Why You Get the Most out of Your Espresso with VST Seven.
VST sieves

Why You Get the Most out of Your Espresso with VST Seven.

Are you willing to perfect the preparation of espresso in your own four walls or your café? Then you should think about purchasing VST Seven. When we first extracted espresso with a VST strainer, we were delighted with the new flavors that emerged. In this article, we explain to you why, in our opinion, VST precision sieves are the best sieves for your portafilter.

What does VST stand for?

VST is an American technology and consulting company founded in 1988. In the last 30 years, VST has developed more than one hundred products, including some products for the coffee industry such as the VST LAB Coffee Refractometer or the VST Precision Filter Baskets.

Standard screens have weak points

Standard sieves, which were supplied as accessories when you bought your espresso machine, pose a serious problem: the holes in the sieves are of different sizes. Sometimes the different hole sizes can even be seen with the naked eye. Holes of different sizes mean that during extraction the water increasingly runs along where the resistance is least. The result is that the water runs through the coffee puck unevenly. Besides, the holes in the standard sieves do not go to the edge, creating an area that is less extracted – making it almost impossible to extract the espresso evenly.

What is special about the VST Seven?

VST has developed a solution for the weak points of Standard Sieves described above: The VST Precision Filter Baskets. The holes of VST Seven are lasered with such absolute precision that you will get the best out of your coffee. Each hole has the same hole size. So it is extracted very evenly, also at the edges of the sieve.

Finer grind with VST sieves

The preparation of a perfect espresso is a highly sensitive process. Even the smallest mistake has a surprisingly large impact on the taste. The degree of grinding plays a decisive role. With finely ground coffee grounds, the espresso can be extracted more easily due to the large surface area. The substances from the espresso beans can therefore be better dissolved. The following applies: the finer the grind, the more aromas are extracted from the beans. The use of VST seven enables you to grind the espresso beans even finer – your palate will thank you because you get even more intense flavors from the espresso.


VST sieves guarantee perfect extraction of the espresso and should therefore be part of the standard of an ambitious home barista. Due to the holes lasered with absolute precision, you can choose a finer grind. And this enables you to tease out the special aromas of an espresso.

VST sieves ensure more clarity of the aromas in the cup. Overall, you will get a smooth, efficient extraction. So it’s no wonder that VST screens have been officially used at the World Barista Championships for many years. In my opinion, the comparatively high acquisition costs of just under $ 50 per sieve are manageable.