Plant Your Own Coffee

Plant Your Own Coffee

Coffee plant: different floral arrangement in the living room

Growing coffee in American or European latitudes is possible – of course not outdoors, as coffee grows almost exclusively around the equator. The warm, humid, tropical climate in which the bean thrives can, however, be easily produced: in the greenhouse, in the winter garden or in the living room. In addition, the coffee plant forms a very original flower arrangement with a jasmine scent and creates a completely different atmosphere in the room.

Patience and a fine hand when growing coffee

Anyone brewing a coffee that actually grew in your own four walls needs above all patience and a fine hand. The plant can be ordered from many online retailers. It is also worth taking a look at classifieds portals: There are actually advertisements from successful mini-growers who sell surplus plants. And those who only enjoy the sight of an unusual green plant in the apartment are also well advised with the coffee plant.

The success starts with choosing the right coffee plant: The art is filled more than 120 varieties. Only nine types are used worldwide or regionally for coffee production. It is best to choose a classic Robusta or Arabica variety. If they also come from organic farming, they also have no pesticide residues.
The beans sprout best when they are as fresh as possible – this can be recognized by the slightly sour smell. Correct cultivation is important for successful cultivation. In addition, the coffee seeds – taken directly and fresh from the package – are placed in a pot with water at 25 to 30 ° C for a few hours. To do this, the pot stands on a warm heater overnight. Alternatively, it is also possible to carry out this process in a thermos. The next morning, the sprouting coffee beans come individually into a small flower pot with fresh soil. They are only pressed lightly – but not covered with earth. This is how the coffee plant begins its life cycle.

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Location and proper care

The coffee plant comes from the tropical regions of the world, it likes it warm and humid. It is best placed in a bright place in the living room – but in partial shade, not exposed to the blazing midday sun. It is covered by a plastic film or a translucent plastic cup with holes: This is how the moisture it needs is created.

However, this covering must not hinder the air circulation, otherwise there is a risk of mold formation. If everything develops well, the first green will appear on the plant after up to two months. When it forms two leaves, it goes into a larger pot. The old soil is taken from the small pot and supplemented with new one so that the familiar environment for the coffee plant is preserved. To simulate the high humidity of the tropics, the leaves are sprayed with water every day.

The irrigation water is soft – that is, as little lime as possible – and occasionally gets a splash of lemon juice: the coffee plant likes acidic soil. And one more important note: This plant does not tolerate cold drafts at all – of course: it does not know anything like this from its tropical homeland. And be careful when the plant rolls up its leaves: It is a sign that it is too cold. More heating air is now the wrong solution, because it doesn’t like dry air. An activated carbon filter or a humidifier now create the climate that the coffee plant needs.

Through summer and winter

If the temperatures reach more than 20 ° C, the coffee plant can stand outside even in British latitudes. However, the same applies here: do not expose to direct sunlight. Warm summer rain, on the other hand, is not a problem, on the contrary: then the coffee plant feels “at home”, reminding it of its original tropical environment. In general: it grows particularly intensively in summer, fertilizing once a month supports this development.

It is important to know that between October and March, the coffee plant is in a dormant phase. The temperature in the living room can drop to 15 ° C, for example at night. The location is now bright and moist, daily spraying with water is still important – however, it is not fertilized during this time. You may need to use a grow light when the leaves turn brown or withered.

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Water filter for soft water

It can take a few years for the coffee plant to bloom for the first time, then the red coffee beans can be harvested after another eight to twelve months. Roasted in the frying pan or in the oven, the rest of the production process continues within your own four walls until the “coffee à la maison” is brewed. Before roasting, there are still the steps: remove the pulp and dry the beans. However, the hot black drink probably does not meet all too high expectations: the cultivation and processing of the coffee plant is something for specialists. The “coffee plantation” in your own apartment is more of a nice, new field of activity for hobby gardeners and growers.

The coffee plant: ornamental plant and decoration

If desired, the coffee plant can also be a normal green plant that adorns the living room. Offered by garden centers on site or on the Internet, it sets an original accent in the home. Delivered, for example, with a height of 20 centimeters (cm), it develops to a size of 80 to 100 cm. So it can also be used as an ornamental plant for corridors and stairwells. However, the right climate, the necessary incidence of light and the right care are important.

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Conclusion: what matters is the environment

If you grow a coffee plant in your own four walls, you need good seeds, a temperature of 20 ° C and tropical moisture on the leaves. Add to that patience while waiting for the first harvest and consideration for the winter rest period of this crop, the happiness of the hobby breeder is complete.