Coffee liqueur: Christmas to prepare yourself

Coffee liqueur: Christmas to prepare yourself

Many options for preparation in your own home

Liqueur is a drink made from alcohol, water, sugar, fruit juices, herbs, and more, among other things. The processing process and other ingredients result in a wide variety of varieties. Mocha and coffee liqueurs are very popular with us. The aromatic liqueurs are a nice alternative to many more well-known drinks, especially in the cold season, and are therefore also a successful change around Christmas, with which you can please your guests. With the right recipe and a little patience, they are even easy to prepare yourself.

Coffee liqueur: popular in the coffee drink nation

The coffee liqueur contains ethyl alcohol and a large portion of water. Tequila or Sambuca are often used as the base alcohol for the preparation and the alcohol content of the finished drink is between 15 and 35 percent by volume. Coffee liqueur is the classic drink for the cold season and therefore also for Christmas. It also expands the range of cocktails, milkshakes and coffee preparations.

Prepare coffee cream liqueur yourself

A clear coffee liqueur sometimes needs several months to mature after it has been prepared. The following coffee cream liqueur will be ready to eat in two weeks. It might be close by Christmas, but the New Year could already be a toast without any problems. The total amount of one liter requires no more than ten minutes of preparation time as well as a large bottle, a sieve and the following ingredients:

  • a stick of cinnamon
  • a vanilla pod
  • 350 grams of sugar
  • 200 ml espresso
  • 700 ml of vodka.

The recipe:
Prepare a strong espresso and let it cool down. Then put it in a bottle with the other ingredients, close it well and shake it. Then the jar rests – with shaking actions every two to four days so that the sugar dissolves completely. This is usually the case after 14 days. The mixture is then poured off through a sieve or cloth and placed in a bottle for storage. Now you can enjoy the cream liqueur, which smells wonderfully of cinnamon and vanilla.

Prepare a quick coffee liqueur

The following coffee liqueur variant is much faster to drink – after just 30 minutes. The following are available for a total of one liter:

  • 100 g finely ground coffee
  • 750 ml of water
  • 250 grams of sugar
  • a vanilla pod
  • 375 ml white rum.

At the beginning, there is the brew, consisting of: freshly ground and good coffee, a halved and scraped out vanilla pod that is put into the water. Then add the sugar. With the supply of heat, the coffee powder is now stirred in and the mass is heated for five minutes – stirring well. Before straining through a paper filter, it is best for the brew to settle for two minutes. Now let the drink run through and you get the brew. The brew comes in a clean bottle for mixing. Pour in the liqueur and enjoy.

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Coffee liqueur with a South Sea flair

There is a variant called “Caribbean Coffee Liqueur” that requires the following ingredients:

  • 750 ml red wine (dry)
  • 100 ml rum (white)
  • 350 grams of sugar
  • two packs of flavor (orange peel)
  • 6 g coffee beans.

This preparation only takes five minutes to work, followed by three days of rest. A 1.5 liter bottle drips off after rinsing with hot water. All ingredients go into the bottle, it is – tightly closed at room temperature – shaken occasionally for the next three days. That is enough as a maturation period. Then pour the mixture through a fine sieve and fill it in a well-sealed carafe for storage.

Gift for any occasion

The coffee liqueur with its many variants is a gift for every occasion. For example, as a Christmas present for loved ones – beautifully packaged in a liqueur bottle. In private life, it is also welcome at every family celebration: from a birthday to a special wedding anniversary.

Coffee liqueurs can be bought ready-made from many suppliers online as well as in retail stores: usually already nicely packaged with information in text and images about this drink. The gift is even more personal if the coffee liqueur comes from your own preparation. This present can be enhanced with photos of the makers, the recipe and a nice anecdote about the preparation.


The coffee liqueur combines a variety of flavors and enjoyment quality of alcohol and caffeine, supported by sugar, spices and fruits. It is a drink for every occasion and – prepared by yourself – a personal gift, whether for Christmas or a birthday.