Coffee Knowledge: It Takes More Than Just a Book

Coffee Knowledge: It Takes More Than Just a Book

History and cultivation – production and preparation – marketing and fairness

Not only drinking coffee is a pleasure: reading books about coffee is also a pleasure. There is information there about the discovery of the coffee bean, the climatic conditions of the cultivation areas and marketing. Anyone researching a gift for the coffee lover has come to the right place with a book like this.

Thematic pre-selection – where the interest is going

If you are looking for a book with knowledge of coffee, you first make a thematic pre-selection. Are you interested in the cultivation zones and the roasting process? Is the aim more towards fair trade and the environment, starting with the living and working conditions of the coffee farmers? Or is preparation the focus – perhaps because of the purchase of a coffee machine for commercial or private use? Anyone looking for exciting recipes for making coffee will find the right volumes for them too. As well as the usual national offers: Many cultures and regions have their own special coffee recipes. Books about the history and the slow spread of coffee drinking across the globe are also very interesting. Cultural and social history is always hidden in it: books with knowledge of coffee are history books – and literature. Fairy tales and crime stories as well as other works by writers sometimes introduce coffee as a decisive factor in the action.

Where the plant Grows – and How It Is Harvested

Anyone who wants to know where everything begins, which ends with the enjoyment of the hot, black gold from the coffee cup, can turn to books on cultivation areas. There is information here such as the fact that coffee only grows near the equator, between 23 degrees north and 25 degrees south. In the wild, this plant grows almost only in Africa, Latin America and India. As a rule, such volumes also contain the basic biological information for this plant. It is called Coffea and botanically belongs to the genus Rubiaceae.

The two varieties Robusta (one third) and Arabica (two thirds) make up almost one hundred percent of the coffee produced worldwide. Books on harvest and roasting processes provide a piece of economic history. Here the readers learn that there is the picking method when harvesting coffee cherries: carried out by hand, expensive but precisely guaranteeing the optimal selection of the fruit. The stripping method is also possible by hand – but also by machine – for harvesting.

Further Processing – from the Fruit to the Bean

Coffee knowledge – printed and bound between two book covers – is about processing and roasting processes : Often illustrated with beautiful pictures or graphics. Before the harvested cherry goes into the roasting process, which is crucial for the variety and quality, it is dried. Readers learn the differences between wet and dry processing: Then the fruits are ready to be roasted. “Both the shell and the bean must not be burned too much during roasting, because that would damage them and everything would be burned away that drives away the melancholy and phlegm”, Luigi Ferdinando Graf von Marsigli wrote in 1685.

Consumer Tips – the Best Individual Equipment

A book on coffee knowledge also falls into the consumer tips category if necessary. Whether jugs, coffee powder and filters for home preparation or the professional coffee machine for commercial use: For both areas of application, important information can be found in the literature on all things about coffee.

These books provide information on technical data and performance, areas of application and prices. They also give advice on how to use this coffee equipment correctly and point out possible weak points. A good example of this is the volume “The complete guide to espresso machines” by  Zvi Livnat. The author goes beyond the framework set in the book title. He also describes how important the coffee grinder is for the greatest possible coffee enjoyment. Anyone who obtains information from this volume knows everything to create the perfect cappuccino, coffee or espresso.

Coffee Staging with Photos – an Ideal Gift

Coffee knowledge, printed and bound between two book covers, is also available as a photo book: ideal as a gift for a friend who knows this drink. Fabio Petroni provides an outstanding example of this under the title “Coffee Sommelier”. In this illustrated book, the master photographer stages the coffee on 240 pages in many perspectives. The impressions range from the harvest to stylish serving, from delicious coffee recipes to pictures from the growing regions. If you leaf through this volume, the coffee aroma rises in your imagination. The “Coffee Atlas” by James Hoffmann serves a completely different interest. He reports on the origins and production methods of coffee. The author presents cultivation regions from 30 countries in Africa, Asia and South America, his book is richly illustrated with maps and photos. In addition, the layout contributes to relaxed reading. This volume is also unique because it contains details that are so far hardly known outside of the coffee industry.


Books about coffee inform and entertain. They are lovingly designed and are therefore also suitable as gifts. But coffee knowledge between two book covers delivers a lot more: It’s geography and history, literature and economy, culture and current affairs.