Buy Coffee Conveniently And Easily Online

Buy Coffee Conveniently And Easily Online

Buying coffee online has only advantages, right?

In this country there is hardly any other consumer good as widespread as this delicious hot drink, because, if the statistics are to be believed, every German drinks at least half a liter of coffee a day. Accordingly, the trade has ceased, because you can buy coffee on (almost) every street corner. Whether as a ready-to-go coffee, whole beans or already ground. So if there is coffee to buy on every corner, why should consumers buy coffee online? The following article deals with this legitimate question and shows you the advantages and disadvantages that you have when you get your coffee online.

The multi-faceted and varied offer in the virtual coffee world

When you buy your coffee online, you are presented with an incredibly wide range of products, all with just one click. Instead of  coffee roasters to rush to coffee roasting, you can cozy from home (perhaps with a cup of coffee). And another advantage is obvious with this type of shopping: If you value ecological and fair cultivation of coffee, then the search in the real cosmos becomes a little more complicated. But in this way you only need the keyword “Fair Trade” in a search engine or enter “organic coffee” and you will get seemingly endless results.

Differences between online and offline trading

Of course, if you buy something in the coffee roastery, you can sniff the aroma valve and get a foretaste of future enjoyment. Such a possibility is of course not (yet?) Given when buying on the Internet.

But you can expect other positive aspects in the digital world. Some shops offer useful customer ratings on their portal, which you can use as a guide. In general, the information content of your online coffee purchase is often greater. While you will only find some information on the growing conditions and the origin of the coffee on the back of the pack.

you often have the opportunity to get various insights into the world of coffee of your shortlist with online coffee suppliers. So you can sometimes find out by video how it is roasted and receive information on various certifications, to name just a few. With the help of such insights, you can also get a feel for various types of coffee online.

Is it worth buying coffee online despite the shipping costs?

The short answer is yes, but if you decide to purchase coffee in this way, you will usually expect additional shipping costs, but these are not always incurred. In addition, this type of coffee is often not more expensive than if you obtain it from a local roastery, despite the costs of transport. This is especially true when you order larger quantities.

Support for small coffee roasters and traders

Of course, this is mostly possible, since small businesses in particular are dependent on online sales. An asset to you! Because if, for example, your favorite type of coffee is roasted in Frankfurt, but you live in Saarland, then buying it online is the only way to get this special type of coffee in an uncomplicated way.

More freshness through short distribution channels

If you decide to buy your coffee online, you will often get it directly from the roaster. This enables short distribution channels, as the coffee comes to you directly from the retailer and is not, as usual, stored in a normal store some time before you buy it. In this way, you will get your dream coffee freshly roasted!

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When you buy your coffee online, you benefit from many advantages and few disadvantages. The only disadvantage is that you cannot test the scent of the coffee online and you may have to pay additional shipping costs.
The main advantages:

  • An almost unlimited range of different types of coffee
  • You can have your favorite coffee regardless of where you live
  • great time saver
  • More freshness through shorter distribution channels