Lavazza Espresso Cremoso Test

Lavazza Espresso Cremoso Test

An Italian classic put to the test

We tested the Lavazza Espresso Cremoso: When Luigi Lavazza founded his company in 1895, he probably had no idea how his company would develop one day. Today the Italian company is one of the most famous coffee roasters in the world. The Espresso Cremoso is just one of many coffee roasts. We have tested it for you. 

The Espresso Cremoso variety: general

It’s a matter of taste, but the packaging design of the Espresso Cremoso makes you want to see the contents. In rich purple and classic black, an espresso cup is shown on the front, from which a delicious smell seems to emanate. A real feast for the eyes for the optically spoiled lover!

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The scent when you open it

When you open the coffee beans for the first time, you will be delighted by a pleasant fragrance bouquet. The Espresso Cremoso promises wonderful enjoyment with this handling and promises an abundance of aromas, which we will go into in more detail.

The beans

When opening the packaging, it quickly becomes clear that the beans are not roasted too vigorously, which can certainly happen with an espresso. The present beans, however, convince with their largely uniform brown color. A few lighter or darker ones stand out in the bean image, but overall the result looks pleasantly even. The manufacturer specifies a medium degree of roasting, which corresponds to our personal impression.

What else can be said about the beans? The Espresso Cremoso consists of 30% Arabica and 70% Robusta beans. It is a composition of beans mainly from Asia and South America, although unfortunately we are not given information about the specific countries of origin. The intensity of the espresso is indicated with an 8 on Lavazza’s own scale from 1 to 10. In addition to a strong and balanced taste, Lavazza promises a pleasant chocolate finish.

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The crema

At this point we can be brief: Expectation met. With Espresso Cremoso you can enjoy a firm and long-lasting crema. These properties are of course an absolute prerequisite for a successful espresso. We will not be disappointed.

The taste

The taste profile should satisfy the habitual coffee drinker without any problems. In addition to the chocolate taste already mentioned, other flavors can also be tasted. Slightly spicy notes and caramel nuances create a balanced aromatic composition. The full body and the long-lasting crema also round off the look of the Espresso Cremoso. It is therefore not surprising that all points within the sensor with respect to “appearance, taste, smell” from other places received good marks and espresso Cremoso was named test winner multiple times. In terms of acidity, the coffee is pleasingly cautious.

All in all: You can expect a balanced taste experience at a  fair price-performance ratio!

If you are looking for a solid, pure espresso, you will not be disappointed with this choice. The Espresso Cremoso can also convince as a basis for coffee-milk variations. So if you like to prepare an espresso macchiato, you can grab it. Nevertheless, we clearly liked the pure version best. We have tested the Crema e Aroma from Lavazza as being particularly suitable for milk and coffee variations.


Espresso Cremoso impresses with its pleasantly intense aroma, its firm and long-lasting crema and its pleasant acidity!

If pure Italian coffee enjoyment is particularly important to you, you won’t go wrong with this choice. Freshly ground, of course, the flavors come into their own best. Also as a macchiato or cappuccino. The Cremoso is clearly an espresso and knows how to convince here.