Segafredo Selezione Crema Test

Segafredo Selezione Crema Test

TangyCoffee takes a close look at the Segafredo Zanetti Selezione Crema

The Segafredo Selezione Crema in the TangyCoffee test: If you love coffee, then you shouldn’t be satisfied with just any product. You start the day with coffee – this should be a good start. Finding your own favorite is not always easy in view of the ever-increasing variety of offers. That is why we test the coffees of various brands for you, from the products of large and well-known brands to specialties from small roasters. The Segafredo Zanetti Selezione Crema undoubtedly falls into the first group. Here you can find out what makes this roast and how we liked it. 

The packaging of the Segafredo Selezione Crema

The packaging of the coffee bean mixture made from Arabica and Robusta beans is relatively unspectacular. Perhaps that is why we caught a package that announced that this packaging will soon appear in a new design. At Segafredo Selezione Crema, we opted for 1000 grams of whole beans.

The scent when you open it

We enjoyed the aromatic, harmonious scent, which was more pleasantly mild than strong, in contrast to the “Intermezzo” variety from the same company with its particularly distinctive aroma.

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The beans

What we noticed at first glance, in addition to the harmonious overall picture, was the fact that the beans did not have a particularly oily shine and felt dry in the hand. Your fully automatic coffee machine will thank you for this fact, as it reduces the cleaning intervals.

The crema

We can largely agree to the promise on the packaging of a “seductive, velvety crema ”. It is true that we would not go as far as the manufacturer of seduction. In fact, however, the crema is pleasantly velvety, especially when it is prepared in the portafilter. But, this is undoubtedly not only due to the product, but also to the method of preparation. The almost creamy consistency of the crema is stable, rather mild and rounds off the taste well. After preparation, the result is an appealing overall impression. We were also pleasantly surprised by the crema when it was prepared in the fully automatic coffee machine. It wasn’t too watery for us or looked artificially foamed, which can certainly happen when it is prepared in a fully automatic machine.

The taste

We experienced a complete coffee pleasure, as we expect and can expect from a brand like Segafredo. The fine taste convinced us without being too strong or even bitter. The variety reminded us of many coffees enjoyed in Italy, because it has, at least in our opinion, a typically Italian aromaSelezione Crema is undoubtedly already at a higher quality level, with special highland varieties of course playing in a completely different league! The price-performance ratio is fair. However, if you do not attach great importance to the prominent manufacturer name, you will also find good alternatives in similar price segments.

What types of coffee can you make with it?

Tasty as a caffè crèmelatte macchiato and cappuccino, in our opinion it is clearly  best suited as an espresso. Despite a rather mild roast, this variety is clearly espresso beans. This is a typically strong aroma that we attribute to the dark roast, as can be found classically in many roasts of the prominent Italian brands. It is clearly a matter of personal taste: if you like the typical aroma, you will be satisfied with your choice. If you don’t like classic Italian brands, you should look around for other beans.

Which coffee makers can this variety achieve particularly good results with?

Both in the preparation in automatic coffee makers and in filter holder machines, the coffee tastes well. If we had to decide, the more practical fully automatic coffee machine would definitely be ahead simply because the Selezione Crema is not complex enough for the portafilter in the end. Of course, you can also brew the ground beans in a stamp or mocha pot, but we are much less impressed with the latter variants.


In general, you should always store coffee in a dry place. Make sure to put the beans in the opened package in a container with an airtight seal so that the aromas are preserved. Storage in the refrigerator is also advantageous for reasons of shelf life: however, make sure to use an airtight container to avoid moisture and especially so that the coffee does not absorb the smell of other food. You should take the coffee out of the refrigerator about 5 minutes before preparation so that the beans can “breathe”.

Conclusion on the coffee test

With the Segafredo Selezione Crema, you choose a quality product that is particularly enjoyable when preparing espresso.

Of course, the variety is also suitable for making other coffee specialties, but the balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta beans unfolds its special taste intensity, especially with classic Italian espresso.

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