Coffee Recipes for Spring: Delicious and Refreshing

Coffee Recipes for Spring: Delicious and Refreshing

The hot drink enriches drinks with and without alcohol

Coffee is much more than just a hot drink for breakfast or for everyday work. The variants for hot enjoyment are numerous, but the possibilities as a cold drink are just as diverse. Coffee recipes for spring are possible in many preparations. The black beans also enrich cool drinks. Caffeine is a real all-rounder: It likes to play the leading role, but also convinces as a supporting actor in mixed drinks with and without alcohol.

Sweet and chilled with nougat

Many connoisseurs like to combine drinking coffee with the consumption of sweets in every imaginable form. This also works in a chilled version, for example with nougat coffee. For four people you need: 100ml espresso – i.e. one cup per head, four tablespoons of nut nougat cream, 350ml cold milk, four scoops of ice cream – preferably with vanilla flavor, 100ml whipped cream and cocoa powder. For the preparation, use nut nougat cream, espresso, Ice cream and milk whisked together. This nougat coffee is then served in four glasses with the semi-stiff whipped cream on top as a topping. For the eye and to round off the taste, the icing is dusted with cocoa powder. A variant that is less creamy is possible with the same ingredients. All that is needed is to whisk the nougat cream, espresso and milk together. The vanilla ice cream is then added to the drink as a ball.

Coffee and alcohol: that fits

Why does the Café d’amour have this name? Maybe because everyone loves it once they get to know it. The basic ingredients for a serving are 100ml espresso and two centiliters of Cointreau – that’s about a shot glass. There are also two cinnamon sticks, some ground cinnamon, one to two teaspoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder. The ground cinnamon mixes with the cocoa powder in the espresso and dissolves in it. This combination is then transferred to a cup, the Cointreau is added and sugar as required. The cinnamon sticks are used to stir and then stay in the cup. The main ingredients caffeine and alcohol make this mixture an unusual pleasure.

Blueberry flavor for refinement

In the Cranberry Dream, the caffeine once again shows its variety of flavors in combination with other ingredients. A double espresso, 100g crushed ice and 50ml milk serve as the basis. Add 20g of grated milk chocolate, two tablespoons of honey and the cream to garnish. The ten ml cranberry syrup give this coffee cocktail a blueberry accent – because it contains the aroma of the cranberry, which belongs to the blueberry genus. For preparation, the cooled espresso is put in a blender together with the crushed ice, honey, milk, fruit syrup and chocolate shavings. It works until a homogeneous mass is formed. It is then filled into a large glass, with fresh berries and whipped cream as a garnish: a dream to drink.

Iced coffee greeting from Vietnam

After the winter months, spring comes into people’s lives colorful and varied. This corresponds to the variety of cocktails that are possible in conjunction with coffee. In Southeast Asia, a region with high temperatures and high humidity, people know how to freshen up: for example with an ice cream parlor in Vietnam. For two people, you need 400ml cold brew coffee, which means: Preparation begins twelve hours before it is consumed. This is how long the cold water and the coffee powder stand before it goes through the filter. The rest of the preparation only takes a few minutes. For other ingredients, there are: 150g coconut sugar, four cinnamon sticks, four cloves, ten cardamom pods and five black peppercorns. When the cold brew coffee is ready, the coconut sugar syrup is created first. To do this, put water, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, cardamom and pepper in a saucepan. The mixture stays simmering for five minutes after boiling, then cools down while stirring. The approximately 120ml syrup are then combined with the cold brew coffee and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shaken well, the iced coffee comes into the drinking glasses and is ready to be enjoyed.

Coffee suits every time of the day and season

Coffee is a drink that suits every hour of the day and every season. From breakfast coffee to espresso after dinner: drunk hot in autumn, enjoyed cold in spring. The caffeine unfolds its complex aroma in a hot, black solo pleasure – but also in combination with fruit and other ingredients as a cold drink with ice. The caffeine is just as impressive in combination with alcohol as it is as a non-alcoholic mixed drink. In addition to familiar mixtures, there is also the option of inventing something new for the preparation.

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Conclusion: Spring is coffee cocktail time

The months of cold drinks begin in spring. Coffee comes into play in many different mixes, just try it out!