Marocchino – the Chocolate Espresso Variant

Marocchino – the Chocolate Espresso Variant

Recipe and preparation tips for the marocchino

Almost every coffee lover knows and loves the classics cappuccino or latte macchiato. However, only a few connoisseurs can imagine what a marocchino is. It’s actually a shame, because this delicious espresso variant is a real specialty from Italy, which thanks to its chocolaty note, particularly appeals to coffee drinkers who like it sweet.

Origin of the marocchinos

According to tradition, the marocchino originally comes from northern Italy. Alessandria, the capital of the Piedmont region, which is about an hour’s drive south-east of Turin, is considered to be the birthplace. The appearance of the marocchino is somewhat reminiscent of the cappuccino, but its taste is very different from the classic because of its chocolaty note. In addition, the marocchino is drunk from a small glass that widens towards the top. Because of its slightly sweeter note, it is particularly popular with women.

Preparation of the marocchino

The preparation is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes. A marocchino always consists of the following ingredients:

  • espresso
  • chocolate
  • frothed milk
  • and cocoa powder.

First distribute the melted chocolate by swiveling the inside of the glass. For this, it is necessary that the chocolate has the right consistency and that it can be easily distributed in the glass. You shouldn’t be too generous here, otherwise the drink will later be too sweet or the chocolate note too pronounced. A thin layer of chocolate will do just fine.

Then the espresso is prepared in a separate cup with a portafilter or another type of espresso preparation while the milk is frothed for about 15 to 20 seconds. The increase in volume of the foam gives the marocchino its creaminess. When the espresso is ready, fell it immediately in the glass filled with the chocolate and pour the frothed milk over it. Finally sprinkle the foam crown with some cocoa powder or conjure up a great topping with a chocolate sauce.

Recommendation of espresso beans

You should definitely prepare the espresso required for the marocchino in a portafilter machine and freshly grind the beans immediately before preparation. Since the drink is very sweet due to the chocolate, it needs a strong opponent in the form of a strong espresso, which can also bring a slightly bitter note with it. Espresso beans from Gorilla , Lucaffé or Speicherstadt , for example, are popular.

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Marocchino variations

Although there are many variations of marocchino, they are all made from the same ingredients. A popular variant in Italy is to coat the still empty inside of the drinking vessel with some chocolate cream (the classic is Nutella) so that the inside of the vessel can no longer be seen from the outside. Less common, but still used occasionally, are chocolate sauces, such as those used in a similar form as a topping in ice cream parlors. If you like it a little bitter, try dark chocolate instead of the relatively sweet chocolate cream or melt chocolate.

It is important that this has the right consistency and that it can also be easily distributed in the glass, which can be easily achieved by heating it in a water bath. It is also possible to taste the marocchino completely without adding chocolate. However, if you want to do this, you should use more cocoa powder so that the taste of the drink becomes authentic. For this, you should sprinkle the bottom with a little cocoa powder, then add the espresso, put another layer of cocoa on top, fill up with frothed milk and finally sprinkle the drink with cocoa again.

Tasting of the marocchino and appropriate accompaniments

Some pastries are often served with the marocchino. These are popular Amarettini, cookies or cupcakes (example: hazelnut cake). However, since the drink is already very sweet, salty side dishes such as pretzels are also possible. The marocchino is especially popular in the morning to start the day or in the afternoon in a café. Ideally, while drinking coffee, you sit in a café with a beautiful terrace and let yourself be pampered by the warm rays of the sun on your skin. If you have less time in the morning, drink your marocchino while standing at the bar (al banco) before plunging into your everyday life, refreshed.


  • The marocchino is a tasty espresso variant that is unfortunately still unknown to many coffee connoisseurs
  • This drink is highly recommended for chocolate fans
  • Creative rounder can look at the design of the foam head with chocolate sauce and cocoa powder.

If you like it sweet and chocolaty, you will love the marocchino.