espresso from the portafilter is generally very reluctant to get used to alternatives. Since the water is pressed through at high pressure, you get a wonderful espresso with an almost creamy crema. You should simply try out which type of coffee and which grind and roast level you like best. These facts, along with the quality of the beans used, are decisive criteria. With portafilter machines from La Marzocco or Sage you can bring that professional barista feeling into your home.

Fully automatic coffee machines – the all-rounders

With such a device you can make coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato at the push of a button . So are coffee machines much more than just coffee machines, because they have a (usually adjustable) coffee grinder, a separate water tank and often a milk-frothing. However, fully automatic machines are generally a bit maintenance-intensive, which also applies to models that have a built-in self-cleaning system. Regular descaling is essential here.

We also recommend that you thoroughly remove coffee residues from inside the machine and, especially when frothing milk, not lose sight of the hygienic aspects. So it is advisable to clean the nozzle and hoses daily after use and to clean the bean tank, depending on the model. Coffee contains oils that can otherwise be deposited as a brown layer of fat on the walls of the tank. Although buying such a fully automatic machine costs you considerably more money than buying other machines, the price per brewed cup of coffee is lower than pod or coffee Capsule machines. However, please inquire about repair service before purchasing and spare parts are available. The longevity of a fully automatic coffee machine is an important environmental aspect.

Filter machines

A cup of coffee is also cheap if you choose a filter machine. The classic coffee machine with paper filter is particularly popular and is, believe it or not, used in around 60 percent of all households in Europe. With such a device you can easily prepare large quantities of coffee. Check the price on Amazon here.

Bialetti & Co

Also espresso maker, for example, out of the house “Bialetti” have proven themselves millions of times as an inexpensive alternative. You can use this small aluminum jug on your stove top. The device delivers delicious mocha that is pretty close to espresso.

The French Press

You can purchase this device in many different sizes. Like the famous “Bialetti”, the espresso maker, it is one of the inexpensive coffee preparation methods. The price range for the purchase ranges from less than 10.00 dollars to around 65.00 dollars, depending on the model. It is easy to clean, but because it is made of glass, it is less robust than an espresso maker, for example.

The taste results from the French Press are very good , not least because the coffee is in direct contact with the water, so that all the essential oils are retained in the coffee. The disadvantage of such a stamp jug, as the French press is also called, is the fact that if the grist is too finely ground, coffee grounds are often left behind, which you can then find in your cup.

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Conclusion: buy the right coffee machine

After what we said, you can no longer see the trees for the forest? We, on the other hand, are of the opinion that precisely on the basis of this detailed overview you can make the best decision about which of the coffee machine models best suits your requirements, wishes and needs in order to be able to enjoy the coffee exactly “your way” and to the full . Just let yourself be inspired!