Jura E8 Chrome Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Test

Jura E8 Chrome Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Test

Jura E8 fully automatic coffee machine in the test: More and more people love the convenience of preparing their coffee. You rely on the fully automatic machine, which serves coffee specialties from espresso to latte macchiato at the push of a button. We are testing the E8 model from the Swiss manufacturer Jura, which has always stood for the highest quality in terms of fully automatic coffee machines. You can find out in our comprehensive test whether the E8 can keep the brand promise and whether Jura really loves coffee.

First impression and design

Our first impression of the Jura E8 is very positive. This is already due to the outer packaging, which is very elegant: In the foreground on the black cardboard is the large image of a cup of coffee with a fine crema. It is immediately conveyed to the customer what is the focus here, namely the desired product coffee and not the product of the manufacturer, i.e. the fully automatic machine. In the end, that’s what the customer should expect.
The positive first impression continues when opening, as the fully automatic machine is not only protected by cardboard, but also wrapped in white fabric. There is also a white bag on top, which holds the usual documents ( instructions for use, guarantee). The attention to detail supports the impression that you are dealing with a high-quality product.

Nevertheless, one can add that not only the brand name but of course also the prices associated with it promise an above-average level of quality and arouse high expectations from the outset.

The Jura E8 model. In terms of price, it is at least in the four-digit range and therefore belongs to the upscale category of fully automatic machines, although compared to other Jura models, it is more in the midfield. The exact model is currently available from around $ 1100 .

The scope of delivery includes a measuring spoon for ground coffee – ground coffee can be prepared in a separate compartment if necessary – and a second so-called “professional fine foam nozzle” for the milk foam system. A water container is also included, which can be connected to the milk foam nozzle via a hose. This can be filled with the cleaning liquid that is also supplied and thus cleans the milk foam system. A Claris filter cartridge for the water tank and a test stick to determine the water hardness are also included.

The device itself is of high quality. With a weight of almost 10 kg, it is quite heavy, looks very well made and stable. Nothing wobbles and the fully automatic machine has a firm stand on its base. The massive coffee maker naturally has a certain size and takes up space in the kitchen or office without appearing oversized or bulky. In our test, we opted for the chrome version of the E8 with a black middle section and two shiny chrome side surfaces.

It looks elegant, but it quickly leaves fingerprints. Alternatively, there is a version with platinum instead of chrome or with a completely matt black front, as well as a special edition with a piano lacquer look.

First impression and design of jura e8 chrome

The operation

The initial start-up is pleasantly uncomplicated and user-friendly. The device needs just a few buttons, which you can use to operate the attractively designed TFT color display. Only on the front of the milk frother is there a wheel for selecting the nozzle that has just been attached (standard or professional). After switching on, you will be comfortably guided through the first steps. The selection of the desired menu language is followed by filling the beans, filling up the water, etc. Admittedly, most of these actions could have been guessed by yourself, but the user is immediately informed that the technology is working, which is a positive thing.

This is followed by the instruction to determine the water hardness level using the test stick provided and to set the machine accordingly. This does not have to be done, but it makes sense because it encourages you to choose the ideal settings from the start. After asking whether the Claris water filter supplied is being used or not, the settings are complete and the device is fully operational, i.e. after a few minutes.

When filling the beans, the flat surface is positively noticeable, the bean container with the transparent lid does not protrude, but lies nicely flat. The disadvantage, however, is that the opening could be a little larger, especially if the fully automatic machine is placed under a shelf or the like. In addition, you can only see the filled beans when you look at them from above, and then only partially, as they disappear into the invisible interior of the device.

One look alone is not enough to judge how many beans are still in the container. However, if this is empty, the device will of course also indicate this on the display.

Now you have the choice between various coffee specialties, milk coffees ( cappuccino latte macchiato , flat white ), or even hot water, if you need a cup of tea from time to time. Two cups can be prepared at the same time by pressing the desired drink once or twice. At least as long as you prepare drinks without milk.

Let’s test the milk system outlet. To do this, place the cup under the separate outlet, the hose supplied is connected to the milk nozzle and the other end is placed in a milk container (e.g. directly in a milk jug). The device then automatically draws the required amount out of the container, foams it up and puts it in the cup. Nice, but actually superfluous with the short preparation times, is the time shown in the display until the drink is ready.

It is more practical to be able to adjust both the desired amount and the aroma intensity immediately before drawing off (and of course to be able to save it as a standard setting).

