How Portafilter Machines Work

How Portafilter Machines Work

For a strong aromatic pleasure

The preparation of espresso with the portafilter machine is the classic variant of espresso preparation. The portafilter combines strong coffee enjoyment with tasty preparation using steam. Portafilter machines are available in different versions and they are generally considered to be the ultimate in coffee preparation. But which different models are in use and what are the characteristics of the process of these machines? Why is it precisely these machines that enjoy an excellent reputation among coffee experts around the world?

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Coffee preparation perfected down to the last detail

Portafilter machines prepare coffee using steam. With automatic machines, the water shoots through the portafilter with ground coffee at high pressure at approx. 90 ° C. The water takes on a strong coffee aroma, but only a few bitter substances are released from the ground coffee, which contributes to a round aroma. With a professional portafilter machine you can check all the important requirements for a perfect espresso because you can keep the amount of coffee powder as well as the grinding degree of the coffee powder and the right pressure when portioning perfectly under control.

Models and preparation methods for portafilter machines

There are basically two different models of portafilter machines. Basically, it can be said that preparation using the steam process ensures a tasty and strong espresso. The water is heated accordingly in the kettle and passes through the sieve at the right temperature. If this is set precisely – i.e. not too hot – the full aroma, but only a few bitter substances, is released from the ground coffee. That is exactly the combination that experienced coffee connoisseurs want.

On the one hand there are single-circuit machines with a simple sieve and on the other side two-circuit machines. Single-circuit machines only have one water circuit. This is used to extract both the coffee and any steam that may be required (for frothing the milk). This makes single-circuit machines particularly compact on the one hand, but on the other hand, in practice, may be a little slower than the more expensive two-circuit machines.

While a temperature of around 90 ° C is recommended for coffee extraction, an increase in temperature to around 120 ° C or more is necessary for the steam, which is always associated with a little time with the single-circle machine. However, if you only want pure espresso, you do not have to adjust the temperature and can get along well with a single circle.

In contrast, dual-circuit machines have – unsurprisingly – two independent water circuits. In this way, the desired temperatures can be achieved at the same time for the various needs (steam and coffee extraction). This of course speeds up preparation, but also means higher acquisition costs.

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Dual boilers ensure that the right heat level is set precisely

There are also espresso machines with dual boilers. This means that the machine has two separate boilers for heating up. The coffee is prepared using one of the two boilers. Steam and hot water are drawn from the second. This enables quick and very targeted heating, because you can precisely regulate the desired heat with these models and it comes about without spending a lot of time or excessive volume. Professional baristas, therefore, usually use systems with dual boilers. A model with a dual boiler also prevents the problem of possible overheating. By separating the two heating kettles, you can regulate the temperature precisely without overheating.

Portafilter machines are available with differently developed automatic systems

The portafilter machine principle can be purchased with variously complex equipment. A professional portafilter machine grinds the coffee grounds fresh from the beans and in exactly the right grain size. You then heat the water to 90 degrees in a kettle. In this way, the coffee succeeds with a strong aroma with few bitter substances. The brewing process is then carried out in different ways by the various models. Some models operate here with a lever that has to be operated. With other machines, the preparation runs automatically from start to finish.

However, in order to ensure that the individual steps are properly coordinated with one another and are each carried out perfectly, an introduction to the operation of a professional portafilter machine is usually useful. However, if you get involved in the process, you will also have fun with these machines. The machines can accompany you in an important everyday ritual and prepare perfect coffee. The machines are also suitable as a gift for a special occasion. Portafilter machines are in use in America and Europe and their sales figures have increased massively.

Perfect preparation in front of the guests

Such machines are common in cafés and restaurants. It is mostly served by staff who have been specifically trained, often so-called baristas. With the development of a special coffee culture in the last few decades, many consumers have also bought a portafilter machine for their own four walls. The machines are already available in a simpler version at affordable prices. However, if you want to afford a particularly good machine, you can also spend sums in the four-digit range .

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Summary: portafilter machine

It is no wonder that coffee experts and connoisseurs who have a special understanding of this profession turn to these machines today. Portafilter machines guarantee very special coffee enjoyment. And anyone who is familiar with coffee knows what these models and different designs are like. In our shop you will find a selection of high quality portafilter machines. From professional portafilter machines from La Marzocco to high-quality portafilter from Sage – there is something for every taste.