Segafredo Espresso Casa Review: a must try

Segafredo Espresso Casa Review: a must try

The great Segafredo coffee test!

In 1990, Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland GmbH was founded by Massimo Zanetti as a subsidiary of the Italian parent company. Segafredo stands for the Italian coffee culture and focuses on service and quality. We are testing the Segafredo Espresso Casa variety for you below.

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The packaging

In espresso dark brown, we found the packaging almost classy. In the puristic design without a lot of “frills”, the focus is on an espresso cup made of glass. A rich crema in a velvety brown color emblazoned the drink. According to the label, this type of coffee is “gusto cremoso” , which translates as “creamy taste”. Here, too, we opted for the 1kg pack of whole beans, which we bought for around 20 dollars. You can also opt for the ground variant, which is already available in the 250 g package.

The scent when you open it

When opened, a strong, full, almost spicy aroma developed with a pleasant coffee intensity.

The beans

The mixture of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans showed a nice, strong, dark roast without breakage. Our verdict: all in all extremely harmonious and appetizing!

The crema

We were extremely impressed by the consistency, the steadfastness and the body as a whole. The velvety brown color also made the crema a real eye-catcher. A good quality, which is certainly also due to the proportion of Robusta beans.

The taste

This was a real surprise, especially since the manufacturer described the product as a “classic, simple supermarket mix” that was offered in “every supermarket between Trento and Verona at the lowest price”. We found that the Segafredo Espresso Casa clearly stands out from a typical supermarket coffee. Because the really balanced bean mixture resulted in a delicious espresso with the intensity and a beautiful body that is important for this drink. We also noticed the tasty starch without a bitter aftertaste very positively. Again, we used our fully automatic coffee machine for all preparation variations such as espresso, the “common” cup of coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato. We were very satisfied with the results of all coffee specialties, especially espresso. And we found that the price-performance ratio was quite reasonable.

Which coffee specialties are recommended for preparation with Segafredo Espresso Casa?

In our opinion, the taste comes into its own with espresso. Due to its clear Mediterranean nuances, it tastes almost as we know it from Italy with its clean Robusta note.

It can also score with other coffee variations with milk, such as latte macchiato and cappuccino, as the strong taste is not diminished by the milk. But our unequivocal recommendation for this variety applies because of the spicy, intense taste of the production of espresso !

Can you enjoy good results with all coffee machines?

If you have a coffee grinder and all the other equipment you need, you can prepare it in all devices, from the fully automatic coffee machine to the mocha pot, the portafilter and the production of filter coffee. With a pronounced spicy note, without tasting bitter, you achieve delicious results with all variations, with or without milk.


Coffee should always be stored in a cool, dry place. Ideally, put the beans in the package that has been started in a container with an airtight seal, which you then put in the refrigerator. So that the aromas can breathe and develop, we advise you to take the can out of the refrigerator about 5 minutes before preparation.

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With the Segafredo Espresso Casa variety, you are opting for a really tasty coffee with a robust and tasty crema, whereby Espresso Casa is particularly suitable for making espresso, as the name suggests.
In view of the quality, the price-performance ratio is quite pleasing, even if this coffee, contrary to what the manufacturer proclaims, is by no means one of the “lowest-price products” .