Karlsbad jug: pure coffee enjoyment

Karlsbad jug: pure coffee enjoyment

The classic in coffee preparation

Preparing coffee with a Karlovy Vary pot is considered one of the best methods. But what kind of jug is it anyway, how does it work and how do you best use it to prepare coffee? We answer all of these questions for you.

What is a Karlsbad jug?

The Karlsbad jug ​​or strainer is used to prepare coffee and serve at the same time. It consists of four parts: the coffee pot, the porcelain filter, the water distributor and the lid. The porcelain filter can be placed directly on the pot, so that the coffee runs directly into the serving pot. It can easily be removed after preparation. Thanks to the fine, double-glazed porcelain sieve, the jug does not need any additional paper or metal filters . The Karlsbad jug ​​is made entirely of porcelain and thus promises incomparable coffee enjoyment because the porcelain is completely tasteless and brings out the pure taste of the coffee.

History of the Karlsbader pot

The Karlsbad jug ​​is believed to be derived from the French strainer jug. The sieve jug is a special jug with an attached coffee filter. At that time, the strainer was still made of silver, copper, tin or clay. These strainers have probably been around in France since the 18th century. From there, the jug spread throughout Europe and even the USA. There, it is still known today as the Bohemian Kanne. The Karlsbad Jug, which probably got its name from the Czech spa town of Karlsbad, developed from the strainer. After the First World War, the Karlsbad jug was mainly to be found in fine Viennese coffee houses. For over 100 years, the Wallküre company in Bayreuth has made the jug from high quality porcelain handmade. This special jug is also called a Bayreuther jug, a Bayreuth coffee maker or Bayreuth coffee machine.

Coffee preparation with the pot

With the Karlsbader Kanne you can prepare coffee in a very gentle way. In addition, the traditional jug is a real eye-catcher in your kitchen.

Preheat the jug

First, add hot water to the jug to warm it up. This means that the coffee stays warm longer and the jug is also freed of any dirt residues.

Pour coffee into the filter

Then you will need coarsely ground coffee powder. It is best to use fresh beans that are suitable for filter coffee and grind them yourself with your coffee grinder shortly before brewing. Coarse coffee grounds are very important for the preparation, so that even extraction is guaranteed. In addition, finer powder would fall through the sieve. You can only achieve a nuanced and rich coffee with coarse coffee powder. For a small jug with a capacity of 350 milliliters, it is best to use 25 grams of coffee powder. You need 40 grams of powder for the larger 850 milliliter jug.

Pour water on

The best way to boil the water for your coffee is with a kettle with a thin, long spout. This allows you to fill the water optimally and metered into the filter. Also, you shouldn’t use boiling water. The optimal water temperature is around 95 degrees Celsius. At the beginning, put a little water on the powder so that it swells up. This process is also called blooming. It is important so that the aromas can fully develop. After the coffee grounds have swelled for 30 seconds, you can gradually pour the remaining water over them. Take your time and celebrate the process. The entire infusion can take four to seven minutes, depending on the size of the jug last.

Enjoy coffee

When all of the coffee has run into the pot, you can remove the sieve and the water distributor and put the lid on the pot. Then pour the coffee into cups and enjoy its full aroma. Thanks to the elegant Karlsbader jug, you can celebrate the entire brewing process together with your guests at the table and then enjoy the coffee afterwards.

Unadulterated coffee enjoyment

The Karlsbader Kanne guarantees pure coffee enjoyment. The taste-neutral and high-quality porcelain from which the jugs are made, the pure coffee taste comes to the fore. Since no paper or metal filters are used for the preparation, the aroma cannot be adulterated.


Brewing coffee with the Karlsbad jug is a very special experience. The jug combines a traditional appearance with the highest level of coffee enjoyment. The easy preparation and easy maintenance of the Karlsbad jug ​​also speak for them. Convince yourself of the incomparable coffee enjoyment.

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