Siemens EQ6 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Siemens EQ6 300 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

The fully automatic machine from Siemens in a major test

Siemens EQ6 300: We subjected the fully automatic coffee machine to an extensive test. Siemens is one of the world’s largest electronics companies and still stands for quality products today. We therefore want to know exactly whether our correspondingly high expectations can be met and whether the fully automatic machine can convince us.

Siemens EQ6 300: first impression and design

This fully automatic coffee machine, which was awarded the renowned “Red Dot Award” for design, is indeed an extremely appealing model from a purely visual point of view. This award, which incidentally celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017, annually awards the well-known certificate for convincing design quality and sophisticated creativity in an international competition. On the top of the device, viewed from the front, the transparent bean container is discreetly visible in the background.

In the front area, there is a large, black-backed color display with practical touch controls. The area below is made of silver-colored plastic and offers a large area for the coffee spout. There is also space for large cups in the deep vault.

The larger sister model, the EQ6 700, has an even higher quality finish, as more stainless steel parts are used instead of plastic, at 9.4 kg, around half a kilogram lighter than the approximately 9.9 kg type EQ6 700.

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Difference pump pressure

The other differences to the larger model consisted of a lower pump pressure, which, in contrast to the EQ.6 700 with 19 bar, is 15 bar here. In our opinion, however, this fact has no actually measurable effects on the quality of the preparation. The EQ6 700 also has a so-called “One Touch Double Shot” function, ie the option of being able to prepare two drinks at the same time, including milk drinks. The EQ6 300 model cannot do this with milk variants, and the device also has no illuminated cup surface.

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According to the manufacturer, there is a difference of 250.00 dollars between the two models. However, if you want to order your fully automatic machine online, you usually only have to book a difference of 120.00 dollars. So if you value the above differences, we recommend that you make an accurate price comparison. In addition, the Vero Aroma series has identical models from Bosch, which basically only differ in terms of other symbols on the display, but are technically identical and in some cases also available at lower prices. The best thing to do here is to see which display presentation suits you better.

Overall, the device has a comfortable weight and is stable. With the rounded sides, it looks pleasantly slim and not too bulky, unlike many fully automatic machines, especially in this price segment. The Siemens EQ6 300 has a very low- wear ceramic grinder and is therefore of higher quality than the steel grinders that are mostly used.

The operation

As expected, the first commissioning turned out to be uncomplicated. In this context, the more expensive devices, which are equipped with displays and comfortably guide the user through the few steps of initial start-up, score particularly well. After we had filled in the beans and water and carried out the first water rinses, we started the uncomplicated application.

By the way: If you do not have any beans on hand or a certain type of coffee is only available in ground form, you can also use the coffee machine with ground coffee as an alternative to fresh beans.

The available coffee specialties from espresso to latte macchiato to flat white are shown on the display, which you can select at the touch of a finger using the sensor field. Before you initiate preparation by pressing “Start” again, you can still adjust the intensity and the reference amount or save it as a preset, which we found extremely practical. Only the responsiveness of the display is unfortunately not always entirely satisfactory. Occasionally, more frequent presses were required because the display did not always respond immediately.

The performance

The Siemens EQ6 300 has the aforementioned “Aroma Double-Shot” technology. This should guarantee a more aroma with less bitterness at the same time, by intermittently performing two shorter grinding and brewing processes. The “sensoFlow system” is used to ensure the ideal brewing temperature. Operation is extremely intuitive, so that there are no uncertainties regarding the use of one of the programs. Many of the terms are not only used by Siemens but also used by other manufacturers in the product description. This is particularly often the case with the EQ6. This gives the impression that even minor adjustments and optimizations are touted as major innovations. With this explanation, we would like to point out that such promises should not be given too much importance.

First, we tested the pure espresso and coffee cream variants. Both drinks were pleasantly aromatic. Depending on the setting, we were also able to taste the degree of intensity. A fine crema developed, which not only impressed us visually, but also retained the aroma of the coffee in the cup thanks to its firmness. Whether thanks to the “sensoFlow technology” or simply because of the well-adjusted heating system: the measured temperature convinced us. We also liked the pleasantly quiet grinding process of the fully automatic machine on. The Siemens fully automatic machine leaves a much better impression, especially when compared to lower-priced devices, and is able to outperform many competitors in the same price segment. So if you value a quiet grinding process, you will certainly be satisfied.

The preparation with milk

Furthermore, we tested coffee specialties with milk as a proven supreme discipline for fully automatic coffee machines. The milk combinations convinced us in terms of taste. The milk foam system worked reliably and comfortably and, unlike milk foam nozzles, you as the user no longer have to do anything yourself.
Practical in terms of cleaning and visually appealing is that the milk foam does not come from a separate, laterally arranged nozzle, but the coffee spout is used. So you have one less spout to clean.
Unfortunately, we found the preparation speed negative. If the milk portion also flows into the cup very quickly at first, it takes a few seconds for the coffee to flow through. So if you want to prepare several drinks, the first specialty should have cooled down before the third or fourth cup is ready.

The cleaning

The brewing unit can be found easily, which is not possible with all fully automatic, but especially recommended for hygienic reasons. Because after just a few uses, ground coffee accumulates in the device. It is therefore all the more important, especially after long-term use, to be able to remove the residue regularly. Of course, this fully automatic coffee machine has manual rinsing options for the coffee spout at any time.

In addition, all lines are automatically cleaned after each brewing process. The device also has a quick cleaning function for the milk foam system so that it can be cleaned with steam at the push of a button. You can remove the dishwasher-safe milk frother. As soon as the water filter needs to be changed and the descaling and cleaning program has to be triggered, you will be made aware of the execution of these activities by means of a reminder function.

facts and figures

  • Overall result: 8.3
  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 28 x 47.9 (HBT)
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • Bean container capacity: 300 grams
  • Capacity of the water tank: 1.7 liters
  • Grinder: ceramic grinder
  • Grind: 6 levels
  • Coffee spout: height-adjustable coffee / cappuccino spout, 2 cup function (not for milk beverages)
  • Cleaning / descaling information: Yes / Yes
  • Programmable coffee variants: Yes
  • Hot water function: yes
  • Display: Yes (display with sensor field)
  • Operation via app: No.
  • Removable brew group: Yes

Pros and cons:


  • simple intuitive operation
  • nice, slim design
  • larger than average bean container
  • very quiet ceramic grinder
  • extensive cleaning and care options


  • Response of the touch display is not up to date
  • no 2-cup function for milk beverages
  • overall a bit slow when preparing milk variations
  • few accessories (cleaning, decalcification, filter)

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With the Siemens EQ6 300, you are purchasing a high quality fully automatic coffee machine in a slim design. Thanks to the large color display, it is pleasant to use and scores with quickly adjustable reference quantity and intensity. It is regrettable that the equipment does not include a water filter, because depending on the degree of hardness of the water used, this can be important for reasons of taste and to maintain the longevity of the device. With fully automatic machines in this price range, however, such a filter should be part of the standard equipment. The coffee variations are all of high quality. Only the speed at which milk beverages are prepared leaves something to be desired. If you want to serve several milk drinks, you should be a little patient!

Overall, you are opting for a very good fully automatic machine that is just as impressive with its design as it is with the taste results. The extremely large touch display that can be operated intuitively and the particularly quiet, high-quality and low-wear ceramic grinder should also be mentioned again. So if you place great value on convenient operation and on the production of many different drinks, then choose an alternative to other models in the higher class that is also good in terms of price!