Profitec Pro 300 test: Top dual boiler for home baristas who like to experiment
profitec pro 300

Profitec Pro 300 test: Top dual boiler for home baristas who like to experiment

Are you in the mood for top-class espresso and are you a fan of silky latte-art milk foam? There is little space in your kitchen, but you still don’t want to forego the advantages of a dual boiler espresso machine. Then definitely take a look at the Profitec Pro 300 espresso machine.

In our test, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages to you and tell you what we particularly like about Profitec Pro 300.


  • Top price-performance ratio
  •  Ring brew group with high-temperature stability
  •  very fast heating-up time (approx. 10 min)
  •  really good espresso quality
  •  fine-pored milk foam (ideal for latte art)
  •  automatic shutdown by a sensor in case of water shortage
  •  PID with seconds display of the processing time for espresso preparation
  •  PID control of the brewing temperature
  •  Steam and hot water boiler can be switched on and off
  •  compact dimensions for a real dual boiler
  •  clean and solid workmanship
  •  Well thought out the installation of the water tank


  • missing cup rail
  •  angular design
  •  little steam power when frothing large amounts of milk

For whom is the Profitec Pro 300 suitable?

The Profitec Pro 300 is suitable for all coffee lovers who do not want to compromise on the quality of their espresso in their own four walls. The espresso machine delivers excellent espresso and produces fine-pored latte-art milk foam.

You can also set the brewing temperature electronically in one-degree steps using a built-in PID controller. You can use it to further refine your perfect espresso shot to minimize the acidic or bitter notes of the espresso by adjusting the temperature.

The Profitec Pro 300 is a dual boiler and thus provides you with high-temperature stability in both boilers. And thanks to its compact design, the Pro 300 is also suitable for those who have comparatively little space in the kitchen.

The acquisition costs for the Profitec Pro 300 are high compared to cheap thermoblock machines – so you have to have slightly deeper pockets. With the Pro 300, however, you get a machine that will possibly be with you for a lifetime, provided you clean and care for the espresso machine regularly.

The espresso from the Profitec Pro 300

The espresso from the Profitec Pro 300 |

Before we bought Profitec years ago, our espressos were extracted at home with a Gaggia Classic. In comparison, the first successful espresso shot from the Pro 300 was overwhelming. A difference between day and night! The variety of flavors and intensity (more body, more depth) impressed us.

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Froth milk with the Profitec Pro 300 espresso machine

Froth milk with the Profitec Pro 300 espresso machine |

The Profitec Pro 300 provides sufficient steam for frothing milk. You can easily froth up to 0.5 l milk with the espresso machine without the steam pressure dropping. The milk foam is ideal for latte art.

With larger quantities, the Pro 300 stumbles a little because the steam pressure is noticeably lower the longer the frothing takes. It then becomes difficult to continue the “rolling” of the milk while frothing. That is the only point of criticism that we found with the Profitec Pro 300.

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What is a dual boiler?

The Profitec Pro 300 is a so-called dual boiler espresso machine (Dual from the Latin dualis means “containing two”). It, therefore, has two separate kettles: a relatively small brewing water kettle (0.375 l) for drawing off espresso and a larger kettle (0.75 l) for drawing off hot water and steam.

Water is heated in both boilers. In the small boiler, it is heated to approx. 90 – 96 ° Celsius, in the large boiler to 110 ° – 130 ° Celsius. Due to the design, the separate boilers achieve very high-temperature stability. Besides, the problem of the brewing water overheating when the machine is at a standstill is avoided.

With the Profitec Pro 300, you can switch the steam and hot water boiler on and off at any time using a toggle switch. So if you just want to tap a quick espresso, you don’t even have to turn on the steam and hot water kettle. This saves energy and protects the material.

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Profitec Pro 300 with PID

With the Pro 300, the brewing temperature can be set electronically in one-degree steps using a built-in PID controller (the abbreviation PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Differential).

The PID control is a very precise measurement and control technology that uses an algorithm to determine the heating time required to keep the brewing temperature constant.

We find the PID control useful. The PID controller offers completely new possibilities for home baristas like us who are keen to experiment, to minimize sour or bitter notes of the espresso by temperature correction.

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The design of the Pro 300: no-frills and simple.

The design of the Profitec Pro 300 is inconspicuous. You can tell immediately that the handcrafted machine is geared towards functionality and efficiency. The workmanship is solid.

About the manufacturer Profitec

Profitec is a sister company of ECM founded in 1985, a premium manufacturer of espresso machines and espresso grinders for the household and the catering trade from Heidelberg.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (W | H | D): 25.5 | 38.5 | 41.5 cm
  •  Weight: 18kg
  •  Brew group: Ring brew group
  •  Brewing group Ø: 58mm
  •  Brew boiler: 0.375 liters
  •  Steam boiler: 0.75 liters
  •  Water tank with adapter and 3-liter volume
  •  PID for setting the temperature of the coffee kettle
  •  PID with seconds display of the processing time
  •  Automatic shutdown by a sensor in case of lack of water
  •  Heating: 2 x 1200 watts
  •  Vibration pump: Ulka EX5
  •  Permanent water connection: no
  •  Boiler pressure gauge
  •  Case material: stainless steel
  •  Boiler material: stainless steel

Scope of delivery & accessories

  • 2 x 58mm portafilter (single & double spout)
  •  Cup strainer 7g
  •  Two-cup sieve 14g
  •  Cleaning brush
  •  Blind sieve
  •  Plastic tamper
  •  Measuring spoon
  •  operation manual

Conclusion on the Profitec Pro 300

This espresso machine has it all! It extracts top-class espresso and produces steam for the silky latte-art milk foam. We particularly like the PID control and the PID display with timer function when making espresso. This gives us full control and enables us to tease out the fine aromas of an espresso. The compact size of the Profitec Pro 300 should also be emphasized. The machine does not take up that much space in our kitchen.

Another plus point is the fast heating-up time. We particularly appreciate this in the morning because the Profitec is ready for use within 10 minutes and provides us with the finest caffeine.

Even if the purchase price of over 1450 $ seems daunting at first glance, we can say with a clear conscience that the investment has paid off. The taste explosions that Profitec 300 brings us every day are simply to melt away!

Profitec Pro 300 Espresso maschine

MODELProfitec Pro300
DIMENSIONS (WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH)25.5 x 38.5 x 41.5 cm
POWER1200 watts
HOUSING MATERIALstainless steel
PRICEapprox. 1600 $