“Single Estate Coffee” or “Estate Coffee”: Exquisite coffee origin from a single farm

“Single Estate Coffee” or “Estate Coffee”: Exquisite coffee origin from a single farm

The Single Estate Coffee embodies the highest quality of coffee. These are green coffee beans that come from a single farm or a farming community (mostly family-run) in the same region. Therefore, they are particularly pure, which makes them more than just interesting coffees. 

Influences that are decisive for the taste of the coffee

Single-variety coffee types are so exciting because here you can taste the very specific characteristics of the country of origin and, as an “experienced” coffee drinker, perhaps even the region. As a rule of thumb, Ethiopia stands for fruity coffees, India for particularly spicy and full-bodied varieties, while in South America beans with a chocolate-nutty note often predominate. Similar to wine, the exact location, the region, the slope, but also the producer play a significant role. If a coffee is designated as “Single Estate Coffee”, this is usually more meaningful than if it were awarded “from the same growing area”. Because on a certain slope in the south of a region, completely different conditions can prevail than in the north. The coffee tastes different, of course. Because the different regions and growing areas have a major influence on the quality of the coffee, which affects its taste.

The climate of the growing region and the nature of the soil, for example, are responsible for how well the coffee plants can develop. For example, the coffee that grows near the coast, due to its proximity to the sea, has a different aroma than the plants that are grown in the interior of the country. The intensity of the sunlight and the altitude of the growing area are other factors that influence the caffeine content and the later taste of the coffee.

Since Estate Coffee often comes from rather small farms, extreme care is taken in its cultivation. This is another reason why the term “Estate Coffee” is considered a special quality feature. The often comparatively small production quantities make the Estate Coffee only available to a limited extent, so that such a coffee can be a real rarity.
Arabica beans are preferably grown in the highlands at an altitude of around 400 to 2,100 meters. This fact gives them a very high quality. The Robusta beans, on the other hand, are more likely to be cultivated in the lowlands. In these regions, the conditions under which coffee is grown are perfectly met. A general prerequisite for a high-yield harvest is a climate with average temperatures of around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Extreme temperature fluctuations and recurring temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius or below 13 degrees Celsius, on the other hand, are not conducive to growth. In addition, protection against too much sunshine and wind as well as a loose, permeable soil are prerequisites for the successful cultivation of coffee plants.

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What is the difference between blends and estate coffees?

Blends can in principle be described as the opposite of estate coffees, as the former are not single-origin. With blends, different coffees are deliberately mixed with one another in order to obtain a balanced aroma through suitable, harmonious compositions, which can be reproduced comparatively well. In contrast, Estate Coffee places particular emphasis on the fact that its intense characteristic properties can be tasted massively.

As a result, Estate Coffee is difficult to reproduce, as it is not only unique due to the factors mentioned, but even slightly changed weather conditions influence the aromas in the coffee. Even if the same taste cannot be guaranteed year after year with every harvest, as is the case with blends, it is precisely this fact that makes Estate Coffee special and incomparable.

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How important is Estate Coffee for specialty coffee?

Estate Coffee is, due to its particularly pure aroma, a specialty coffee with a focus on a high level of quality. Estate Coffee usually only selects the best beans from a harvest, based on exceptional quality standards. The beans obtained in this way are often refined with a very light roast. In this way, their variety of flavors comes into its own.

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The Estate Coffee is a coffee of the highest quality. The green coffee beans are cultivated by a mostly family-run farm or farming community from a single region. This is why Estate Coffee is extremely pure, while blends are not pure.

The following factors influence the taste of the coffee:

  • The location
  • The region
  • The hillside
  • The climatic conditions
  • The nature of the soil