Jura Impressa C60 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Test

Jura Impressa C60 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Test

The great fully automatic machine test!

Jura Impressa C60 in the TangyCoffee test: We took a close look at another model of the Swiss make. Jura products have always been among the top models among fully automatic coffee machines. The reputation precedes any device. You can find out in our detailed report whether the Impressa C60 also lives up to its advance praise. 

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First impression and design:

From the packaging, Jura immediately catches the eye: The Impressa C60 was only wrapped in foil in a cardboard box, with the accessories stowed in a cardboard box, while the more expensive models are often wrapped in white fabric and the operating instructions are packed in an elegant cloth bag. These small but subtle differences compared to the high-priced devices from the Swiss-based company show that the model tested here is a fully-automatic machine that is rather inexpensive for Jura standards and is in the middle three-digit range.

The impression of the fully automatic coffee machine itself was all the more positive. It is one of the special models from Jura, which has an extremely attractive piano lacquer look, a workmanship that, however, also likes to leave fingerprints. It is therefore extremely practical that you can operate almost all steps using the so-called “Rotary Switch”. Although the Impressa C60 is made of plastic, everything looks very good quality and allows an outwardly appealing impression with its restrained elegant design. The manufacturer himself calls it “sovereign but unobtrusive” . The only thing that caught our eye immediately was that the bean container cannot be seen. We will go into more detail on this fact in the following section “Operation”.

The operation:

When you start the device for the first time, you, the user, will receive useful help. Even those who are not particularly tech-savvy can easily put this fully automatic coffee machine into operation. The text display is clearly visible, but still quite small. This display gives you initial information, such as the request to fill with water and to fill the bean container, before the device automatically triggers the first rinsing process.
As usual, the water tank is transparent, attached to the side and easy to see. In this context, its great openness is also positive that allows easy filling. Next to it, we find a compartment for ground coffeeApparently superfluous for friends of fresh coffee beans, but it can be very practical in between if you want to prepare a different variety at short notice.

The bean container, which is otherwise often attached to the top, is also located on the side of this fully automatic coffee machine, on the opposite side of the water container. Its cladding is black, so we couldn’t see the container at first glance. Whether you like such a creation or not, is of course a matter of taste and for fans of a “clean” look, it is certainly pleasant. However, we like to take a look at the fresh coffee beans. The black paneling does not make it immediately clear how many beans are left in the container, which, by the way, is quite small with a capacity of only around 200 grams. Most devices have 250g to 300g here.

The rinsing process seemed a bit too short to us for the first start-up. That’s why we triggered it manually one more time before we made the first coffees.

The further functionality:

All the necessary display elements are attached around the aforementioned Rotary Switch, a rotary wheel with which you can operate the fully automatic coffee machine. You will find a text display above that shows you the function you have just selected. Below that there are three more buttons that can trigger the following processes, namely special functions programming (system settings)care and steam.
With a simple push of the Rotary Switch you trigger the coffee brewing process and with the help of turning you have the choice between espresso and coffee. After printing, the machine shows you the set coffee strength, which you can adjust individually by turning. If you now want to prepare two cups of coffee, all you have to do is press twice.

You can of course also adjust and save the amount of water and the intensity. And this is how it works: If “Coffee” is already shown in the display, press the Rotary Switch and hold it down until you read “Enough coffee?” In the display. When the desired amount is reached, simply release the rotary knob. Preparation now stops and the setting is saved – done. This simple feature has us very well, the action is easy to remember and easy to implement.
To prepare milk beverages, use the fine foam frother or, if necessary, the professional fine foam frother that is not supplied. We found it extremely positive that the device, in contrast to cheaper fully automatic machines, in which the milk has to be frothed in the jug itself (this is the case with a classic portafilter), has a suction system that can best be described as semi-automatic and no foam lance owns. This suction system, which you can stop at the push of a button, has the effect that the milk is drawn from any container by means of a hose and flows into the cup, which you then only need to fill up with coffee, below the milk foam nozzle.

