Illy Grani Beans DARK ROAST Review

Illy Grani Beans DARK ROAST Review

Today we want to test a variety from “illycaffè”, as the company is called in its correct name. Mostly, however, it is called “illy” for short, after the founder Francesco Illy, who founded it in Trieste in 1933. The company, with activities on all five continents, is now in the third generation. The special commitment in the field of coffee is demonstrated, among other things, by the establishment of the “Università del caffè”, the coffee university. In the following, you will find the results of our Illy dark roast test.

The packaging

We found the packaging, in a mainly silver-colored coffee box, to be extremely practical. However, what we did not notice as particularly positive on the top of the lid was the information that was not printed in German or Spanish, but only in English, Italian and French, stating that the product was “packaged in a protective atmosphere”. This may also be due to the international nature of this product, such a note should also be printed in the national language of the country in which it is sold. Some will dismiss such a reference as “petty”, but we think it is worth mentioning. Not every consumer in Spain or Germany speaks various foreign languages! This multilingualism also applies to all other information. Except on the back, there are explanations in German under the item “Roasted Coffee Beans”.

On the front of the can, we learned that it was 100% Arabica beans. The design is generally almost purist and is limited to the essentials, for example without a cup filled with coffee, with the underside providing information about the shelf life by means of an imprint.
We bought 250g of whole beans at a price of about 12 dollars.

The scent when you open it

The strong roasting is immediately upon opening the coffee bush, because the scent is very intense, strong and pronounced. In principle, at this point in our test, we do not want to withhold the basic information that this variety is really only for coffee lovers, who like it particularly strong and whose favorite drink is espresso! If you prefer a less hearty coffee, you will not particularly like this variety.

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The beans

A distinctive “ Arabica bean image” awaited us, harmonious and clean, without any disturbing things that do not belong in the beans. With some varieties, you can find a kind of tiny “twigs” or something similar. Here, however, the beans formed a balanced whole.

The crema

Well, why should we excite you with lengthy explanations? In fact, we found the crema in our Illy dark roast test to be long-lasting, almost creamy-creamy with a beautiful, velvety-brown color and pleasantly robust. Our unanimous judgment: This is how a crema must be in order to meet the highest standards!

The taste

We first prepared Illy Grani Beans DARK ROASTED in a fully automatic coffee machine of the “Jura” brand with a grind of 4 and we found what we found to be very aromatic results. We started making espresso: strong yet superbly balanced. Overall, it tasted very round and dark, with an impeccable body and a long-lasting and elegant finish. Despite its pronounced strong taste, none of the preparations in our Illy dark roast test showed a bitter note. Even the “normal” cup. We found coffee very delicious, and with latte macchiato and cappuccino, the pronounced body came into its own “despite the addition of milk”. If you choose this variety, you are purchasing a product that scores with a lot of characteristic, distinctive aroma and that, in our opinion, has a healthy price-performance ratio.

Which coffee specialties can you prepare with Illy Grani Beans DARK ROASTED?

Provided you love strong, full-bodied taste, you will really succeed in all coffee delicacies. Particularly noteworthy at this point is of course espresso, which delighted us not only with its wonderful crema, but also with a wonderfully strong and therefore particularly lasting aroma. But all variations with milk as well as the “normal” cup of coffee are extremely tasty.

Can you get good results with this coffee in all devices?

With the right equipment, such as a good coffee grinder, you can create a wide variety of coffee varieties. Regardless of whether you decide to prepare coffee with the help of a filter, a portafilter machine, the mocha pot or to make it in a fully automatic coffee machine: you will always be able to enjoy an aromatic, strong coffee .


As usual, a dark and cool storage is recommended, whereby the 250 g should be used within 15 days AFTER opening.


Illy Grani Beans DARK ROASTED is a variety for all coffee fans who prefer a particularly pronounced and intense taste and who are above all lovers of regular espresso enjoyment.
However, if you prefer a mild, gentle aroma, then not so strongly roasted bean coffees are more likely to be recommended. We found Illy Grani Beans DARK ROASTED to be extremely tasty, especially because of the full-bodied and strong taste of all of the prepared coffee specialties!

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