Irish Coffee – Delicious Coffee With a Shot

Irish Coffee – Delicious Coffee With a Shot

Origin and preparation of Irish coffee:

Irish coffee is a coffee specialty that originated in Ireland and is often served in bars and restaurants. Since the popular drink contains alcohol, it can sometimes be found on cocktail menus. Irish coffee is so versatile that it has long been popular not only with coffee connoisseurs. Due to its mild taste, it is also popular with many tea drinkers.

Irish Coffee was born

Irish Coffee, as the name suggests, comes from Ireland and was invented by Joe Sheridan in the 1940s. Joe Sheridan was then the head of a restaurant that was located at Foynes Airport. It is said that several American travelers were stranded at Foynes Airport on a cold winter evening because their plane was unable to take off for the United States due to poor weather conditions. Joe Sheridan served the soaked and frozen Americans a coffee with a dash of whiskey and a whipped cream to warm them up. When one of the Americans wondered if the host was offering them Brazilian coffee, the Irishman replied somewhat surly that it was not Brazilian coffee but of course Irish coffee. Since the guests valued the drink very much, the restaurant offered it as an Irish coffee from then on.

However , this coffee only celebrated its international breakthrough in the early 1950s, when an American travel journalist discovered and appreciated the drink on a trip to Ireland. Without further ado, he brought it to America and told a good friend, a bar owner from San Francisco, about it. Both tried to imitate the drink popular in Ireland, which according to tradition brought some headaches with it. After a while, however, they managed to imitate the authentic taste of the coffee so that at the end of 1952, the first Irish coffee was served in the USA. Within a short time, the drink began its triumphal march in the United States and became a cult drink that is still often ordered in bars and restaurants today.

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Ingredients and preparation of a real Irish coffee

The original contains only four ingredients: Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream. First, a very strong filter coffee is prepared and set aside. Now 4 cl of Irish whiskey are heated with a teaspoon of sugar. When it comes to whiskey, you should choose a mild whiskey that has a less pronounced smoky note (Clontarf Single Malt or Tullamore Dew are ideal). It is important that the sugar dissolves in the whiskey, but the whiskey does not start to boil. This way, the alcohol remains in the drink, which is what is desired.

As soon as the whiskey-sugar mixture starts to steam, it is removed from the stove and poured into a preheated Irish coffee cup (for example, previously rinsed with boiling water). Now it is filled with 250 ml of the still hot filter coffee and the mixture is stirred vigorously. About 50 ml of unsweetened, half-whipped cream needs to have such a consistency that it slips over the back of a spoon into the glass. The cream floats on the surface of the drink and does not mix with the rest.

This is how the coffee can be drunk:

Which way you want to drink the Irish coffee is up to you. The ideal taste results when the coffee is drunk through the layer of cream. Many connoisseurs also spoon it and put a little whipped cream on each individual coffee spoon. Some people stir their Irish coffee vigorously so that the cream mixes with the rest. In all three cases, the drinker receives a tasty drink that is a little unusual, but tastes all the more delicious!

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On what occasions is Irish Coffee drunk?

It is a typical autumn drink that is especially drunk on cold and rainy days. The hot coffee warms the body and the mild sweetness puts a smile on the face of the drinker. Irish coffee is often enjoyed in good company in the late afternoon and evening. But you can also enjoy this wonderfully alone. If it rains and storms outside, the Irish Coffee rounds off an afternoon of reading perfectly.

Unfortunately, Irish coffee has wrongly disappeared from many drink menus in bars in recent years. The good news, however, is that there are also many coffee connoisseurs who are rediscovering the drink, which ensures that the popular drink will not be forgotten in the future.


An authentic Irish coffee is characterized by the following aspects:

  • the Irish Coffee Cup in which it is served
  • its dark color and the perfect whipped cream
  • the right mixture of alcohol, coffee and sugar as the basis for the strong taste

The Irish Coffee is an ideal drink for rainy autumn evenings. It tastes sweet and mild and still has a distinctive character thanks to the strong coffee and whiskey, which not only coffee connoisseurs appreciate.