Mövenpick Caffè Crema Test

Mövenpick Caffè Crema Test

The big coffee test!

Mövenpick describes itself as the Swiss premium class of coffee. The company has been roasting for over 20 years and attaches great importance to careful temperature control and the special grinding, which are supposed to be responsible for the unique aroma. We have tested the Mövenpick Caffè Crema variety for you. Read more about our test results.

The packaging

In contrast to many types of coffee that have already been tested, we find out which beans are waiting for us with a glance at the packaging – namely 100% Arabica.  The Mövenpick logo follows on the upper part, a little shiny silver : “Mövenpick of Switzerland” with an implied seagull above the “n”. The name of the variety “Caffè Crema” is also in a dark shade of brown, which is supposed to indicate the color of the crema. Including a cup of white porcelain coffee and further information: “Particularly full aroma”“Premium Quality” and bean roast level 4. We bought the 1 kg pack of whole beans. 

The scent when you open it

When we opened it, we met a pleasant, typical coffee smell with an intense note. By the way, when the beans were ground, it smelled promisingly appetizing.

The beans

The 100% Arabica beans presented a consistently harmonious picture. To be precise, they are highland arabica, without Mövenpick providing us with any information about where they come from. Our disappointment is limited, because we are not used to this, especially from the common supermarket products. In any case, even on closer inspection, we could not discover broken beans or even shell remains. However, we quickly noticed a certain gloss of the beans.

The causes can be different, which is why we can only make assumptions here. With regard to the best-before date (especially with older beans, the oil may leak from the inside), it should at least not be due to the freshness of the beans.

Either way, oily beans aren’t exactly what we’re hoping for. Due to the uniform bean pattern, our interim conclusion is cautiously positive here. For a supermarket coffee in this price range, where the beans probably did not enjoy gentle drum roasting, the result looks satisfactory.

The crema

We can express our praise on this point: The crema had a very nice golden brown color which is plentiful, velvety and long-lasting – despite the lack of Robusta beans. Delicious – no more and no less!

The taste

Coffee is known to be a matter of taste, but the Caffè Crema was a positive surprise for all testers in addition to the really round taste experience. This is probably due to our very low expectations due to the first Mövenpick test. “The Heavenly One” from the same house did not turn out to be a gift from heaven. With a rich body and a rounded flavor, it showed some character of its own and a harmonious taste. Without developing a bitter, let alone sour aftertaste, this variety combines a pleasant and appetizing-spicy intensity with a nonetheless mild shade. This was especially the case with a “normal” cup of coffee, but also milk combinations such as cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Nonetheless, coffee is also reaching its limits. In our impression, these are clearly the “short”, pure specialties such as espresso and ristretto. Here the coffee lover notices the differences compared to absolute quality roasts, which convince with more colorful taste nuances and richer aromas. The Mövenpick clearly cannot keep up at this level, which is not only clear in a direct comparison.

In our opinion, the coffee is well worth its price. All in all, this is a mass product and of course the coffee does not stand up to the comparison with high-quality products. But, we didn’t expect that either and were therefore all the more positively surprised that the coffee was enjoyable. You will find an equally good coffee in a similar price range with the Dallmayr Crema d’Oro. We also tested this coffee in detail.

It will, therefore, not become our favorite or our product of choice and, as a great coffee connoisseur, your expectations may also be disappointed. From a more functional point of view, however, you can do much worse in this price segment. Thanks to the pleasant caffeine content due to the exclusive use of Arabica beans, we can recommend this variety. Your expectations must be clear in advance: If you are looking for a top roast for your portafilter, you will be very disappointed with this variety. On the other hand, if you look for a solid supermarket coffee at a correspondingly low price and without a remarkable aroma and if you don’t expect the highest roast and taste quality, then this variety will not disappoint you.

Which coffee variations can you make with the Mövenpick Caffè Crema?

Whether as a pure cup of coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato – with each variant mentioned, we experienced a delicious result, every variant tasted good to us. If, on the other hand, you are interested in an intense espresso and if the taste experience of coffee is more important to you, you should think more carefully about investing a little more in your beans.

Can you expect good results with this variety in all coffee machines?

Aromatic coffee variations turn out surprisingly well, especially in a fully automatic coffee machine. If you have a separate coffee grinder, the following rule of thumb applies: the finer the grind of a coffee, the shorter the contact time with the water should be. So if you want to prepare your coffee like “in grandmother’s time”, we recommend a medium grind, since contact with the water takes some time. You can generally use Mövenpick Caffè Crema in every coffee machine while paying attention to this rule. Since we did not open several packages, we can only theorize whether the beans are usually as oily as can be seen in the picture. In this case you should be careful as a user of a fully automatic machine. The grinder can get clogged here in the long run.


Coffee should always be kept dry and cool. It is therefore advisable to fill the contents of the opened package into an airtight and opaque container to preserve the aromas. So you can safely store the beans in the refrigerator and keep them fresh, without the risk of your coffee taking on foreign smells.

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Mövenpick “The Heavenly” in the test


With the purchase of Mövenpick Caffè Crema you will be able to produce various solid coffee variations.
The price-performance ratio is fairMövenpick Caffè is characterized by a mild body and a rounded aroma with a delicious, stable, creamy crema. The combination with milk, such as the popular latte macchiato and cappuccino, tastes delicious. All in all, however, it is delicious and aromatic!