Crema e Aroma from Lavazza Test

Crema e Aroma from Lavazza Test

The crema e aroma of Lavazza under the microscope

It’s difficult to find your own favorite coffee. That is why we have tested them for you and we want to provide you with all the important and helpful test results here. This time we present the Lavazza Crema e Aroma coffee. Of course, the factors aroma, bean quality, crema and taste are particularly important to us.

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The packaging

As always with our test reports, we want to start with the packaging today. For Crema e Aroma, it is usually cream-colored in light and dark tones, based on the name, and a white porcelain coffee cup filled with coffee, over which a handsome crema can be seen. We also find out, on the Lavazza roast scale from 1 to 10, that this is roast level 8, i.e. a rather strong roast.

We were able to get hold of a version with more content for our test. This is accordingly designed a little differently than the usual packaging. Let’s put it this way: it convinces with its more content, less with its appearance.

For our test, we used the 1000 g pack of whole beans, a mixture consisting of intense Robusta beans and fine Arabica beans. The Crema e Aroma variety is only available in the variant with whole beans.

The scent when you open it

When the pack is opened, a strong aroma unfolds that promises a full-bodied taste with a balanced structure. With this variety, however, the flavor profile specified by the manufacturer cannot be identified in detail straight away. We want to see which of the advertised aromas can develop during the brewing process.

The beans

As already mentioned, it is a coffee blend consisting of Arabica and Robusta beans, whereby the Robusta beans are responsible for the strong flavor recipe and a long-lasting, intense crema. The beans come from selected growing areas in Africa and Central and South America. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s information is not more specific.

You can already visually distinguish the Robustas from the Arabica beans. Because Robusta beans are smaller and more rounded. They have an almost straight incision on the flatter side. Arabicas, on the other hand, are flatter and larger overall. They have a much more oval shape, with the notch on the flat side showing a gentle S-shape. But now we want to start preparing!

The crema

The first thing you, as a coffee lover, will see after it has been made (and not only with this variety) when serving, is known to be the crema. In terms of consistency, this crema lives up to its name. It is really very creamy. A good balance of the bean mixture must be responsible for this balanced consistency, as we achieved similarly good results with different preparation methods and variants. A beautiful sight! In terms of color, however, the crema was a bit pale, as can also be seen in the pictures. Here we prefer the golden brown ideal. But let’s now turn to the crucial aspect, the taste experience of Crema e Aroma.

The taste

The manufacturer describes this spectrum as follows:

  • Fruity and floral
  • Chocolate (according to Lavazza , this flavor is the main focus)
  • Dried fruits
  • Spices
  • Wood and tobacco
  • caramel
  • Malt and honey
  • biscuit

We also tasted this variety several times, but without being able to discover the stated variety of flavors. Hints of caramel, biscuit and honey as well as a chocolate-tasting finish were predominant. In addition, the acid content of the Lavazza Crema e Aroma is very low due to the medium roast level. All in all, we were delighted with the strong overall aroma and the wonderful, long-lasting, almost creamy crema.

As far as the price-performance ratio is concerned, Crema e Aroma is certainly not one of the cheap coffee varieties, but it is also not in the top price segment. Another very well-tested coffee from Lavazza is the Espresso Cremoso, which impresses with its intense aroma and also very firm crema.

which coffee machines can be used to achieve good results?

This coffee is particularly suitable for use in fully automatic coffee machines with an integrated grinder. But Crema e Aroma also tastes delicious in all other devices used to make coffee and retains its above-mentioned taste nuances and the attractive crema. We found it surprisingly tasty, for example, prepared with the classic filter machine. If the crema is important to you, you will of course not get your money’s worth here. From a purely aromatic point of view, however, we can express our praise. We liked that very much.

What types of coffee is Crema e Aroma suitable for preparing

We were able to quickly find out which type of coffee this variety is particularly suitable for: Clear winners were latte macchiato and cappuccino. All coffee-milk specialties convinced us in full, because not only does the fine, velvety-light crema come into its own here, but also the full-bodied taste and the balanced structure can, in our opinion, develop best in this combination. Crema e Aroma is of course also pure as an espresso and suitable as a breakfast coffee, but in our personal opinion it tastes best in combination with milk. In our test, we almost had the impression that a different designation, which more clearly refers to the suitability for milk combinations, would be more suitable.


We advise you to always store Crema e Aroma just like other fresh coffees in a cool and dry place. To preserve the aromas, leave the coffee in the opened pack and also fill it in a container with an airtight seal, which you store in the refrigerator. For perfect taste development, it is best to grind the beans immediately before preparation.


Crema e Aroma : A quality coffee that “conjures up” delicious milk and coffee specialties!

With its full-bodied taste, the harmonious structure, the chocolate finish and the long-lasting crema, it is a really round taste experience, especially in the form of latte macchiato and as a cappuccino . You choose an appetizing coffee with medium caffeine content.
You can prepare Crema e Aroma with all common devices, but the variety achieves optimal results especially in fully automatic coffee machines and is suitable both as an espresso and as a breakfast coffee. If you are looking for an Italian coffee for your latte macchiato, without wanting to reach the top quality and price ranks, you will get a great product with Crema e Aroma.

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