Excelsa Coffee – a rare type of coffee

Excelsa Coffee – a rare type of coffee

Extremely rare, extremely robust, the taste takes getting used to

This variant is one of the rarest types of coffee in the world. The Excelsa coffee is considered a rarity because it is grown almost exclusively in the West African country of Chad. It was only discovered in 1904.

The special features of Excelsa

Excelsa only accounts for about 1 percent of the world market share. Due to the climatic conditions in Chad, where the coffee plant is mainly grown, Excelsa is extremely rare and very expensive. Therefore it is not particularly interesting for the coffee industry, which explains the low percentage on the world market.

The coffee plant belongs to the Liberica family of coffee plants, which is also similar in growth and leaf shape, with the size of the beans roughly corresponding to that of Robusta coffee. Despite the very dry soil, it shows strong growth, as the roots grow deep into the ground. The plant does not need a lot of water, which is of course beneficial for the coffee farmer.

It also thrives in places where there is little or no rainfall. Of all the bean types, despite the barren conditions, it has the sturdiest growth, making it one of the largest coffee plants in the world. It is also interesting in this context that the widespread Arabica bean is cultivated without pollination, which of course makes it very easy to grow which unsimilar to Excela plant. It is a long ripening period often from 12 to 14 months. The often barren soil conditions are responsible for the fact that not many coffee beans grow on the up to 10 meter high plants. The plant is roughly the size of the Liberica variety. They are characterized by their reddish to purple-colored leaves that turn green over time.

It is mainly grown in the region around Lake Chad. Here it is one of the main sources of income in the country. Other places of cultivation are Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Central African Republic, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Because of its rarity and strong aroma, Excelsa is considered a rarity on the one hand, but takes some getting used to in terms of its strong, earthy taste on the other.

More details about the taste of the Excelsa coffee

Due to its predominant taste, Excelsa is mostly mixed with other varieties. This type of coffee is not only very rare, but also fairly unknown. Connoisseurs consider it a proven delicacy. This is of course also noticeable in the high price.

The taste, strong and aromatic, is extremely pronounced. Whether the coffee drinker likes it is of course a matter of opinion. Unlike Robusta and Arabica coffee, the strong aroma can not necessarily be reduced, unless Excelsa is extremely diluted. This is why some coffee lovers find this type of coffee to be particularly strict and therefore take some getting used to. It should be noted that the type of coffee will remain a very rare thing from today’s perspective.

Where can you buy Excelsa?

You can find Excelsa on the shelves of special coffee shops, because you can also buy the variety in Europe and America. However, the demand is very low. For this reason, Excelsa does not compete with the Robusta and Arabica coffees.


Excelsa is one of the rarest types of coffee in the world. The variety is particularly expensive and can only be bought in specialist shops.

  • The coffee plant was only discovered in Chad in 1904
  • It belongs to the Liberica family
  • With a ripening time of 12 to 14 months, it becomes 10 meters high and has the stoutest habit of all bean plants
  • Excelsa has a pronounced, strong, earthy, aromatic taste, which some coffee lovers need to get used to