The performance

The E8 is already after about a minute heated up and ready to go, which we liked a lot. We can make a very good overall assessment of the choice between different, pre-programmed coffee specialties as well as the taste quality of the prepared drinks.
The machine works with the so-called PEP process (pulse extraction process), which is intended to optimize the taste, especially for ‘short’ coffee varieties.

Regardless of whether it is due to the process used in various Jura fully automatic machines, the pure ristretti or espressi actually taste very intense and aromatic (although the portafilter variant remains our personal favorite compared to the fully automatic machine). According to the manufacturer’s description, the extraction apparently takes place in short bursts, which we could guess acoustically, but not see. The run looked pretty even. In addition, it was noticed during the run that this always starts with a few drops of water, rather the actual coffee flows, which did not look particularly appetizing, but in no way reflected in taste.

Initially banal but really practical in everyday use is the ability to rename the preprogrammed coffee specialties. So you don’t have to think long about which settings were the right ones for you when you give them your own name. All coffee specialties were able to convince us both in the taste and in the optical test.

The pure coffee variants are not too watery, convince with their intense aroma and develop a very attractive crema. The brewing temperature is also pleasantly hot in the standard setting, which is why we have not made any changes here.

The machine is not too loud during preparation and thanks to the high-quality and stable construction, nothing wobbles during preparation. The milk frother also works very satisfactorily, although it doesn’t necessarily look very nice if the hose and milk jug are ‘attached’ to the device.

If you don’t want to get up before the morning, coffee has already been brewed, you can even start the Jura E8 via the app on your smartphone and have your coffee prepared. What bothered us in this context, however, was the fact that a separately available Bluetooth transmitter had to be connected for this, which costs around 70 dollars. Such an article could well be standard in this price range.

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The cleaning

Let’s start with the coffee grounds container : This is located in the drip tray, which is practical because both parts can be emptied at the same time with one movement. It is also very positive that the machine always appears attentive and is automatically rinsed every day the machine is started. An absolute plus point from a hygienic point of view.

You can also rinse the coffee and milk froth spouts manually at any time. It is also worth mentioning here that a special cleaning fluid and a collecting container are included to rinse the milk system. In this way, the milk system can be cleaned thoroughly with little effort. The milk nozzle itself can be removed, screwed on and cleaned manually or in the dishwasher.

Furthermore, the device automatically informs us of further maintenance programs, which can also be triggered manually at any time: Be it the filter change, the extensive cleaning program – which takes around 20 minutes – or the 40 minute descaling program. Only the permanently mounted brewing group leaves a somewhat bland aftertaste in terms of hygiene, but the automatic programs were able to convince in many tests.

Facts and figures at a glance

  • Overall result: 8.7
  • Dimensions: 35.1 x 28 x 43.9 (HBT)
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Bean container capacity: 280 grams
  • Capacity of the water tank: 1.9 liters
  • Grinder: conical grinder (AromaG3 grinder)
  • Grinding degrees: continuously adjustable
  • Coffee spout: height-adjustable coffee / cappuccino spout, 2 cup function
  • Cleaning / descaling information: Yes / Yes
  • Programmable coffee variants: Yes (12)
  • Hot water function: Yes (3 levels)
  • Display: Yes (TFT color display)
  • Operation via app: Yes (with separate Bluetooth receiver)
  • Removable brew group: No.

Pros and cons:


  • Elegant design
  • High quality
  • Beautiful menu navigation and intuitive display operation
  • Many coffee specialties
  • Very high quality milk foam
  • Extensive cleaning and care options


  • Bean container relatively small and not easily visible
  • High purchase price
  • Fingerprint sensitive material
  • Control via app is only possible with an additional device
  • No removable brew group

Conclusion on the Jura E8

The Jura E8 is a fully automatic coffee machine that can be operated intuitively and is appealing and convenient to use. The device is very well made and impresses with its elegant design. Thanks to the fully automatic milk foam system, friends of latte macchiato will be happy with a variety of coffee specialties at the push of a button, which is not only visually appealing, but also impresses with its fine and intense aroma.

The possibilities of pre-programming are also pleasing. Given the undoubtedly positive overall impression, the high purchase price must not be ignored. The Jura brand not only stands for high quality but also for prices. Those who do not attach great importance to milk drinks and can do without many programming options should also find cheaper alternatives.