Graef Coffee Grinder Cm 800 In The Test: A Lot For A Grinder With Little Money!

Graef Coffee Grinder Cm 800 In The Test: A Lot For A Grinder With Little Money!

The Graef CM 800 coffee grinder is an electric entry-level grinder with a conical grinder. In the price segment of coffee and espresso grinders under € 150, it is one of the top recommendations. You can use the grinder to grind coffee beans for filter coffee or French press as well as espresso beans for espresso. It can therefore be used flexibly. We put the price-performance wonder and all-round talent through its paces in our test.

What we love about the Graef CM 800

It is solidly built and produces a homogeneous grist. We particularly like the portafilter holder and the automatic grinding function for portafilter. That is exceptional in this price range.

In our opinion, the Graef CM 800 coffee grinder offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. You get a lot for a grinder with little money!

We can also assume that the mill has a long service life. We have been using it regularly for over five years – so far without any problems. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of the Graef CM 800 listed.


 good price-performance ratio
 versatile (espresso & filter coffee)
 relatively homogeneous grist for filter coffee
 automatic grinding function for the portafilter
 low-speed conical grinder made of stainless steel
 40 different adjustable grinding degrees
 self-closing bean container
 easy operation


 no stepless grinding degree setting
 a relatively large amount of ground coffee remains in the dead space
 thorough cleaning is a bit cumbersome
 Grist not ideal for espresso
 Replacement grinder is relatively expensive

The grinder of the Graef CM 800

The conical grinder built into the Graef CM 800 is made of high-quality stainless steel. During the grinding process, speed of approx. 800 – 900 revolutions per minute is achieved. This grinds the coffee particularly gently. The CM 800 generates little heat during the grinding process to reduce the loss of aroma in the coffee.

How does coffee taste with grist from the CM 800?

To ensure a balanced coffee taste, the coffee beans must be ground as homogeneously as possible before brewing. By homogeneous we mean that the grinding process creates as many coffee particles as possible that are the same size. This is the only way that each coffee particle can give off the same amount of aroma, which ensures a uniform, balanced taste in the cup. The Graef CM 800 can produce a reasonably homogeneous regrind. The coffee (as filter coffee) tastes quite harmonious, balanced, and aromatic.

With espresso, on the other hand, it becomes apparent that the grinder, unfortunately, has some weaknesses – this is where the differences compared to more expensive grinders such as the Quamar M80 E become apparent.

The espresso with grist from the Graef CM800 does not taste so balanced and round, because too many coffee particles are created that are not the same size: Too many fine coffee dust particles cause a bitter taste, while larger coffee particles in the grist are responsible for a sour taste are. In combination, this does not make a harmonious drink. If you only want to drink pure espresso without any added sugar and / or milk, the Graef CM800 may not be the best choice.

For which coffee preparation method is the Graef CM 800 suitable?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to prepare your coffee in the French Press or as an espresso with an espresso machine with portafilter: The Graef coffee grinder with its 40 different adjustable degrees of grinding provides a perfectly acceptable result for every coffee preparation method. The CM 800 is, therefore, a real all-round talent.

Grinding degree Graef CM 800

The following applies to the grinding degree setting for the Graef CM 800:

– Select a very fine grind setting for espresso 

– Select a fine to medium grind setting for Aero Press
– Select a medium grind setting for filter coffee
– Select a coarse grind setting for French press
– Select a very coarse grind setting for Karlsbader Kanne

These basic settings for the grinding degree also apply to any other coffee grinder.

Our experience is that the grinding degree for the preparation as an espresso with a portafilter is sometimes not fine enough for some espresso beans. In this case, you have to readjust a little with the CM 800 by using the fine adjustment of the upper grinder. It works like this:

1. Remove the upper grinder.
2. Remove the small screws with a screwdriver.
3. Now turn the grinder one place to the right (coarser) or left (finer).
4. First adjust the grinder a maximum of 2 – 3 places to the right or left.
5. Tighten the screws again.
6. Reinstall the grinder.

