Inspirational coffee gifts

Inspirational coffee gifts

The perfect gifts for avid coffee fans

Are Christmas or birthday parties the ideal times for you to make others happy with a special coffee present and to say “thank you” lovingly? Nothing easier than that, because coffee gifts are ideal for this and they are always right for friends of black gold.

The questions often come weeks before the big party: What am I giving my loved ones for Christmas or a birthday this year? Where should I get the time to get all the presents from? All worries that don’t have to be.

Giving should be an act of joy in which the sensation is expressed. The right present can only be found in peace and quiet. With a coffee present, you will hit a nerve with many people.

Do you still need the right gift idea? We will help you! In our shop you will find everything your heart desires. There is definitely something for everyone.

Only the best for espresso friends

Coffee gifts for loved ones can be a bit exclusive and should also have an individual touch. 

For friends of cappuccino and all the many delicious coffee compositions that need a noble espresso as a basis, our Pellini coffee is a particularly excellent coffee gift. Pellini coffee is characterized by its chocolaty note and its aroma asserts itself excellently against the necessary milk addition. Harmonious and balanced in taste, plus a silky crema. With Pellini, you can be sure that you will be able to give the highest coffee pleasure.

If you are looking for coffee gifts with unique sensory experiences, then Hausbrandt offers a very special journey with its exquisite beans. This coffee is not drunk, it is tasted. First with the eyes, because each crema forms an exclusive drawing. Then there is a harmonious interplay of happy sensations on the tongue and palate and at the same time Hausbrandt takes the coffee connoisseur into a world of smells and aromas.

Gift certificates

The TangyCoffee gift voucher is ideal for giving away for any occasion. Tastes are different – for this reason this voucher is the perfect choice to make the recipient a real pleasure. So he / she can decide for himself what is needed for the perfect personal coffee enjoyment. Whether coffee , espresso or accessories – the voucher can be easily used online for the entire TangyCoffee range and can be combined with any payment method when redeemed.

Noble mixtures for hand infusion

The preparation of filter coffee is socially acceptable again and is enjoying a completely new appreciation. If you are looking for a coffee gift for lovers of freshly brewed hand infusion, we would be happy to take you into the world of fine beans. Balanced bean mixes ensure extraordinary flavors. Whether sweet nuances with a hint of clove, as offered by our finest variety of 100% organic arabica beans from Honduras, or the particularly fruity aroma with a note of dark chocolate in our Café Creme von Schwarzwild. The variety of flavors in our filter coffees is unsurpassed.

With all types of coffee from the range of hand-infused blends, you can choose the grinding degree of the selected coffee yourself. This is how you give the perfectly ground coffee for the respective preparation method.

Sample packages as special coffee gifts

We have put together very special trial packages for you to make your coffee gifts a world tour of enjoyment. You can test coffee from our best roasters in a set. Whether Hausbrandt or Gorilla coffee, we have always made the best selection.

For fans of the large fully automatic coffee machines, choose a trial package that is especially suitable for different coffee machines.

Coffee gifts: Noble equipment for coffee lovers

Coffee lovers not only enjoy a fine cup of coffee or espresso, they also enjoy the many coffee utensils. Whether traditional or rather unusual, you always give with pleasure.

If you would like to give away a very special coffee accessory for Christmas – how about a Hario Coffee Siphon for the discerning coffee connoisseur? With this coffee maker, which is available in different versions, you can prepare coffee in the most exciting way, making coffee an experience.

Our Chemex coffee carafes are also elegant and stylish. With this coffee maker, filter coffee can be made particularly aromatic and easy. The outstanding design is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher on every coffee table.

The milk jug is indispensable for every espresso milk drink in which the milk foam becomes a coffee experience. Thanks to the pointed spout, the milk stream can be poured precisely under the crema. An indispensable gift for cappuccino lovers.

The right cup as a coffee gift

If you give away fine beans for Christmas, then a matching cup should not be missing. Every coffee lover is happy when he can drink the espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato from a special cup or a stylish glass. So you can order exactly the right cup for the selected coffee bean. Such additions turn the coffee drinker into a coffee connoisseur.

Informative coffee books for the inquisitive

There is a lot more to know and learn about coffee than you think. A coffee book is of course the perfect gift for anyone who is or wants to become an expert in this field. We have a selection of the best-known and best coffee books that are informative and interesting for everyone. Anette Moldvaer’s coffee book, for example, contains all the important information on the subject of growing regions and barista knowledge. And the “coffee book for beginners, professionals and freaks” by Johanna Wechselberger leaves nothing to be desired by coffee lovers. Not only the information contained therein is valuable, but also the beautiful, high-quality pictures by Michael Himml. A must for all bookworms and photography enthusiasts!

Beginners in matters of coffee

You can also put together a perfect beginner’s basket for coffee beginners . Find a trial package for explorers, for example the test winner trial package. You can also choose a French press, a cup or a coffee glass and fill everything in with little treats. This is what joy looks like.

Give joy with coffee in Advent

Girlfriends give it to each other, mothers give it to their daughters and daughters-in-law, and grandparents get it again. It’s up to date like never before – the advent calendar. And for coffee lovers, 24 wonderful gifts can be put together. Choose from different types of coffee weighing just 250 grams, for example our organic coffee or Fairtrade sample package, plus an espresso cup and a cappuccino cup, a packet of fine cane sugar from Mauritius and a milk jug for fine milk foam. As a treat, you can pack home-made coffee pralines or small gingerbread cookies, and if a little alcohol is allowed, you can simmer a fine coffee liqueur. Everything lovingly packaged and provided with a series of numbers from 1 to 24, even Advent becomes a celebration of joy.

Recipe for the finest coffee liqueur:

Coffee liqueurs are homemade and very popular as gifts. For this you need:

  • 350 grams of powdered sugar (normal sugar can also be used)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 400 ml espresso
  • 300 ml alcohol (alcohol from the pharmacy). Whiskey or a raspberry spirit can also be used, depending on your taste.

Bring the sugar to the boil in 250 ml of water and reduce to a syrupy level for about 8-10 minutes. Add the pulp of the vanilla pod and the espresso and allow to cool. Then stir in the alcohol and fill everything into small liqueur bottles and label them lovingly.

We hope that our ideas for coffee gifts could help you, so that you are optimally prepared for the next birthday or Christmas.