The Illy Espresso Roast N Test

The Illy Espresso Roast N Test

Illy Espresso Roast N Review

Today, we want to test a variety from “illycaffè”, as the company is called in its correct name. Mostly, however, it is called “illy” for short, after the founder Francesco Illy, who founded it in Trieste in 1933. The company, with activities on all five continents, is now in the third generation. The special commitment in the field of coffee is demonstrated, among other things, by the establishment of the “Università del caffè”, the coffee university. Here are all the results of our Illy Espresso Roast N test.

The packaging

The beans come in a practical box with a rather puristic look. The company name “illy” is emblazoned in a red border around the middle. At the top of the front, we learn that it is 100% medium-roasted Arabica beans. The back contains, among other things, the information that this coffee was made in Italy. We find this packaging extremely practical and appealing. On the manufacturer’s side, we learned that the variety was packaged “in a protective atmosphere”. All in all, the packaging was very popular, among other things because it does without the usual “advertising frills” such as a cup with steaming coffee in the picture. But, of course that is a matter of taste.

The scent when you open it

When opened, the beans gave off a really wonderful and powerfully intense scent. We looked forward to the production, but first took a closer look at the beans.

The beans

100% Arabica – yes, the bean image was even, harmonious and in the truest sense of the word “pure”, without any things that don’t belong there. You should be able to assume this, but unfortunately it is not always a matter of course. The elongated round curved notch of each bean immediately revealed the characteristics of the larger, flatter and more oval-shaped Arabica bean, in contrast to the Robusta bean. We got a pleasant impression of this really clean bean picture.

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The crema

Coffee lovers often believe that the proportion of Robusta beans in particular is responsible for the consistency and, above all, the longevity of the crema. However, as we have now learned on the basis of some tests, this does not necessarily have to be the case, because varieties with a 100 percent share of Arabica beans often also have a wonderful crema. This is also the case with Illy espresso roasting N: Almost foam-like, in a wonderfully warm brown tone, full-bodied and long-lasting: We were really impressed.

The taste

As always, we started the preparation in our fully automatic coffee machine and began with espresso. All lovers of “the little black dress” who prefer a less pronounced taste will experience a really successful balance between strong and mild with this variety. Simply (in our opinion) good! It is aromatic, full-bodied and with less acidity than many other Italian roasts. We can really recommend this variety to all those coffee fans who love a strong but not too strong-tasting espresso. And what about the latte macchiato and cappuccino? At least it seemed to us that we experienced a soft, yet full-bodied and “expressive” latte macchiato and cappuccino. 

Which coffee specialties can you prepare with Illy Espresso Roast N?

The rather mild roast allows you to prepare various coffee specialties, with or without milk. Incidentally, we also like the “normal” cup of coffee delicious. However, if we should name our favorites, we have clearly followed the manufacturer’s recommendation, after all, it is an espresso roast, albeit a rather mild one. We tested the Segafredo Selezione Crema in a similar way.

The variety is extremely soft in the finish for an espresso and therefore very pleasant in taste. 

Can you get good results with this coffee in all devices?

If you are equipped with a coffee grinder, you can in principle use this variety for all known devices for coffee production. Should you? Of course, the beans are undoubtedly best suited for preparation in fully automatic machines or in the portafilter machine. Here you shouldn’t experience any nasty surprises during preparation. On the other hand, if you like to drink coffee from the filter machine or French press, you should probably use other products.


It almost goes without saying that as a sensitive natural product, you have to protect the beans from direct sunlight and heat. We, therefore, recommend that you store it in a cool place in a container that is as airtight as possible. The can may already protect, but primarily creates visual added value.


Our Illy Espresso Roast N test has shown that this medium roast results in an aromatic espresso which, due to its low acidity, is ideal for coffee lovers who are looking for something other than the typically Italian intense aroma. Harmonious arabica are pleasantly soft for an Italian roast. Do you want to buy Illy coffee? Take a look at the TangyCoffee shop.

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