Design of the Graef CM 800

The design of the coffee grinder is simple and tidy. With its silver lacquered die-cast aluminum housing, it looks good in every household.

Overall, the mill looks solid and of high quality. Rubber studs are attached to the bottom of the CM 800. A firm stand is thus guaranteed during the grinding process of the coffee beans.


The operation of the CM 800 is very easy. There is a switch on the side of the grinder that puts the grinder in three states:

OFF mode: The grinder is switched off and can be cleaned

The ON mode activates the continuous grinding function.

The AUTO mode: This activates the practical automatic portafilter. If this is active, you can press the portafilter against the contact switch on the portafilter holder to start the grinding process. When the portafilter is full, you can deactivate the function by simply pulling back the portafilter. The CM 800 only grinds then and only for as long as the contact switch on the portafilter holder is operated. A successful construction. Grind on demand is unbeatable for this price!

Well-thought-out design: The contact switch on the portafilter holder that starts the grinding process.

Operating instructions for the CM 800

If you want to take a look at the operating instructions or have misplaced the instructions for your Graef CM 800, you will find a link to the instructions here:
 Open operating instructions Graef CM 800 as PDF

Cleaning the Graef coffee grinder CM 800

Old coffee grounds left in the grinder can negatively affect the taste of the coffee. Therefore, you should clean the grinder of the grinder regularly. Basically, in our opinion, you can best do this with a special cleaner in the pellet form. We use the Urnex Grindz mill cleaner to clean the Graef CM 800, which contains natural products such as grains, cereals, and harmless binding agents. The pellets are odorless and tasteless and therefore do not affect the taste of your coffee.

For the cleaning process, you have to fill a cap of cleaning beans into the empty grinder and then grind them on a medium grind. This binds old coffee grounds and deposits of coffee oils. For the final grinder cleaning, you should then grind a handful of real beans to remove all residues of the cleaner from the coffee grinder.

After prolonged use, ground coffee residues are deposited in the dead space of the grinder, which can negatively affect the taste. This area of ​​the Graef CM 800 cannot be cleaned with the cleaning granulate. You have to lend a hand, which may seem a bit cumbersome to one or the other. You will need a screwdriver to unscrew the plastic cover that is attached over the dead space of the coffee grinder.

If something is defective in the grinder or the grinder is dull, you can easily order spare parts for the Graef CM 800. Here you will find a list of the most common spare parts that you can order from Graef’s online shop.

 Upper grinder for the CM 800
 Conical grinder below
 Replacement coffee bean container 350g
 Rubber mat for inserting into the stand
 Portafilter holder Ø approx. 6 cm
 Portafilter holder Ø approx. 7 cm
 Ground coffee container with dust cover

scope of delivery

The following parts are included with the purchase of the CM 800:

 Coffee grinder Graef CM 800
 Ground coffee container with dust cover
 lockable coffee bean container (capacity 350g)
 Portafilter holder small (Ø 6cm) and large (Ø 7cm)
 Cleaning brush
 removable and washable rubber storage mat

General product data and performance values

 Grinding capacity Grinding degree for espresso: approx. 1.4 g / sec
 Grinding capacity for filter coffee: approx. 2.3 g / sec
 Grinding capacity for French press: approx. 3.0 g / sec
 Volume grinding process: approx. 89 dB
 Dimensions: 230 mm x 135 mm x 397 mm (L x W x H)
 Weight: 2.63 kg
 Housing material: aluminum
 Motor power: 128 watts
 Power connection: 230 V
 Frequency: 50 Hertz
 Grinder: conical grinder made of stainless steel

Our conclusion

We can recommend the purchase of the Graef CM 800 without reservation. It doesn’t matter whether you want to grind beans for the preparation of espresso or filter coffee with the electric coffee grinder: The CM 800 can do both – filter coffee, on the other hand, is significantly better than espresso. Nevertheless, in our opinion, the Graef CM800 is a good investment for beginners who are looking for a compact coffee and espresso grinder for home use for less than 150 €.