Lavazza Qualità Rossa test: a must try

Lavazza Qualità Rossa test: a must try

We have tested the Lavazza Qualità Rossa for you: It is not easy to make a decision with the large selection of coffee types. We therefore carry out coffee tests for you to give you a better overview. The Qualità Rossa from the well-known Italian company Lavazza is part of our test series this time. You can find out here whether the product convinced us and whether it will soon be your coffee of choice. 

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The packaging

Since optics play a major role for most coffee lovers, we want to start with the packaging of the Qualità RossaWhile the recognition value is also enormously promoted by the exterior, the intense red at the top with a coffee cup of the same color has a similar effect. The middle of the design is a little distinctive, even if a rich silver color forms the finish from the middle to the lower end.

If we give a good coffee, among other things, the attributes “noble” and “balanced”, the design of the packaging does not necessarily indicate that such a coffee is hidden within the casing. In our test, we used the 1000 g package, as usual with whole beans. Of course, this variety is also available in various other pack sizes. They are also already ground.

The scent when you open it

The surprise with regard to the content is all the more pleasant, as an intense and pleasant fragrance unfolds when it is opened, which promises pronounced coffee enjoyment. However, certain aromas specified by the manufacturer, in contrast to the “Espresso Cremoso” variety from Lavazza, are not necessarily immediately recognizable when opening. Nevertheless, the smell is pleasant and makes you want more!

The beans

According to the front of the packaging, the beans were roasted at a roast level of 5 (on the intensive scale from 1 to 10). According to Lavazza, this level reflects the intensity in terms of mixing and roasting skills. Qualità Rossa contains 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta beans. Roast level 5, i.e. the medium roast, suggests that you can produce a creamy, well-balanced and aromatic espresso. When opened, a few lighter beans flash between the majority of the dark coffee beans. Not all beans are of the same size. The enthusiasm is limited, but we are not disappointed either. We are very curious about the taste experience and finally want to start preparing it.

The crema

The full-bodied Robusta beans in combination with Arabicas lead to a very good taste experience with a very good, strong and long-lasting crema, which can certainly do justice to the often used name Coronation.

The taste

The flavor profile was given by the manufacturer as follows:

  • Chocolate (as the main ingredient)
  • Dried fruits
  • spicy
  • Wood and tobacco
  • caramel
  • Malt and honey
  • biscuit

Despite several tests, we could not fully experience this taste profile. On the other hand, we found the chocolatey finish to be particularly prevalent and pleasant, which is mainly due to the Robusta beans. Although the Arabica beans Qualità Rossa give a certain body as well as aromas of wood and tobacco and thus a smoky spice, we could not “taste” other promised nuances.

Nevertheless, this variety provides a pleasant taste experience with an almost velvety palate and a thoroughly satisfactory crema.

For coffee lovers who prefer classic Italian coffee, Lavazza Qualità Rossa is definitely worth a recommendation. In our opinion, the beans do not come close to the absolute top products, but that would have surprised us a bit. In the end, the slightly cheaper price is accompanied by small compromises in taste. As a special recommendation for connoisseurs, we can name the Lavazza Espresso Cremoso. We also tested this and were very satisfied with the results.

What types of coffee is Lavazza Qualità Rossa suitable for preparing? 

Can it get good results with all coffee machines?

This Lavazza variety is particularly suitable for preparation in fully automatic machines. But, the coffee also tastes good with the espresso machine, as filter coffee, in the portafilter or in the mocha pot. With this variety you can have a delicious espresso as well as an aromatic breakfast coffee.
However, we liked the Qualità Rossa beans best with latte macchiato and cappuccino. Therefore, our recommendation regarding the preparation applies especially to these two coffee specialties.


Basically, storage in the form of whole beans is the recommended solution. If possible, grind the beans just before preparation. Coffee loses its aroma less quickly than when it is ground, and you experience more intense enjoyment. Qualità Rossa (like other varieties) should always be stored in a dry, cool and ideally dark place. Oxygen, heat or moisture damage the fresh product. The effects of light should not be underestimated either. To preserve the aromas, you can put the opened pack in a container with an airtight seal and in the refrigerator store. As whole beans in a suitable container, ie one that is impermeable to air and light, the aroma-protecting storage should succeed best.

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Conclusion on the Lavazza Qualità Rossa

With Qualità Rossa, you are definitely choosing a solid quality coffee.
If the flavor components specified by Lavazza are not fully comprehensible during repeated tests, you can still purchase a coffee with a pleasant chocolate finish and spicy aromas of wood and tobacco.
Qualità Rossa can be prepared with all common devices and is particularly suitable for production in fully automatic coffee machines. Latte macchiato and cappuccino are especially good!