“Cold Brew” Is the Latest Coffee Trend!

“Cold Brew” Is the Latest Coffee Trend!

Much more than “cold coffee”

Making coffee from cold-brewed concentrate – should that be possible? Yes, it is, as an exciting, multi-faceted and, above all, refreshing alternative to conventionally hot-brewed coffee. So perfect for a hot summer day! We’ll show you how you can easily make your own cold brew coffee at home.

Focus on the “cold brew” coffee trend

With the “classic” coffee preparation with hot water, as many ingredients and aromas as possible are removed from the coffee beans in a short time. This process usually works more or less well and depends on many factors: the quality of the coffee machine, the coffee powder used, the boiling or hot water, and the quality and fine pores of the filter. The cold brew method, on the other hand, is characterized by the fact that not only around 90% of the aroma substances, but also, above all, 70% fewer bitter substances and acids are dissolved from the coffee grounds than in hot brewing. The result is a mild, low-acid coffee that still has a full-bodied aroma. Another side effect is that cold brewed coffee contains approx. 10% less caffeine.

What equipment do you need for preparation?

Manufacturers of coffee accessories have long since responded to the new trend and the American market in particular has brought countless devices onto the market for this purpose. These are a welcome option, but simple tools and budget are usually sufficient.

You need:

  • 1 liter of cold water
  • 200 grams of coffee from a good filter coffee roast
  • a pinch of salt
  • two glass or porcelain vessels; one for the coffee approach, the other for filtering
  • a spoon to stir
  • Cling film
  • Filter holder and filter paper
  • if necessary a fine sieve

How is such a “cold brew” prepared?

  1. First put freshly ground coffee powder ( buy cold brew coffee ) with a pinch of salt in the container and pour cold water over it.
  2. Stir the mixture well with a spoon and then close it, for example with cling film.
  3. Now let the coffee base stand for at least 12 hours at room temperature.
  4. After this resting time, filter the coffee deposits.
    Depending on the grind of the coffee and the filter bag used, this can take a little longer, so you should use a good filter bag with coarse aroma pores to speed up the filtering process. If, however, too many coarse particles clog the filter bag, you can pour the coffee mixture through a fine sieve beforehand to skim off all solid parts.
  5. The coffee concentrate is ready.

Special tip:
Always grind the coffee beans yourself with a coffee grinder shortly before preparing the coffee concentrate, so that full-bodied aromas are created. The ground coffee can also be ground a little more coarsely, like for a French press. Then add a small pinch of salt to the coffee powder, which helps to round off the coffee’s own aroma.

Storage and shelf life of the coffee concentrate

You can now store the ” Cold Brew ” concentrate in the refrigerator. Thanks to the antibacterial ingredients it contains, it lasts for a long time and can be consumed without hesitation even after four weeks if refrigerated. However, the concentrate should ideally be used up within two weeks, otherwise the aromas will increasingly evaporate and the full-bodiedness will be lost.

Read more about coffee storage here:

Coffee Aroma: Storage and Shelf Life

Enjoy the “cold brew” properly

What do you do with the concentrate? Since the flavors are very concentrated and intense and the consumption is not recommended for everyone, the “ Cold Brew ” concentrate is usually diluted. Depending on personal preference, two to three parts of water can be mixed with one part of concentrate to achieve a balanced taste. However, the ratio can be varied as desired, the following applies: Try it out!

In the “classic” variant, cold water is used, often with ice cubes. This preparation is ideal as a lively refreshment, especially on hot days.
As an alternative to the hot, steaming coffee that everyone knows, the concentrate that is produced can also simply be poured over with hot water. For excellent coffee enjoyment, the cup should best be preheated. The coffee produced tastes almost identical to conventional hot-brewed filter coffee, only not quite as sour and without a bitter aftertaste.

Diverse coffee specialties from “Cold Brew Coffee”

In addition to the simple infusion of hot or cold water, there are countless other ways in which you can process the “ cold brew ”. Cold brewed coffee is particularly suitable for an iced coffee – especially on hot summer days. To do this, you can simply pour boiled and cooled water into the concentrate, add vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – and a delicious iced coffee is ready! Some people like the iced coffee particularly strongly, then, as with an espresso, you put the ice in a glass with the “Cold Brew” concentrate and enjoy the strong, cool infusion pure. Mixing the concentrate with fruit juices, Tonic, various liqueurs and syrups or different types of milk are possible. It also works neat over ice cubes in a glass – this ensures a particularly intense, ice-cold coffee enjoyment.

There are no limits to your own creativity! And the editors of TangyCoffee have listed our most popular cold brew cocktails recipes for you!

Cold Brew Cocktails


Cold Brew Coffee is …

  • significantly more intense in taste than hot brewed coffee.
  • loaded with less acid and bitter substances.
  • full-bodied with an almost completely retained amount of caffeine.
  • Quick and easy to manufacture in stock.
  • hot and cold- also ideally suited for sundaes and iced coffee.

So why not try something new and unique with the “Cold Brew” concentrate. Especially now in summer, when it is so versatile and tasty to use!