Segafredo Intermezzo test

Segafredo Intermezzo test

Zanetti Intermezzo by Segafredo put to the test at Tangy Coffee

Segafredo Intermezzo Test: The Segafredo Zanetti company is still quite young compared to many other prominent coffee roasters. It was founded by Massimo Zanetti in 1973. Today, it’s part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, a brand that is known all over the world. It generally stands for a strong espresso and, according to the statements on the company website, is number one as an espresso supplier for the catering industry. You can find out here whether the variety turns out to be a top product in the end or only lasts a short interlude. 

The packaging

In music, an interlude in an opera as well as a short instrumental piece is referred to as an intermezzo. In a figurative sense, you could see an intermezzo as a kind of pause. The Italian words “Una Pausa di piacere” , which translates as “a break that brings joy ” , are directly below the variety name. The red color of the packaging has a high recognition value, because the bright red “S” from Segafredo is familiar to many coffee lovers.

We found the characteristically dark brown cup with coffee indicated at the bottom of the packaging a little spongy, but it did not spoil the elegant impression of the packaging. Nonetheless, even though the eye may eat with it or, in the end, it is of course only about what is in the package.

The scent when you open it

Intermezzo, consisting of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans, delighted us with a strong and spicy-pronounced fragrance, so that we were already looking forward to a steaming espresso with a great crema. We couldn’t make out any particularly pronounced accents such as caramel notes or nuances of chocolate.

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The beans

With the roast level of level 5, the beans showed an even and clean roasted appearance in terms of appearance and corresponded to what we would expect with a more balanced bean mixture.

As with many big brands, we unfortunately do not find out anything precise about the exact origin of the packaging from Segafredo either. If we look at the beans themselves, however, we can make a positive judgment. They do not have any fragments and we also do not find any broken or stained, wrinkled beans. That is good quality and, last but not least, it is not a matter of course for those big manufacturers either.

The crema

To make it short: simply delicious! The crema turned out to be long-lasting, has a pleasantly creamy consistency and takes on a rich aroma itself. Here the Segafredo products can generally convince us. For example, we tested the Segafredo Selezione Crema and the Segafredo Espresso Casa. All three coffees met our expectations.

The taste

We drink an extremely powerful coffee, which presented itself with impressive flavor and a full-bodied body. It really does a good job not only as a “break drink”. The coffee is really massive. For one or the other, that may be too much of the intensity. For those who like it mild, it could possibly be a short pleasure. Regardless of this, the full-bodied aroma and a pleasant acidity make the coffee particularly interesting for the everyday coffee drinker. In any case, you should be aware of your personal preferences. If you like it classically strong and not too extraordinary, you can’t go wrong here.

What types of coffee can you best prepare with Segafredo Zanetti’s Intermezzo?

The variety is particularly intended for the preparation of espresso. Of course, you can also use it to make normal coffee, cappuccinolatte macchiato and café crème.

For us, it was almost a little too dominant in the test, especially in combination with milk. But as an espresso, it is really expressive and recommended.

Which coffee machines do you use to achieve good results?

In our opinion, it works best in a portafilter machine as well as in a  (in this case Jura) fully automatic coffee machine. We tried all of the above drinks in both devices and were really very satisfied. We used different grinds and found that a fairly fine grind gave the best results in terms of both flavor and crema. The Intermezzo convinced us in our tests and also impresses with its adequate price-performance ratio.

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After opening the package, it is best to put the beans in an airtight and opaque container that you should store in a cool place to preserve the aroma. Again and again one should pay attention before storing them in the refrigerator. These are usually due to the insufficient closure of the coffee and the associated concern that the coffee would become inedible due to the ambient aroma. However, this can also be easily avoided with the right container.


With Segafredo Zanetti Intermezzo, you will succeed above all in preparing a really powerful espresso with a pronounced crema. The price-performance ratio of the mixture of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans is absolutely appropriate. The Intermezzo is suitable for preparation in fully automatic coffee machines as well as in the portafilter machine. All in all, you acquire a well- rounded, full-bodied roast mixture that can be enjoyed with several cups of coffee.