Mövenpick “The Heavenly” in the test

Mövenpick “The Heavenly” in the test

Mövenpick “The Heavenly” in the test

“Der Himmlische” from Mövenpick in the test: Are you also considering which coffee to buy? Of course you do and the decision should not only be considered carefully by coffee lovers. After all, you start the day with coffee and this start should taste good! The selection is large and the decision is therefore not easy. We separate the wheat from the chaff and test coffees from different brands for you and present the results to you in the TangyCoffee magazine. Find out how heavenly our result with this strain actually turned out to be.

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The packaging

In the test of the coffee “Der Himmlische” from Mövenpick, we opted for the 500 g pack, with whole beans of course. On the packaging of the Swiss company, in addition to the already mentioned name of the variety, the predicates “Aromatic” and “Balanced” are emblazoned. We also learned that these are 100% Arabica beans with “Premium Quality” and that we can expect a “particularly full flavor “. The degree of strength of the roast of the JJ Darboven Group is indicated by the number 3 given, a designation that is unfortunately not meaningful for the consumer, since the manufacturers do not have uniform designations for it.

The packaging, in shades of gold and brown and with the characteristic Mövenpick label at the top, shows a white porcelain coffee cup in the lower area in which a coffee without crema can be seen. In our opinion, the packaging does not (yet) suggest “heavenly” enjoyment!

The scent when you open it

During the opening process, we were surprised by a pleasant scent – just like fresh coffee beans, without us being able to distinguish striking aromas or other special features. However, that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. Many coffees promise a number of taste nuances and aromas on the packaging. Unfortunately, the expectations raised in this way are not infrequently disappointed. That is not the case here.

The beans

The beans, generally of a rather medium size, made a balanced and carefully selected impression.

The crema

During this test, we were particularly interested in the opinions of other consumers with this variety Mövenpick “The Heavenly”, although the Internet is a good source for finding out such assessments. Almost unanimously, this coffee was described by consumers as successful, even as “velvety” with regard to the quality of the crema. Unfortunately, we cannot agree with these ratings in any way, as the crema (we used a high-quality fully automatic coffee machine from the manufacturer “Jura” for the preparation ) really looked exactly as shown on the packaging, namely rather thin and inconspicuous. Unfortunately, this had little to do with “crema”.

We liked the crema of the coffees much better: Espresso Cremoso from Lavazza and the Segafredo Selezione Crema. We tested both coffees extensively.

The taste

Unfortunately, the coffee didn’t convince us in terms of taste either. In our opinion, it was far removed from aromatically balanced coffee. The body was even after some fine tuning of the fully automatic machines relatively watery not comparable with the previously tested good, yet inexpensive varieties. We could not fathom the reasons for this not exactly pleasant taste of the coffee, which is more in the lower price segment. As a coffee lover, it is of little use to you if you choose a particularly inexpensive variety! Because as we have found out, there is enough coffee on the inexpensive range that still tastes good.

Which types of coffee is Mövenpick “The Heavenly” suitable for preparing?

As a rule of thumb, the finer the grind, the more intense the coffee aroma. The fully automatic coffee machine mentioned above has a total of 6 setting options, whereby we have tested the production with every alternative. Unfortunately with unsatisfactory results. The Latte Macchiato was definitely “drinkable”, but this does not necessarily fulfill the purpose of buying a coffee. With our favorite method of preparation, in the portafilter, we were able to get a little more out of the beans. However, if you prepare your coffee in the portafilter, you will probably be prepared to pay more for your coffee.


After opening the package, keep the beans airtight, cool and naturally dry. The supplied adhesive strip for reclosing is unfortunately not very suitable and comes off quickly. In any case, you do not guarantee freshness. Provided that the container is impermeable to air and light, the refrigerator is suitable for storage, for example. This ensures that the product remains fresh for a longer period and at the same time prevents the beans from taking on the smell of other foods. Yes, the beans, because ideally you should grind them just before you eat them.


Unfortunately, the Mövenpick “Der Himmlische” variety does not meet the expected and desirable requirements of a coffee lover.
If this variety is also available for little money, this does not necessarily have to result in a rather poor quality. Regrettably, the coffee did not meet our requirements, even considering the price, and therefore did not convince us.

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