Prepare Flat White – Flat White Recipe
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Prepare Flat White – Flat White Recipe

Perhaps one or the other has already encountered a “flat white”. The drink is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The Flat White is presented as the new cappuccino.

What is a flat white?

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Would you like to know what a flat white is? A flat white is a cappuccino that is prepared slightly modified and usually decorated with latte art. The name came up in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s. The drink is now on the drinks menu in many specialty cafés, but also chains such as Starbucks & Co.

In German Flat White means “flat white”. The name can be interpreted as meaning that the contents of the drink are flush with the rim of the cup. It’s not entirely clear whether the recipe was originally from Australia or New Zealand. In any case, the drink was distributed there by Australian or New Zealand businessmen who flew to Europe and North America.

There are many different opinions about the right flat white recipe. In any case, this coffee specialty is similar to a cappuccino or a caffè latte. The most noticeable difference compared to cappuccino is that a flat white has a more intense coffee taste and a smaller layer of milk foam. The milk foam is more similar in consistency to the milk foam consistency of a caffè latte. Therefore, the Flat White can also be described as a kind of small, strong caffè latte.

Ingredients & equipment for the preparation

The basis of a flat white is a double espresso or a ristretto. Some recipes also use a double ristretto. Besides, you need milk for the preparation, which must be heated and frothed. We recommend that you use fresh whole milk with a fat content of 3.5%. The difference to the cappuccino is that the Flat White consists of a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of milk foam. The foam is slightly creamy and still quite runny.

We advise you to prepare the Flat White with an espresso machine with a portafilter. Why? The espresso quality with a portafilter machine is many times better than when preparing it with a capsule machine or a fully automatic coffee machine. You can also use the steam wand of an espresso machine to produce a creamy, liquid milk foam.

Good espresso beans are the basis for a good espresso.

Prepare flat white

A flat white is served in a flat, bulbous cup made of porcelain. The cup should have a volume of 180 ml. The espresso (30 ml) is brewed directly into the preheated cup. Meanwhile, you should froth the milk (amount of milk approx. 150 ml). The frothing technique with the steam wand is the same as for a cappuccino, with the difference that the brewing phase is slightly shorter than when preparing a cappuccino. The consistency of the milk foam should be liquid and creamy and the foam layer ideally no more than 5 mm thick. With Flat White, this foam layer is flush with the edge of the cup and does not bulge outwards. With Flat White, great patterns can be conjured up on the surface using a special pouring technique ( learn Latte Art now).

Flat white recipe

Flat White Recipe (180 ml)
by John

January 16, 2020

“Flat white” is a name for a variant of the preparation of a cappuccino, which is usually decorated with latte art. Here you can find our recipe for Flat White for 1 cup (180 ml).

Nutritional Information (180 ml):
98 calories
5.4 grams of fat

– 30 ml espresso
– 150 ml milk (3.5% fat)

Instructions for the preparation of 180 ml Flat White:
Step 1: Preheat a bellied porcelain cup on the espresso machine or with hot water
Step 2: Brew 30 ml espresso into the pre-warmed cup
Step 3: Froth 150 ml milk ( milk temperature up to max 65 ° C )
Step 4: Pour milk foam into the cup and decorate with latte art.
Step 5: Drink

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