Lavazza Coffee Test: the Most Important Varieties at a Glance

Top Lavazza products in the quality check

The great Lavazza coffee test: You can find several varieties of traditional Italian roasting at a glance in the TangyCoffee magazine. We have tested some of the most popular Lavazza products for you to answer the most important questions about the products you are looking for. TangyCoffee Magazine is a practical guide for every coffee connoisseur, the ideal reading for fans of Italian coffees and espressos and a must for anyone interested in Lavazza.

World famous Italian coffee tradition

Lavazza – this brand name and the characteristic lettering associated with it are not only known to coffee drinkers and holidaymakers in Italy. Few of them have probably not met the brand yet, whether from a wide variety of advertising formats, on the parasols of a number of cafés or from walking through the supermarket shelves. Lavazza is omnipresent. In its more than 100 year history, the traditional company has achieved what only a few other coffee roasters could do. Starting from the Turin founding location, the Italians managed to sell their products all over the world. If you drink coffee, you can hardly ignore Lavazza coffee. As is not uncommon for a company of this format, the product portfolio has grown steadily over the decades and no longer extends exclusively to the classic coffee bean although the manufacturer is of course still primarily associated with this today. In view of the immense choice that customers have, we have also dedicated ourselves to the Lavazza coffee beans.

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Our most important test criteria


The first time you open the packaging, you can tell a lot about the product it contains. Do the coffee beans exude a tempting scent and are there the first taste- stimulating notes in the scent that make you want to taste them? Or is it more likely that a burnt scent rises in your nose? Coffee connoisseurs know that the smell of a good and a bad product can be worlds apart. The scent alone does not determine the taste experience, but it is a valuable indicator.

Quality of beans

Unfortunately, long-term roasting and industrial production rarely go hand in hand. On the contrary, it is often mainly large roasting plants that rely on rapid roasting, so-called shock roasting, for maximum economic efficiency. The bean image can provide good information about the quality that consumers can expect from coffee. Are the beans particularly oily? How evenly were they roasted? Do they have many breaks? These are just a few of the questions that are of interest when looking at the beans.

The crema is an important feature of high-quality mixtures,
especially when preparing in a portafilter or fully automatic machine. A stable and attractive crema of golden brown color is more than just a visual ornament, but also an important flavor carrier. It contributes significantly to the harmonious overall impression and thus also reveals a lot about the quality of the prepared product.

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The taste profile:

A look at the aroma wheel of the coffee gives a good impression of how broad the aromatic spectrum of different roasts actually ranges, or rather could range.

What roasters or the manufacturers like to promise and what is actually left of it must be checked. It is not so much about being able to taste as many nuances of different aromas as possible. In the end, there should rather be a harmonious overall impression that pleases.


Not every coffee is suitable for every form of preparation and that is not even the intention. Manufacturers often recommend explicitly and with good reason for which type of preparation a product should be used. Unfortunately, in other cases they don’t. We have therefore always prepared the different varieties in the Lavazza coffee test in different ways in order to be able to assess which beans are most likely to convince us in which way of preparation.

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The Italian roasters from Lavazza have an enormous range on offer. The choice is not easy. Whether it should be a classic Italian espresso with a high proportion of Robusta or perhaps a completely different type of roast is up to the individual. So use our guide so that you can really find “your” coffee. And don’t miss our extensive coffee bean test if you want to discover a multitude of other delicious specialties, customer highlights and the editorial team’s absolute favorites.

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