Coffee At The Push Of A Button – Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee At The Push Of A Button – Electric Coffee Grinder

This is how the perfect ground coffee is made

You operate an electric coffee grinder at the push of a button, in contrast to a hand coffee grinder. Simply fill in the beans, press the button, and the grinder grinds. And that without effort and in no time at all, because the electric coffee grinder replaces manual labor with technology – this is the advantage in contrast to the often laborious grinding with the manual grinder. Of course, the producers also quickly recognized this convenient way of producing coffee grounds and offer a large variety of electric models. But there are big differences in terms of technology, quality and appearance.

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The electric coffee grinder as an alternative to the hand coffee grinder

Even if the grinding of coffee with the hand coffee grinder certainly arouses nostalgic feelings in one or the other of you and maybe even memories of grandma’s times, it cannot be overlooked that electric coffee grinders are enjoying increasing popularity. Regardless of whether it is a ceramic disc grinder or a cone-shaped grinder made of stainless steel – we will give you an overview of the various techniques and models with which your coffee tastes particularly full-bodied.

What do you have to look out for in an electric coffee grinder?

Nothing beats freshly ground coffee. Just the wonderful smell that unfolds when the coffee beans are ground is worth jumping out of bed in the morning and turning on the coffee grinder. Good electric coffee grinders should meet two criteria:

  • The coffee beans ground without heating them and
  • produce evenly sized coffee bean particles.

The motor and the grinder must not produce too much heat. If the beans are heated too much during grinding, this will affect the coffee oils. The result is that the coffee tastes bitter to burnt. Even if each coffee bean is naturally shaped differently, it is nevertheless advantageous if electric coffee grinders grind the beans as homogeneously as possible in order to ensure uniform extraction. If the grist is broken up unevenly, this also affects the extraction, so that the coffee has a slightly bitter taste.

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Electric coffee grinders with hammer grinder

Such models were quite common in the 1980s and 1990s. This grinder works by crushing the coffee beans through rotating, spinning knife-like constructions. Electric coffee grinders with such a grinder are therefore not particularly suitable, since the beans are ground very unbalanced. The result is uneven extraction. The grist is also heated too much here, which has negative effects on the coffee oils and the drink tastes bitter and unpleasant.

Electric coffee grinders equipped with a disc grinder

Such mills are currently used most frequently. The beans are ground in a concave shape between two grinding disks lying on top of one another. One of the two discs is driven by a motor, while the other disc remains fixed. On the inside, the distance between the panes is a little larger than on the outside. The coffee beans get between the discs from the inside, are broken up here and then pushed outwards due to the centrifugal force.

Since the slices are closer together on the outside, the beans are ground finer and finer. If the freeness want to change, you can modify the distance between the panes. The grinding discs are usually made of ceramic or steel and, provided the coffee grinder is good, have a very long shelf life.

Electric coffee grinders, equipped with a conical grinder

In electric coffee grinders with a conical grinder, such as the Baratza Sette 270W, the beans are crushed between the inner cone and the outer wall, with the distance between the cone and the wall becoming smaller and smaller. This grinds the beans finer and finer. You can change the degree of grinding by adjusting the distance between the cone and the wall. The difference between a mill with a disc grinder is that the grist is not carried to the side, but falls down into a collecting container. Therefore, the speed of a grinder with a conical grinder is also lower, so that the coffee is ground in a particularly gentle way.

Experts equally recommend electric coffee grinders with a conical grinder or a disc grinder. However, experts advise against buying a mill with a hammer grinder.

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What else should you look out for when buying?

Basically, the planned use of the electric coffee grinder determines your choice. For example, if you use a portafilter machine or want to prepare Turkish mocha , it is advisable to choose a model that can grind the beans very finely. In such a mill, the grinding disks must lie particularly close to one another. When you decide on the “right” electric coffee grinder, it depends on its use. For the combination with a portafilter, the choice of a higher quality grinder is recommended. If you prefer to use a hand filter or French press, a cheaper model may also be a possible alternative.

Electric coffee grinders: test results and prices

The ” Gastroback 42639 Design Advanced Pro ” model achieved a particularly good result. The grinder has a capacity of 450 g, you can set the grinding degree within 25 levels and it is equipped with a conical grinder. However, at around USD 250.00, it also has a steep price. Perhaps the ” Melitta Molino “, with a likewise good test result, is sufficient for your wishes with a capacity of 200 g and with 17 grind settings. With a purchase price of around 50.00 dollars, there is of course a considerable difference to the first-mentioned mill. The product “ Rommelsbacher EKM 300” With a high-quality conical grinder made of stainless steel, adjustable in 12 stages and equipped with a removable powder and bean container. You pay around 100.00 dollars for this mill.

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The subject of “electric coffee grinders” is a broad field. Which product you choose from the diverse range depends entirely on your wishes and requirements. In any case, a coffee grinder with a hammer grinder is not recommended.
You can choose between an electric coffee grinder with:

  • Disc grinder
  • Conical grinder
  • It should grind the coffee beans without heating them
  • The electric coffee grinder should produce evenly ground grist