Segafredo Selezione Oro Review

Segafredo Selezione Oro Review

The big coffee test!

As part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, Segafredo Zanetti is the first private group in the coffee sector. The company takes on the entire production cycle. To this end, the group has its own coffee plantation in Hawaii, which cultivates over 4 million coffee plants. We have tested the “Segafredo Selezione Oro” coffee variety for you.

The packaging

Segafredo probably likes to use the more playful variant when packaging its products. With this variety, it looks a bit like a snow globe that has been shaken and real snow then seems to trickle down. The focus is clearly on the signature Segafredo coffee mug. In our eyes, however, the drink has a slightly watery crema. In addition to the name of the variety, we learn that this is “Miscela di Espresso” , i.e. an espresso mixture. We bought 1kg whole beans of Segafredo Selezione Oro. We received an appealing, strong scent, but without a predominant aroma nuance. It just smelled like coffee.

The beans

The beans were a uniform roasting image but with a little break in the pack. According to the manufacturer, it is a composition of “exquisite Brazilian highland beans”, a mixture that creates a creamy, fine taste. We are excited!

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The crema

In this context, the consistency, the longevity as well as the body and of course the taste are decisive evaluation criteria for every coffee lover. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the crema did not fully score with these features. We found them to be a bit slack in taste, a bit watery in consistency and without a characteristic body. We had already experienced the color, a somewhat faded light brown, more intensely.

The taste

As always, we started with the espresso when we prepared our coffee in the fully automatic coffee machine. And yes, the Segafredo Selezione Oro variety definitely won in terms of taste. It was very balanced and had a good, full aroma without a lot of bitter substances. We found the strong roasted aroma to stand out, which, contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications, resulted in a not-so-mild espresso and thus reminded us of typical Italian espressos. This was also evident when preparing a “normal” cup of coffee. We liked the taste of other drinks such as latte macchiato and cappuccino just as much. Nothing really sensational, but especially in view of the very favorable price-performance ratio, perfectly fine.

What types of coffee can you best prepare with the Segafredo Selezione Oro?

The variety can be used for all types of coffee specialties. In the case of coffee drinks with milk, the strong roasted aroma is softened a little, so that these variants are probably the more suitable choice for coffee lovers who prefer a less powerful taste.

Which coffee devices should you prefer for preparation?

Portafilter and fully automatic coffee machines are suitable. If you have a coffee grinder, you can, for example, optionally prepare filter coffee. It always depends on your personal taste and of course your “coffee equipment”, so that you, as a coffee fan, will certainly enjoy experimenting a little.


After opening the packaging, please put the remaining beans in a can with an airtight seal, which you then store in the refrigerator. To allow the aromas to develop, take them out about 5 minutes before you want to prepare them. In general, we always recommend that you store your coffee in a cooldry place.

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