The latest Coffee Trends 2021

The latest Coffee Trends 2021

From Chi coffee to coffee tea

The coffee bean is the basis for many creations and coffee trends around the black, hot beverage. It doesn’t have to be hot in every case, as the trendy cold brew coffee impressively proves. Coffee does not always come from the traditional coffee machine either – sometimes from the tap. Many more surprising coffee trends will become more popular in the near future. 

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“Third Wave” stands for: individually roasted

The coffee has lengthens its territory as morning stimulant abandoned and has become a drink for the whole day. It accompanies the connoisseur in the morning, through the working day, into the evening and thus becomes a much consumed everyday drink.

There is also an opposite trend: the targeted selection and conscious enjoyment of coffee is becoming increasingly important for many buyers. Coffee enthusiasts are increasingly interested in the environment around their favorite coffee. Quality, origin and preparation, but also environmental and working conditions of cultivation and marketing are of interest. The correct and reader-friendly labeling on the 2021 packaging sets the tone. The clientele seeks detailed information about the product and the conditions of cultivation, production, quality control and revenue distribution between all parties involved.

“Third Wave” fits well – this trend means that the ground coffee from the vacuum pack in the supermarket is out, while small roasting plants with individual working methods are in. For example, the roast bar chain in Münster, Westphalia, where the two-time German barista master Erna Tosberg is responsible for the unmistakable aroma. The Robusta bean is also celebrating its comeback among insiders – of course without neglecting the finer Arabica. At the moment there are farmers in India in particular who are perfecting high-quality Robusta cultivation.

Cold brew as the basis for mixed drinks

The cold-brewed coffee remains a “must have” in 2021. Especially in summer, it will be a wonderful soft drink with the qualities of caffeine. The cold brew is created by mixing coffee powder with water at room temperature. Covered by cling film, the powder releases its ingredients into the water for 12 hours. Filtered through a fine sieve, the coffee water forms the basis for iced coffee, for example enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream.

The cold brew can also be turned into an espresso tonic or refined with a shot of gin. If you prefer it sweet and vanilla, mix a “White Espressi Russian”. The combination of cold brew with chopped up fruit and vegetables is also trendy.

In addition to cold brew, there is also the ice brew coffee. This is traditionally brewed with hot water and then immediately cooled with ice cubes. The result is a cool but full of coffee enjoyment without bitter substances for the hot summer.

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Nitro coffee – nitrogen in coffee

Another variant of cold brew coffee is nitro coffee. This is cold brewed coffee with nitrogen added. This creates a smooth, creamy and durable black drink for the hot summer months. Incidentally, it is similar to the products of the Irish Guinness brewery – and that is no coincidence. Because from this company comes the technology to add 70 percent nitrogen to the nitro coffee instead of 30 percent carbonic acid. This creates a fine fizzy drink and the coffee tastes sweet and creamy even without sugar and milk. The reason for this is an interaction of the nitrogen bubbles with the taste buds.

Coffee from the tap – Draft Coffee

For a people of beer brewers and drinkers like the German, it is difficult to imagine that something different comes out of the tap than the blonde barley juice. But those who tap the coffee for a change will be right on trend in 2021. The draft coffee is traditionally made with hot water, but is then quickly cooled down in such a way that no oxygen can reach it. This means that the full aroma is retained with cold coffee.

A marketing aspect is interesting for the catering industry: the customer is offered the drink in a different context, which arouses curiosity and increases demand. By the way, a slight memory of the alcoholic drink from the tap remains with Draft Coffee: the coffee has the same color as dark beer when it is tapped.

Coffee tea crosses borders

The time is long gone when the question “Coffee or tea?” Was a question of worldview and lifestyle. In an era in which the motto “anything goes”, there are no longer any boundaries between coffee and tea. Coffee tea, sometimes abbreviated as CoffTea, is one of the 2021 coffee trends.

Still relatively new in Europe, the mix of coffee and tea has long been common in China. Because the original mix comes from this culture. For every three parts of coffee there are seven parts of Chinese milk tea. Insiders say that dark teas with their aroma go particularly well with the character of the coffee. However, there are no limits to the ingenuity of the connoisseur. Everything is allowed – whether it tastes particularly good is ultimately a personal feeling.

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The coffee trends in brief

The coffee insider crosses the threshold of combining it with tea and enjoying the summer with cold brew cocktails and draft coffee. They swear by small roasters and look for information about “their” variety.