Lavazza Crema e Gusto Test

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Test

We tested another Lavazza coffee – this time the Lavazza Crema e Gusto. Can the coffee keep the promises that are made on the packaging? How does the coffee fare in the taste test? We took a closer look at these and many other things.

The packaging

In any case, on the front page, the information regarding the product is extremely sparse. The consumer only sees that it is the “Crema e Gusto” variety from the traditional Lavazza house and that it is suitable for preparing all coffee specialties and is ideal for use in fully automatic coffee machines. In the middle is a cup made of white porcelain, in which there is steaming coffee with a handsome crema. On the right side, the consumer is informed that there are coffee beans in the packaging, yes, not necessarily a notable surprise. However, nothing more is learned about the specific composition. In any case, on the back it can be read that it is a medium roast, a full-bodied coffee with an intensity that is specified in 5 beans.

After grinding, the variety can be used in all coffee machines. In any case, we did not find the packaging with a dominant brownish ocher tone particularly appealing, although of course we do not want to allow ourselves to make a hasty taste judgment because it is not uncommon for presentation and content to be worlds apart. In terms of price, the beans are clearly in the lower segment, so we are curious to see whether there is any connection to product quality.

The scent when you open it

strong, intense scent, which, however, seemed a bit sour to us.

The beans

After our research, the secret was revealed: The Crema e Gusto variety consists of 30% Arabica beans and 70% Robusta beans. Unfortunately, the overall picture was not particularly harmonious, as the beans had probably been roasted differently. Some beans were very dark and the package had an above-average number of fragments. We could even see the remains of coffee cherries. All in all: not exactly an appetizing sight! A very evenly roasted coffee that also contains only a little oil – perfect for the fully automatic machine – can be found in the Selezione Crema from Segafredo.

The crema

We first made an espresso in a fully automatic coffee machine. The crema was, not least thanks to the high proportion of Robusta, very durable and robust with the typically fine brownish tone. We were satisfied with this purely visual result.

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The taste

Typical of all Lavazza coffee types is the specification of the aroma profile, which according to the manufacturer should contain “notes of chocolate” for this type. We couldn’t taste this either with espresso, with “normal” coffee or with cappuccino and latte macchiato! In contrast, we found the taste of espresso and normal coffee to be a bit sour in the finish and not particularly tasty on the whole. In the case of the drinks with milk, the sour taste was softened a little by the milk, but we still found the coffee neither full-bodied nor aromatic, but rather bitter. Our unanimous verdict: Unfortunately, the low price already indicates quality defects: Lavazza has much better varieties in its range!

Even in view of the not particularly impressive bean image, the low price is appropriate, but we would not recommend this variety to the greatest coffee connoisseurs. The perceived quite high acid content should be taken into account in any case, if you prefer to do without it and prefer milder variants. All in all, we were personally rather disappointed with this Lavazza coffee.

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Which types of coffee can you prepare with Lavazza Crema e Gusto?

Since there is no arguing about taste, this variety can of course be used to make all kinds of coffee. Due to the slightly sour and bitter taste, we would rather recommend making coffee variations with milk, such as latte macchiato and cappuccino.

Which machine do you need?

The manufacturer particularly recommends making them in a fully automatic coffee machine. However, if you have a coffee grinder, it is also possible to prepare it in the filter and mocha pot as well as in the portafilter and in the French press machine.


After opening the package, please fill the remaining beans into a container with an airtight seal and store it in the refrigerator. Take the variety out of the refrigerator about 5 minutes before the coffee is made.

Conclusion on the Lavazza Crema e Gusto

Unfortunately, the quality of the Lavazza Crema e Gusto variety does not quite match what passionate coffee connoisseurs should expect from a product. The very high acid content of the coffee – regardless of the method of preparation – should also be taken into account when buying.

If you decide to purchase this type of coffee, drinks with milk are definitely preferable.

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