Severin SM 9684 Milk Frother Review

Severin SM 9684 Milk Frother Review

Today nobody has to do without a delicious latte macchiato or cappuccino at home. The basic requirement for this is to have a suitable milk frother. The choice of the market is huge. It starts with hand-operated specimens and ends with chic designer models. It is not easy to find your way around this jungle these days.

Before we dealt intensively with our first espresso machine and its steam nozzle, we used an induction milk frother for a few years, namely the Severin SM 9684 milk frother, stainless steel/white. In our Severin SM 9684 review, we introduce you to this milk frother in detail. What awaits you here:

Solid milk frother for firm milk foam

A short conclusion first: The Severin SM 9684 milk frother creates a dimensionally stable and firm milk foam. It is great for making latte macchiato or cappuccino. We can recommend this model with a clear conscience. Latte art , however, is not possible with this milk foam from the Severin SM 9684. This is because no fine-pored microfoam is produced, which is required for pouring Latte Art, but rather a rather coarse-pored solid foam.

The Severin SM 9684 is particularly easy to operate. You can conveniently create milk foam at the push of a button. Due to the very practical automatic switch-off, you can take care of the preparation of the coffee or espresso at the same time.

The maximum amount of milk that you can froth with the Severin is enough to prepare two smaller glasses of latte macchiato or 3 – 4 cups of cappuccino. The milk jug, the stirring inserts, and the lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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The most important functions of the Severin SM 9684 at a glance

·  The induction process, therefore no burning

·  Milk is heated to a temperature of 76 ° Celsius when it is frothed

·  Cold or warm frothing of milk is possible

·  Heat milk without frothing

·  2 different stirring inserts with magnetic storage on the back of the base station

·  Removable and dishwasher-safe stainless steel milk jug

·  The milk container can be attached from any direction

·  Capacity for frothing: approx. 100 ml to the max. 260 ml of milk

·  Filling quantity for heating: approx. 100 ml to the max. 500 ml of milk

·  Automatic shutdown

·  Illuminated on-off switch

·  Power: approx. 500 watts

Optics of the Severin SM 9684

The milk frother consists of a base station and a milk jug. We find the optics convincing due to the combination of smooth stainless steel and white plastic. This mix makes the device look very modern. The jug is made of stainless steel and is therefore very stable. The handle on the jug is made of plastic so that the hand cannot be burned. The lid is made of transparent plastic and prevents milk or milk foam from escaping. The base station isn’t intrusive or clunky. The total height is about 21 cm. The device can therefore be placed in the kitchen to save space.

The cable has a length of 80 cm. There is a winding aid at the bottom of the device so that it can also be shortened.

The stirring inserts can be stowed on the back wall of the base station. They are held by magnets and are therefore always within reach.

The Severin SM 9684 has 6 stable feet with rubber seals and ensures great stability.

If you want a darker device from the optics, you probably prefer the Severin SM 3582 model. This model is made of brushed stainless steel and black plastic. You can find this milk frother here at

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Function and operation of the Severin SM 9684

The Severin SM 9684 can produce cold and warm milk foam. The power button is only pressed briefly for warm milk foam. For cold milk foam, keep the button pressed for about 3 seconds. Whether the milk is frothed or just stirred can be determined with the appropriate stirring insert. The smooth stirrer insert is for stirring. The ribbed insert is for frothing the milk.

Inserting and removing the inserts is very easy. They just have to be placed on the holder on the bottom of the can. A magnet keeps them in the correct position.

If the device is switched on for warm frothing, the Severin SM 9684 begins to stir slowly at first. After about 10 seconds the device will stir faster. The heating is done by an induction field.

The frothing takes about 2:40 minutes for the maximum amount of 260 ml milk and is stopped by the automatic switch-off after the temperature of 76 ° Celsius has been reached (we have precisely measured the temperature of the milk foam with a thermometer). A milk foam temperature of max. 70 ° Celsius, because the milk sugar starts to burn at a temperature of over 70 ° Celsius. This causes the milk to lose its characteristic fresh and sweet taste. Milk that has been heated too much increasingly tastes burnt.

The device is heated by the process and cools down using post-ventilation. The fan can be heard for about 30-40 seconds. Then the device switches off.

Inside the stainless steel jug, there are markings for the minimum and maximum amount, each for frothing or heating milk. The plastic cover can easily be put on and taken off again.

The stainless steel jug can be easily inserted and removed from the base station from all directions. Due to the induction, the heat is evenly distributed on the floor. This means that the milk does not burn on the milk jug.

Step by step with the Severin SM 9684 to milk foam

1. Place the desired stirrer in the holder
2. Pour milk up to the corresponding mark
3. Briefly press the on button for hot milk foam and about 3 seconds for cold milk foam
4. After about three minutes the milk is warm and frothed
5. Milk foam in the cup or give a glass and enjoy

The acoustics of the Severin SM 9684

Of course, electric milk frother is not silent, but it is very quiet and does not disturb. The start by pressing the power button is accompanied by an acoustic signal. The end of the program is also heralded by an acoustic signal.

Capacity and type of milk

If you fill milk for frothing up to the maximum mark (260 ml milk), the foam is enough for 2 smaller glasses of latte macchiato or 3-4 cups of cappuccino. The manufacturer recommends using low-fat long-life milk (1.5% fat content). However, the consistency of the milk foam produced depends solely on the milk used. So the milk foam result is different with fresh whole me with 3.5% fat. In addition to cow’s milk, soy milk also delivers great results.

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Cleaning the Severin SM 9684

The easy cleaning of the Severin SM 9684 is impressive. The removable stainless steel jug, the lid, and the two attachments are dishwasher-safe. This makes the device particularly easy to clean. It is also possible to easily clean the individual parts with washing-up liquid under running water.

Note: If you have many guests at home and have to use the milk frother at short intervals, milk residues may stick to the bottom of the milk jug, and that they burn and harden slightly during further foaming processes. We, therefore, recommend that you clean the bottom of the milk jug briefly after each frothing with a sponge cloth to completely remove all milk residues.

If stubborn milk residues should have stuck to the floor: We have always been able to remove them very easily with vinegar essence.

Foam result of the Severin SM 9684

The milk foam is dimensionally stable and particularly suitable for latte macchiato or cappuccino. However, latte art is not possible with the milk foam from the Severin SM 9684. The milk foam is not fine-pored enough for this, but simply too firm in its consistency. We recommend that you do not leave the frothed milk in the milk jug for too long, but rather pour it quickly into the coffee/espresso. If the foam stays in the jug for too long, two layers form liquid milk at the bottom and solid milk foam at the top.

Advantages and disadvantages

In our opinion, the advantages of the Severin SM 9684 outweigh the disadvantages. We have briefly listed the advantages and disadvantages here:


✓ simple operation & quick cleaning
✓ firm milk foam in less than three minutes
✓ very quiet during the foaming process
✓ elegant & high-quality design
✓ no burning due to the induction
process ✓ automatic switch-off
✓ dishwasher-safe stainless steel milk jug
✓ stirrer inserts can be stowed on the back wall of the base station


– Milk is heated to over 70 ° Celsius when it is frothed
– slightly more expensive compared to other milk frothers
– Due to its consistency, milk froth is not suitable for latte art
– if used intensively without cleaning, milk residues can stick to the bottom

Conclusion on the Severin SM 9684

The Severin SM 9684 milk frother convinced us with its easy operation. The handling is well thought out and in just a few steps the electric milk frother delivers a great milk foam result for latte macchiato and cappuccino. The individual parts are easy to clean. This makes the milk frother even more convenient. The spare parts can be bought without any problems. We at can unreservedly recommend this device.

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