Coconut Milk in Coffee?

A tasty alternative to cow’s milk in coffee

Coconut milk in your coffee, yes you read that right. Today we look at this alternative to cow’s milk. For various reasons, more and more people are trying to forego cow’s milk in their coffee and are therefore relying on coconuts or other products such as almond milk. You can find out from us how well the alternatives are suitable. 

Alternatives to cow’s milk

If you prefer your coffee drinks with milk froth, you will certainly prefer normal cow milk, preferably from the farm shop. However, many people of our time react to this drink with allergies and lactose intolerance. Others, on the other hand, prefer to steer clear of animal products and avoid this milk for general reasons. The good news is that there are a ton of options, like the coconut milk.

Simply drill a straw into the coconut and drink?

Unfortunately, the matter is not that simple, since coconut milk is by no means made in the nut. The pulp has to be pureed with the addition of water and this mixture then pressed through a cloth. This creates an aromatic, milky liquid which, depending on the amount of water used, usually has a fat content of approximately 15% to 25%. The fibrous mass obtained is then extracted again with boiling water and pressed out.

The result is milk with a thin consistency. In the packaging, the fat and water parts separate from each other, so you have to mix them by shaking them before using them.

How does the coconut milk taste in the coffee?

As a coffee lover you will find that it will be difficult to produce a reasonably stable foam with this milk, as it is extremely fine-pored and evaporates quickly. The foamed, odorless coconut milk tastes almost imperceptibly like coconut, but gives your cappuccino a light freshness and a subtle nutty note. For these reasons, this milk is definitely a healthy alternative to cow’s milk with its unobtrusive taste.

Simple recipe for making latte macchiato with coconut milk

Heat (do not boil!) The coconut milk in a saucepan. Then use a milk frother with which you froth the coconut milk and pour the whole thing into a glass. Now slowly pour in the prepared espresso, and your coffee drink with coconut milk is ready – bon appetit !

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