Christmas Time Is Enjoyment Time

Christmas Time Is Enjoyment Time

The most popular treats include gingerbread, nuts and chocolate

Christmas is almost here and the pre-Christmas period is known to be the biggest gourmet time of the year. Delicious cookies, crispy cantuccini, baked apples and many other delicacies end up on our plates. The favorite sweet is melt-in-the-mouth and usually comes in bars, or as Santa Claus. Of course, we’re talking about chocolate. It is incredibly diverse, as it also refines cookies, cakes and desserts. You can even enjoy drinks made from chocolate. The popular “Schoki” is a real all-rounder and tastes delicious with it. We have a really great tip for you for the Christmas season: Just make your chocolate yourself.

So why not just make your own chocolate?

So you know exactly which ingredients are in it and you can also save a bit of sugar or even create your own vegan chocolate. Your “chocolate” will later only taste as sweet as you like it. Even unusual creations that you cannot find in the supermarket can be designed yourself in this way – and even given away to friends and family at Christmas as a handmade side dish to a delicious coffee. 

And anyone who thinks it is difficult to make chocolate yourself is wrong. Even those who wouldn’t call themselves a “baker” or “cook” can do this quickly and easily. If you have children, just let them join you. It is very special fun for them to make and nibble their own chocolate. 

Our recipe to imitate

We have selected a simple basic recipe that you can use to make a bar of chocolate, for example. For this, you need the following ingredients:

  1. 50 grams of cocoa butter
  2. 45 grams of baking cocoa
  3. a pinch of salt
  4. The pulp of a vanilla pod or, alternatively, some vanilla sugar

The cocoa butter has nothing to do with the commercial butter you smear on your bread. Rather, the term cocoa butter refers to the fat of the cocoa bean. You can buy this in most health food stores, but now also in well-stocked supermarkets. There are various alternatives for the necessary sweetness of your homemade chocolate. You are welcome to use the usual refined sugar. If you prefer cane sugar, it will of course also sweeten your chocolate very well. Alternatives to white sugar are agave syrup, maple syrup or coconut blossom sugar. Anything that tastes good is allowed! Baking cocoa is very important in the recipe because it brings the right and intense chocolate note into your mixture. Normal cocoa powder would only sweeten the bar unnecessarily and not taste so strongly like chocolate. Whether you use a vanilla pod or, alternatively, vanilla sugar, is entirely up to your personal taste. 

This is what you need to try the recipe

In order to finally take action and become a chocolatier yourself, you only need a few utensils :

  • a pot
  • a metal bowl for the water bath
  • a mold for hardening the liquid chocolate

Special chocolate molds are suitable as a shape. If you don’t want to buy something extra, baking tins are sufficient. Or you can simply spread the mixture on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. To refine your chocolate, you need different toppings. Take what you like with it. Nuts or almonds, dried fruits, coconut flakes, smarties or crispy biscuits are just a few ideas from our editorial team. With colored pepper, ginger, chillies or curry, your chocolate becomes a little taste explosion. Feel free to experiment a little and find your perfect chocolate.

If you want to dig a little deeper into your pocket and want to turn your chocolate into an optical masterpiece, you can decorate it with gold leaf. In this way, your chocolate becomes something very special and is ideal as a gift. You can get gold leaf in some supermarkets or online from just a few dollars. 

Make chocolate yourself – the instructions

Here we go; You make your own chocolate 

  1. First, heat the cocoa butter in a water bath over low heat and melt it.
  2. Stir in the cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and the vanilla pulp or vanilla sugar.
  3. Now add your sweetness. So either sugar, maple syrup or something similar.
  4. Stir the chocolate until there are no more lumps and the mixture is slightly creamy.
  5. Then pour your (first) own chocolate into your chosen shape or spread it carefully on baking paper.
  6. Immediately afterwards, you can garnish the chocolate with your extras as you wish. Incidentally, marshmallows also taste delicious in them.
  7. Now you have to be patient because the chocolate now has to cool well in the refrigerator.

TangyCoffee tip: If the chocolate is stored in the refrigerator, it will last around two weeks and still taste delicious and fresh.  

Nice gift for your loved one

The finished chocolate is now a wonderful gift for friends and family. And because it is vegan, you are always on the safe side with it. Every recipient can eat them without hesitation, provided there are no allergies. When refining, make sure that you meet the tastes of your loved ones. Then the chocolate becomes a very special gift. It is best to use conventional wrapping paper for wrapping. But baking paper is also very suitable for keeping the chocolate fresh. And you or your children can design it yourself and let their creativity run free.

💡 Would you like to try even more? Then try your hand at pralines. Take the recipe above and pour the chocolate into praline molds. 

Amarena or sour cherries, for example, are suitable as a filling. Homemade rum raisins are also very tasty. You need 700 milliliters of rum for 500 grams of raisins. For the right aroma, it is best to add the zest of a lemon and some vanilla pulp to the preserving jars. The rum raisins should sit tightly closed in a dark place for four weeks before they go into the pralines. 

Try the homemade chocolate alternatively as a chocolate fondue for fresh fruit such as apples and bananas or as drinking chocolate. To do this, pour the chocolate into cubes and put a wooden stick in it. When it is dry, you can stir the cube into hot milk and enjoy.  

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Chocolate can therefore be used in a wide variety of ways – and not just at Christmas time. Once you’ve tried your hand at homemade chocolate, you’ll always want to make some yourself. Start with simple variations and slowly increase. Your family will be happy about the food!