Make Coffee Freakshake Yourself – Preparation

Make Coffee Freakshake Yourself – Preparation

Milkshakes can be found on almost every menu in the café. Milkshakes and freakshakes don’t have much more in common than the second syllable. Even the sight of a freakshake takes your breath away. The coffee freakshake is a baroque accumulation of carbohydrates of the tastiest kind with cakes, biscuits, candies, gummy bears and much more.

The wave of freakshakes spills over the pond

Now you could assume that the shake was invented in the USA, the land of opportunity – but far from it. The birthplace of freakshakes lies in the barren land of the outback and the Aborigines. Here – in the Australian capital Canberra, in the small Café Patissez, the first voluminous coffee freakshake was born. The social media quickly promised great taste experiences with countless pictures.

A coffee freakshake is a meal in itself and easily covers the daily calorie needs of a hard-working person. Even if it is hard to cope with after eating – the squeaky, sugar-sweet taste experience puts you in a good mood.

Basics for the coffee freakshake

To make a freakshake you need a large glass – if possible with a handle. A straw is just as important – as colorful as possible! In addition, a spoon with a long handle should not be missing, because the components of a freakshake cannot be handled with a straw alone. Cakes, biscuits, candies, gummy bears, chocolate chips, muffins and sugar pearls and whatever else is decorating the coffee freakshake, want to be spooned with relish.

What is allowed is allowed in a coffee freakshake

Freakshake experts consider Nutella or peanut butter to be very suitable flavoring agents. They also form the glue for the further architecture of the freakshake. For this reason, you can start by brushing the interior of the glass with it first. Use milk or yoghurt as the basics for the shake. But cocoa, chai and of course coffee are also delicious options. There are also fruits or fruit pul . Those who like it particularly brightly colored can add food coloring. Ice cream in all its variations is hardly negotiable as an ingredient and a coffee freakshake without whipped cream does not deserve this name. Use a blender to process the basics into a creamy mass .

The preparation of coffee freakshake: a skyline made of sweet ingredients

Now add a wide syrup and / or caramel cream collar to the edge of your glass. Then dip the glass upside down in colorful sprinkles or desiccated coconutSalt pretzels, marshmallows, donuts, chocolate cookies or chocolate lentils around the sticky-sweet collar create creative chaos or pretty patterns. Whipped cream is also indispensable as a bed for fruits from bushes, trees or marzipan. You choose whatever fresh ingredients your heart desires. The shakes Skyline build on wooden skewers : You impale chocolate, donuts, ice cream cones, small muffins and garnish the whole thing with nuts of your choice.

You can make the look perfect with sauce cascades. Anything can be the freakshake – just not properly! Spread cascades of chocolate and vanilla sauce and / or fruit puree over the skyline. The sweet sauces connect the shake components and run decoratively over the outer surface of the glass: that’s the end. Now the indulgent feasting can begin.

Freakshakers love the luxury of opulence

These bombastic sweet creations are rather unsuitable as dessert. But making it is a lot of fun. When creating the tailor-made, totally crazy calorie bombs together, the sugar level rises and the indulgent eating is best achieved with a lot of laughter and legs drawn up on a cozy couch.

Freakshakes – no longer just homemade

The wave of information on freakshakes has been rolling for some time. The internet is teeming with photos. In this country, however, only a few cafés have jumped on the bandwagon: Freakshakes are on the menu of the restaurant chains nowadays

Recipe: Chai Latte Freakshake

Most freakshakes are made from cold ingredients. The sweet opulence also succeeds on a warm basis. Here is a recipe to try out:


  • 250 ml milk
  • 1 tea bag of strong black tea
  • 1 strong pinch of crushed clove
  • Some cardamom seeds
  • A piece of grated fresh ginger
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Chocolate sauce
  • 1 donut
  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon seeds
  • Small marsmallows


  • Add the tea bag, all the spices and honey to the hot milk – let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Melt a few pieces of chocolate in a water bath and coat the edge of the glass with them.
  • Now glue the marshmallows and sugar sprinkles into the chocolate.
  • Pour the liquid into the glass.
  • Brush two cinnamon stars each with liquid chocolate and stick them on a wooden skewer.
  • The donut is placed on the glass, the cinnamon star skewers are inserted and the whole thing is garnished with the cream, sugar sprinkles, rich chocolate sauce and plenty of marshmallows.

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Freakshakes are sumptuous creations for those who like to enjoy . The great thing about it is that there are no limits to your willingness to experiment . With this in mind, we wish you “Bon appetit”!