Coffee Cocktails – an Unbeatable Combination

Coffee Cocktails – an Unbeatable Combination

An overview of the best coffee recipes

Which coffee cocktails do you already know? Cold brew is now known to many coffee connoisseurs, as well as iced coffee. But apart from these well-known coffee drinks, there are countless other drinks with coffee that it would be a shame not to try. Let yourself be carried away into the creative and diverse world of coffee cocktails with our recipes. There is an exciting and at the same time amazingly delicious coffee variant to discover for every taste.

The normal coffee is getting boring? Bring on innovative coffee cocktails

A really good coffee, for example classic as filter coffee, intense as espresso or creamy as cappuccino, is something really good. Nevertheless, even and especially as a coffee lover, one sometimes misses something special and extraordinary when it comes to a brown hot drink. The various coffee recipes are just right for these moments!

There are specialties without alcohol for in between or with a “shot” for the evening or the weekend; In addition, it does not necessarily have to be a warm drink, cold variants are also ideal for summer refreshment. Just choose what you like best – or try one recipe at a time. One thing is certain, there are many options waiting to be tested by you. Your new favorite coffee cocktail is sure to be there too.

It doesn’t have to be laborious. By the way, we have collected the best simple preparation ideas with which you can quickly and easily create delicious creations from coffee and other ingredients.

The best coffee recipes and where they come from

Of course, even within the “classic” coffee world, great specialties such as flat white or iced espresso should not be underestimated and cold brew cocktails must also be tried once, but beyond these coffee drinks there are completely different ingredients that emphasize the taste of the coffee and are wonderful supplement, like apple juice, beer or even egg whites.

With so many different coffee cocktails, one or the other wonders when and under what circumstances they were invented, and what was the very first cocktail whose list of ingredients included “coffee”. Unfortunately, that cannot be said exactly. However, there are origins here and there, some might call them legends, some coffee recipes that at least limit the whole thing a little in terms of time.

For example, there is the story about the now world-famous Irish Coffee, which goes back to Joe Sheridan. He complemented coffee with Irish whiskey, with a topping of lightly whipped cream. When one of the (probably positively) surprised guests asked him whether it was Brazilian coffee, Sheridan replied, “No, that’s Irish coffee.” It took a few years after that until it became known beyond the Irish borders. Since then, Irish coffee was born.

About 40 years later, in the late 1980s, the Espresso Martini has its origin. The bartender Dick Bradsell worked at Fred’s Bar in London. One day he asked a young and later very famous model for a drink that would “wake her up” and (loosely translated) “mess her up”. Espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka and sugar syrup mixed and served on ice cubes, that was the solution. The coffee specialty, also known as espresso vodka, even landed at number 15 of the world’s best-selling cocktails in 2017.

Refine cocktails with coffee

The combination of “ coffee – alcohol ” provides interesting results that breathe new life into classics of the bar scene, in which the bitter substances of the coffee harmonize with the taste of the spirit (s) and often a sweet ingredient. However, a visit to a bar is not absolutely necessary to enjoy such coffee cocktails. Preparing it yourself is not only fun, but you can also tailor the ingredients individually and create the perfect coffee cocktails for yourself.

It’s easy to do with the recipes in our other articles. They serve as orientation and inspiration, which you can follow step by step on the one hand, and on the other hand there is never anything against a little experimentation! So find out pretty glasses, prepare fresh, fruity, alcoholic, non-alcoholic ingredients and of course the best coffee. Then you can start immediately!

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Conclusion: coffee cocktails for the summer and any other occasion

With or without caffeine, alcohol-free, warm or cold – coffee cocktails always work! Original and tasty, prepared quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. You should not miss our recipes for coffee specialties!