The performance:

As expected with devices from Jura, the performance of the Impressa C60 is extremely good. We are very satisfied with both the basic units in terms of brewing temperature and the intensity of the espresso or coffee. However, we do not know whether it is due to the built-in IPBAS © ( Intelligent Brew Aroma System ), which is able to automatically adjust the amount of pre-brewing water to the selected amount of powder and in this way guarantee the best aroma. The device also passed the test with regard to the adjustment of the intensity: there was actually a difference between the settings “mild” and “strong”
to taste. We were also enthusiastic about the crema. If you primarily want to prepare pure coffee specialties such as espresso or coffee cream, you will not be disappointed.
It works pleasantly quietly, which we attributed not least to the stability of the machine.
The storage space for the cups is pleasantly resilient and vibration-proof, so that the cup neither wobbles during preparation nor leaves its position under the spout. The speed of preparation is also satisfactory.
The milk foam nozzle gave us acceptable results because the foam had a pleasantly firm consistency. The only pity is that the milk foam spout cannot be adjusted in height because the ‘not so high’ spout could cause difficulties when filling a tall latte macchiato glass, for example.
The heating-up time for the steam system seemed a little slow to us, a fact that we attribute to the energy-saving settings of the fully automatic machine, as the steam system does not preheat continuously.

The cleaning:

You can easily remove the coffee grounds container (this is indicated as soon as it is full) and the drip tray. The drip tray has a satisfactory volume so that nothing runs over the outer edge, but into the tray and not in front of the device.

The coffee machine is equipped with an automatic rinsing function that is activated every time it is switched off. You can also trigger this manually.
As usual with the manufacturer Jura, you can not remove the brew group from this device either. However, the possibility of removal can be useful, as we were able to find with some devices, since large amounts of ground coffee can sometimes accumulate here.
You also have the option of using a Claris water filter to counteract the build-up of limescale in the fully automatic machine. This also makes sense with regard to the longevity of the device and makes regular descaling processes superfluous.
There is an automatic notification to start the cleaning program, which takes about 20 minutes. 2 cleaning tablets are already included in the scope of delivery.
Unfortunately, the milk frother nozzle does not automatically clean and there is no instruction to clean it. This is regrettable, as perfect hygiene is advisable with this part in particular and you should definitely clean the milk system regularly! On the other hand, you can easily disassemble the fine foam frother for the milk and clean it thoroughly in this way.

Facts and figures about the Jura Impressa C60:

  • Overall result: 7.9
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 34.5 x 28 x 41
  • Weight: 9.6
  • Capacity of the bean container: 200g
  • Capacity of the water tank: 1.9 l
  • Grinder: steel conical grinder, infinitely adjustable
  • Coffee spout: height adjustable, 2 cup function (not for milk beverages)
  • Cleaning / descaling information: Yes / Yes
  • Programmable coffee variants: 4
  • Hot water function: yes
  • Display: Yes (small plain text display)
  • Operation via app: No.
  • Removable brew group: No.

Pros and cons:


  • Elegant design
  • Intuitive operation
  • Sharp text display
  • Milk frother with suction function


  • Quite high acquisition costs for the range of functions
  • Low capacity of the bean container
  • Display a little small


Especially from the point of view of the price-performance ratio, the products of the Jura brand in the area of fully automatic coffee machines with a similar range of functions are clearly above the average price segment. The Jura Impressa C60 model is no exception. If you are looking for a device with a similar number of functions, you will find many satisfactory alternatives for less money. Unfortunately, this Jura device did not make it into the list of our current top favorites.
However, the surcharge at Jura stands for the associated expectations regarding quality and they will not be disappointed because all functions are fully developed and work very well. The espresso and coffee quality are excellent, as you can enjoy an intense aroma, a nice crema, an acceptable flow rate and a pleasant grinding volume.
The workmanship looks noble, despite the use of plastic. The functions are also fine as they work perfectly.

The display could be a little bigger, but it is razor sharp so that you can use it intuitively. Many other devices with similar functions do not have a display at all.
If you are satisfied with basic functions such as the preparation of coffee and espresso as well as the occasional frothed milk, this elegantly designed model will serve you well at a very high quality level.

If you have similar demands on the choice of drinks, but are prepared to compromise on the processing quality and performance of the device, for example in connection with the brewing temperature, you will also be satisfied with cheaper alternatives.

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