Coffee Recommendations for the Office

Coffee Recommendations for the Office

Coffee recommendations for business customers

The employees come together over a cup of coffee in the office and exchange ideas. This creates a pleasant working atmosphere in which the employees feel comfortable and the performance is right. The question for managers now is which types of coffee they should choose so that all employees are guaranteed to be satisfied.

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Which coffee beans are recommended for the office?

The most diverse flavors come together in the office. Some love a strong aroma that can have a slightly bitter or even sour note. Other employees, on the other hand, prefer a rather mild and sweet coffee, which they like to refine with frothed milk, sugar or other ingredients. It is therefore not that easy to choose a coffee bean for the office that suits all coffee connoisseurs.

A popular coffee that has a convincing taste against this background is the Gorilla Bar Crema. This is perfect for espresso machines and fully automatic machines. In addition, its aroma is particularly harmonious thanks to its gentle roasting. Coffees from Lucaffé, which are particularly popular with espresso connoisseurs from all over the world, are also frequently chosen by discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Segafredo’s coffees are among the coffees that have built up an excellent reputation over the years for their quality and good taste. Coffees like the Intermezzo or the Selezione Crema from Segafredo have been used successfully in many companies for years. Of course, high quality coffee has its price. However, if you buy the beans in larger quantities, you often get discounts.

You should expect around 10 cents per cup of coffee, a kilogram of high-quality coffee is available from around 15 dollars. Coffee for capsule machines is significantly more expensive at around 40 cents per cup.

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The best coffee machines for the office

As diverse as the tastes of the employees are, so are their favorite drinks. Whether espresso latte macchiato or cappuccino , with a fully automatic coffee machine, employers can be sure that each employee will get their individual favorite drink.

High-quality fully automatic coffee machines that can be used flexibly are produced by manufacturers DeLonghi, Siemens, Saeco, Krups or Melitta, for example. Popular models include the EQ9 fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens, the Saeco Incanto fully automatic coffee machine and the Caffeo CI fully automatic coffee machine from Miele, all of which were able to convince in tests. In addition to its functionality, particular attention should be paid to the cleaning intensity when selecting the device. Automatic cleaning programs are now standard in many new models, which brings additional convenience in use.

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An expensive fully automatic coffee machine is not always the ideal solution. Especially with small teams, there are often enough large overlaps, so that a smaller machine, with which few coffee creations can be prepared, is an alternative. It is important that the coffee can be prepared quickly and at the push of a button. As a result, employees do not lose valuable time and no cleaning activities are necessary. For a high-quality fully automatic coffee machine you should invest at least 500 dollars. Larger machines, such as those found in many cafeterias, are of course significantly more expensive.

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Rent coffee machines

More and more companies are deciding not to buy their own fully automatic coffee machine, but rather to rent a suitable model. This has the advantage that there are no acquisition costs, which for larger devices often amount to several thousand dollars. Instead, however, monthly installments must be paid to the owner of the device as a loan fee and the coffee machine must be returned after the loan period has expired.

Another disadvantage is that damage beyond normal use can lead to a reduction in value during the rental period. In the end, the owner demands compensation for this. Companies that decide to buy a fully automatic coffee machine do not have this risk.

When they are purchased, however, they are often tied to the device for many years, while new models – with new functions and coffee creations – find their way into the company with leasing. As a cosmopolitan entrepreneur, you are always on trend and can provide your employees with the latest machines.

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Benefits for business customers

Business customers of TangyCoffee enjoy exclusive advantages and benefit from a large variety of coffees and the excellent quality of the products. A personal consultation provides an overview of the range and help in selecting the optimum coffee. Order processing is easy, delivery is free and business customers from abroad buy without sales tax if a valid sales tax ID is given.

If you are still undecided about the type of coffee, you are welcome to try different coffees and have a sample package sent to you. Business customers can also order bulk orders and arrange regular deliveries at fixed order intervals. Since TangyCoffee receives fresh deliveries from coffee roasters on a daily basis, business customers can enjoy a fresh coffee that is delivered to the customer within one to two days of placing the order.

Our summary

  • In a modern company, employees are spoiled with tasty coffee
  • So that everyone gets their favorite drink, a fully automatic coffee machine should be purchased
  • When choosing the beans, tried and tested alternatives should be used
  • in smaller teams, it can be worthwhile to ask the employees about their wishes

Managers who buy a coffee machine for their employees can be sure that they will pay back with increased motivation. If you also develop a good feeling for high-quality coffee, you can also ensure that the quality and taste are right. Ultimately, it does not matter whether a fully automatic coffee machine is purchased or a corresponding device is leased. It is only important that all employees can enjoy coffee to the full, which is why a universally popular product should be purchased when choosing coffee beans.