Krups EA 8108 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Krups EA 8108 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

The Krups EA 8108 fully automatic coffee machine in the test: Among many coffee lovers, fully automatic machines are very popular. Whether in the office or in the kitchen at home, the practical maker delivers freshly ground coffee at the push of a button. This time, we took a close look at the compact fully automatic coffee machine from Krups and here we present the result of our extensive test. The most important factors are of course the design, processing, operation, performance and cleaning options of the device. The results of our test can be found on the following lines.

First impression and design

At the first opening of the light-weight and for a coffee machine quite small package becomes clear. In addition to the fully automatic machine itself, the packaging only contains the instructions for use, the guarantee and 2 cleaning capsules. This statement alone is by no means to be understood as a criticism. Often enough, you are supplied with lots of accessories that are ultimately not needed.

One thing right at the beginning: This fully automatic machine is actually one of the most compact devices that we have tested so far. So if you are looking for a space-saving solution, you are well positioned with this device. Due to its small size, the fully automatic machine fits easily into smaller kitchens.

What about the design? Since we are dealing with a model that is essentially made of plastic parts, there is of course the positive aspect of the pleasantly low weight. On the other hand, the fully automatic machine is usually in a fixed place, which is why this factor does not really offer decisive added value. At the same time, the light plastic material does not necessarily give the impression of an extremely high-quality and durable workmanship. But we wouldn’t necessarily expect that in this price segment.

If we look at the top, we immediately notice the compartment for the fresh coffee beans. This is made of transparent plastic. If you take off the lid of the comfortably large bean container, the coffee beans can be easily added. In the front area of ​​the top we find a small storage area made of plastic. Practical if you want to put (at least small espressocups on the device, which can also be warmed up.

With the beans in it, the transparent container not only looks beautiful, but also makes you want to have coffee. The design is also practical because it means you can always keep an eye on the fill level. The bean container is also easy to clean due to its size.

The operation of the Krups EA 8108

The operation of the Krups EA 8108

Equipped with just a few buttons, the Krups EA 8108 can be operated intuitively. Arranged from left to right we find the following buttons: One button for switching the device on and off, another for generating steam (for milk variations ). The third or fourth button starts dispensing coffee. Here you have the choice between milder and stronger coffee. This is presumably regulated by different amounts of the beans. You can also set the amount of coffee to be dispensed on a scale from 20 to 220 ml using a wheel above the coffee spout.

Finally, you will find a button for flushing water on the front, which is of course recommended for hygienic reasons after use. If you remove the shelf on the top of the device, you can display the preset water hardness level or the temperature level. Here you can choose between 3 levels. Unfortunately, further settings or pre-programming for different coffee specialties cannot be made.

Various illuminated symbols show you whether the device needs to be cleaned or descaled, the water container needs to be filled or the container for the coffee grounds needs to be emptied.

What we liked about the rather small device is that two cups of coffee can be prepared at the same time by pressing the draw-off button twice. In this context, it can also be positively emphasized that the spout is height-adjustable. This means that you can also place slightly larger cups under the fully automatic machine. However, you really shouldn’t let them overflow.

If too much liquid has collected in the drip tray underneath, two floats will rise from the cup shelf. The signal is practical, but, unfortunately, it is used far too often because the capacity of the drip tray is far too small.

First operation

For the first start-up you only have to connect the power supply and fill in water and coffee beans. After about a minute, the device is already heated up, which is really fast. Of course, it is advisable to rinse the EA 8108 (just like any other fully automatic machine) not only when it is on, but also from time to time with water. The removable water tank is of course practical, but is also standard on most fully automatic machines. However, the large opening flap also allows the water to be poured in comfortably without having to remove the container.

In the bean container, you will find the wheel for regulating the grinding degree, although we rate it negatively that you can only choose between 3 levels. Depending on individual needs, this may be a little too little, but it is probably completely sufficient for the habitual coffee drinker.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the small Krups fully automatic machine has a milk frother, more precisely a steam wand. Unfortunately, this has not proven to be very convenient to use: it was simply too short for our milk jug , so you always had to fill in a lot of milk so that the steam wand could reach in.

However, it is positive that it can be removed and cleaned, which is of course very important for hygienic reasons, especially when handling milk. However, the end piece of the steam lance, which was not very firmly attached, occasionally fell off and landed in the jug, which was less pleasant.

