Lavazza Espresso Perfetto Test

Lavazza Espresso Perfetto Test

Espresso Perfetto from Lavazza in the test

The Lavazza Espresso Perfetto is just one of the many varieties from the large range of the well-known and popular Italian brand. We checked and rated the coffee beans once in our test. You can find out here whether espresso can keep its promise of perfection and the factors in which the coffee convinces us or not.

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The packaging

As with the Qualita Rossa variety from this manufacturer, we want to start again with the “external appearance”, since the appearance already gives a first impression. Of course, liking or disapproving is always a matter of taste, but in contrast to Qualita Rossa, less intrusive colors were chosen for the packaging with black and a dark green. An espresso cup is shown on the packaging. Furthermore, this roast is classified with a 7 on Lavazza’s own scale (from 1 to 10). This is supposed to promise a balanced and aromatic coffee.

The variety is suitable for all types of coffee production, including, of course, preparation in fully automatic coffee machines and portafilter. Unfortunately, we cannot tell from the packaging how many Arabica and Robusta beans are inside. That’s a little disappointing. Only thanks to our research do we find out that it is 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans. The found indications of origin are unfortunately rather vague with “South America” and “Indonesia”, which especially coffee enthusiasts might be too imprecise. But if you are not so strict about your coffee selection, you shouldn’t care. Incidentally, we used the 1000 g pack for the test.

The scent when you open it

We expected more from the aroma when opened. Due to the name of the variety “Espresso Perfetto” as well as the statements on the Lavazza website “Full-bodied and intense”, we cannot fully agree with this assessment at this point in time. We had expected a more intense and stronger fragrance from Italian espresso beans, not least because of the rather high announced intensity.

The beans

At first glance, we were able to identify the high proportion of Arabica beans in this mixture based on their size and the typical oval, flat shape. Since the name “Espresso Perfetto” superficially focuses on the production of espresso, we were a little amazed at the significantly higher proportion of Arabica beans, as the robusta is known to be mainly responsible for the quality of the crema. We let ourselves be surprised and now come to the crucial part of our test, namely the preparation and tasting!

The crema

The quality of the crema is, of course, in addition to the taste, both figuratively and literally the culmination of coffee! After initial skepticism, we were in fact particularly positively surprised by the crema of Espresso Perfetto: It is almost creamy, long-lasting, “melts” on the tongue and crowns the espresso with a fine hazelnut color!

The taste

To anticipate it, we can agree with the assessment of Lavazza “full-bodied and intense”. Extremely aromatic, it doesn’t taste too strong, but pleasantly balanced.
Drunk both as a latte macchiato and in the form of cappuccino , it meets the demands that you, as a coffee lover, place on a coffee from this Italian manufacturer. In addition to notes of chocolate in the finish, we were able to find other taste nuances specified by the manufacturer, such as:

  • Wood and tobacco
  • caramel
  • Malt and honey
  • Sponge cake and dried fruits

hardly to not taste at all but the aromatic intense taste experience with a chocolate note in the finish compensated us. The particularly careful selection of the beans for Espresso Perfetto and the somewhat longer roasting process give Espresso Perfetto its typically dark taste profile. This also makes it look beautiful on the outside after preparation in combination with the wonderful crema.
The price-performance ratio is in the upper segment. In this segment, the major supplier is already competing with the products of many smaller specialty roasters.

Can the Espresso Perfetto come up with good results in terms of preparation with all coffee machines?

You will get a good espresso result with the preparation in a portafilter machine, the mocha pot and the fully automatic coffee machine. But, good coffee can also be made with other makers. In combination with milk for cappuccino and latte macchiato, the coffee impresses with its strong, intense body – in our opinion, however, it is clearly best pure as an espresso.


As with all types of coffee, please always store Espresso Perfetto in a dry, cool and preferably dark place. Leave the beans in their packaging and also put them in an opaque and airtight container, then the refrigerator is suitable for storage without the coffee absorbing foreign smells. So you can enjoy an intense aroma for longer. We recommend that you take the container out of the refrigerator about 5 minutes before you prepare the coffee.

Conclusion on the Lavazza Espresso Perfetto

With the Espresso Perfetto you can believe the description: The beans show their best side, especially with espresso. In our opinion, the flavor body of this variety can develop particularly well with espresso . Even if we were not able to fully taste the taste nuances specified by Lavazza despite repeated tastings, with this mixture you are still choosing a coffee that lives up to its name. The creamy and long-lasting crema and the full-bodied flavor are convincing.

You can prepare coffee of this type with all common devices. However, we like it best in the mocha pot, the portafilter machine and in the fully automatic coffee machine.

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