The Coffee Culture in the Usa – a Little Journey Across the Pond!

The Coffee Culture in the Usa – a Little Journey Across the Pond!

For a coffee in the land of unlimited possibilities

Coffee culture USA? Fifty years ago, authors would certainly have known little to write about this topic because it was not until 1971 that it began in Seattle at the time when the company “Starbucks” was launched.

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Even long before the motto “America first”, the Americans were a people of their own. But that can certainly be said of any people.  Last but not least, the much-vaunted “American Dream” is a characteristic that many people associate with Americans. The belief that everyone can achieve everything they want if they only focus on their special goal by all means. That brings us to the actual topic. When it comes to coffee, too, the Americans have developed some previously unknown coffee specialties.

American coffees that you can prepare yourself in next to no time

In the “coffee shops” favored by the locals, of course, they started out with the familiar coffee specialties such as coffee, espresso and cappuccino. But resourceful and creative minds were soon producing beverages such as “Frappuccino” or “Iced Coffee” to inspire their compatriots.

But what is a frappuccino?

This is a mixed coffee drink that is served cold and is therefore particularly popular in the hot season. You prepare this drink in the blender, in which the ice cubes required are also crushed. Some frappuccino recipes also rely on the preparation without coffee, so we would of course like to introduce you to one in which coffee cannot be missing.

You need the following ingredients for a large glass:

  • 10 ice cubes
  • 240 ml milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or real vanilla from the pod)
  • 3 teaspoons of powdered sugar
  • 3 tsp chocolate sauce
  • 60 ml espresso
  • Whipped cream and chocolate sauce for garnish

And this is how the preparation works:

Mix the ice cubes with the milk, the powdered sugar, the vanilla extract, the chocolate sauce and the espresso in the mixer to make a creamy frappuccino. Then put this mixture in a large glass and serve everything, garnished with chocolate sauce and the whipped cream, with a straw.

“What is Iced Coffee”?

Sounds a little like iced coffee doesn’t it? and thats the way it is. You simply prepare a (larger) cup of coffee, which you let cool in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. Then fill a large glass with crashed ice and add the cold coffee. Add milk and sugar to the drink according to taste – your iced coffee is ready! In a sense, this is somewhat more simply prepared precursor of the increasingly popular “cold brew”.

What else is there to say about coffee of the “American way of life”?

In the coffee shops, of course, Americans don’t enjoy their coffee in peace without surfing the Internet, thanks to the free WiFi. Most locals, however, will take their coffee to-go. This is an increasingly popular solution in this country too, as there is no time to enjoy a cozy coffee before starting work, for example. Many customers, whether from large chains or hip specialty roasters, seem to be more concerned with the coffee kick than the culinary delight in their busy everyday life. That is probably also the reason why most people order their coffee in (for our terms) oversized coffee mugs.

The urban coffee consumption, which is primarily characterized by hectic, is only one side of the coin within coffee culture in the USA. Because despite the huge metropolises of millions, many Americans still live in the country, where “coffee enjoyment” is basically completely different. You probably remember old American films in which the protagonists stop at a truck stop and are served coffee from pots. This custom has survived to this day because coffee is by no means part of a hip lifestyle here, as is often the case in Europe, but simply a completely normal drink. Practical side effect: The coffee, usually prepared in the filter machine, is usually refilled free of charge.

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As you can read, there are basically two different coffee worlds in the USA. One is characterized by a diverse selection of product variants, from the simple “Coffee To Go” to the fancy coffee mix called Frappuccino. On the other hand, you seem to have been transported back in time when you look at the classic American diners and truck stops that you encounter at rest stops and increasingly in the traditional inland areas. And while coffee shops have become more and more popular in this country and are now a part of everyday life, most Americans could certainly do less with the local coffee culture.