The performance

The espresso surprised us positively in terms of taste, but it flows a little too quickly into the cup. Adjustments to the degree of grinding have not had much effect here either. Nonetheless: for a fully automatic coffee machine of this size, the taste is pleasantly intense , also in view of the acceptable price-performance ratio. The handsome, solid crema that is created during production is also remarkable. We only expected clearer intensity differences from the selection of the strength level via the corresponding button. Here we were rather disillusioned and could not find any notable differences. The heating times, as already mentioned, both for coffee and for the milk frother, are short, a positive aspect. On the other hand, we noticed the rather high volume and the wobbly space for your coffee cup during preparation.

With regard to “frothing”, the following should also be said: If you stop the process and take your finger off the steam button, it will continue to steam for about 2 seconds. If you don’t know, pull the steam lance out of the milk jug beforehand and stir up milk when you take it out, which can lead to an unpleasant surprise. In general: The fact that the milk foam has to be frothed manually is certainly a major disadvantage for fans of latte compared to many competing products. These are equipped with an automatic milk frother.

The brewing temperature of the coffee is too low for us – even at the highest possible temperature setting – so that the drink does not get particularly hot. On the middle setting, we only measured a temperature of around 65 degrees in the cup.

The cleaning of the Krups EA 8108

The cleaning of the Krups EA 8108

When it comes to cleaning, the “Flush” button first catches the eye because of its central arrangement above the coffee run. You will not forget a practical way to make the unit run through regularly with water. Alternatively, there is also a 2-minute washing program. Unfortunately, however, both variants only clean the coffee flow. The clear instructions on the necessary standard processes, such as filling up with water, emptying the coffee grounds container, descaling and cleaning, are positive. Unfortunately, it is not possible to start the cleaning or descaling program manually at your own request. The system specifies such an implementation. The programs take about 13 (cleaning) or 20 minutes (descaling). As already mentioned, 2 descaling tablets are included in the scope of delivery. The fact that there is no feedback on the bean level does not have a negative impact, as the container can be viewed. Unfortunately, the brew group cannot be removed and therefore cannot be cleaned manually.

What about a water filter? First of all, it is positive that a filter system can of course be used. This option can also be assumed for fully automatic coffee machines bought today. In fact, there are various reasons for using a filter system. Depending on the water quality, you can achieve better taste results with this. In addition, the water filter also helps to extend the life of your fully automatic machine. In the case of the Krups EA 8108, it is unfortunately the case that no filter cartridge is included. Given the low purchase price, we get over this saving. However, the manufacturer expressly recommends the Aqua Filter System from Claris and changing the filter cartridge after around 50 liters or two months. Cartridges of type F088 are suitable.

Facts and figures at a glance

  • Overall result: 7.4
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 26 x 32 (HBT)
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Bean container capacity: 275 grams
  • Capacity of the water tank: 1.8 liters
  • Grinder: conical grinder
  • Grind: 3
  • Coffee spout: height adjustable, 2 cups function
  • Cleaning / descaling information: Yes / Yes
  • Programmable coffee variants: No.
  • Hot water function: no
  • Display: No.
  • Operation via app: No.
  • Removable brew group: No.

Pros and cons:


  • very compact
  • inexpensive fully automatic machine
  • quick heating up
  • uncomplicated operation


  • too low brewing temperature
  • manual milk frothing
  • very small drip tray
  • not particularly high quality plastic processing
  • no pre-programming for different coffee specialties

Conclusion on the Krups EA 8108

All in all, the Krups EA8108 is very pleasant to use. Particularly compact and lightweight, the fully automatic coffee machine can also be found in smaller kitchens or in a single household. The device heats up quickly and can then be put into operation immediately.

The fully automatic machine also prepares 2 cups of coffee at the same time, which is not a matter of course in this price range. Freshly ground espresso or lungo can be prepared quickly and easily. The preparation of milk drinks is impractical because of the somewhat short steam wand and also because of the need for manual frothing.

Furthermore, the cleaning program cannot be started manually at will, which is a bit annoying for hygienic reasons, as is the fact that you cannot remove the brewing group.

The device shows itself to be solid in terms of workmanship as well as the preparation options and the drinks: The pure variants have convinced, whoever values ​​more choice may be disappointed.

In terms of price, the Krups EA8108 is in the lower segment and therefore ideally suited for single households and people with a rather smaller budget. It is also suitable for you if you like to prepare a fresh coffee in a short time and do not attach great importance to milk drinks.

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